Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 Episode 5

The Verdict

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on ABC
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Nick discovers a dirty little secret about Nola during Letitia's murder trial. Meanwhile Tripp tries to wield his influence over Patrick in choosing his chief of staff.

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  • It was another good episode. So far I haven't been let down by this show once.

    It was a great episode and several interesting things were revealed during this episode. For instance we found out that Jeremy was actually using Nola so the charges against his mother would be dropped, but apparently he ended up falling in love with Nola. Also I was surprised when Nick left Lisa which I think is sorta unfair because yeah so she had Jeremy become her partner for the gallery, but having her own gallery is her dream. Also there isn't really anything between Lisa and Jeremy anymore which is more than I can say for Nick and Karen. Now what really surprised me was that this whole time Nola Lyons has actually been working for Simon Elder, that I did not see coming. Really looking forward to the next episode!moreless
  • Leticia's case is dropped.

    Dirty Sexy Money dropped a lot of bombshells here. Leticia getting off and a possible Karen and Nick romance. Unfortunately a lot of things came off as very forced. The Simon and Nola scheming seemed out of the blue and just did not seem as dramatic as some of the cliffhangers we were blessed with last season.

    With Dirty Sexy Money on the brink of cancellation they needed to spice things up to get viewers back. They made some strong attempts here but I just feel like they're trying to do too much in too little time. We as viewers need time to take in the magnitude of Nick's marital collapse, not automatically have him relapse to Karen.

    DSM does do a good job of answering questions left by one episode the following week but they need to realize that with strong writing sometimes less is more.moreless
Isabella Hofmann

Isabella Hofmann

Judge Fey Powell

Guest Star

Thomas Kopache

Thomas Kopache

Dr. Little

Guest Star

Ron Glass

Ron Glass

D.A. Dennis Ford

Guest Star

Laura Margolis

Laura Margolis


Recurring Role

Will Shadley

Will Shadley

Brian Smithson Darling, Jr.

Recurring Role

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Andrea Smithson

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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Lisa: I always wanted us to give Kiki this picture-perfect American life.
      Nick: Now we've got the picture-perfect American problems.

    • Lisa: I thought we were trying to make things work.
      Nick: Well, I thought we were too. I did. But they're not. And we're holding on to this thing like our lives depend on it but it's killing us.

    • Jeremy: I didn't think it would upset the whole fricking apple cart okay? I'm sorry it was a moment of weakness!
      Nola: A moment? A-a moment, yea. Try a lifetime.

    • Judge: Miss Lyons, if this case is on a fast train out to town, it's because you bought it a first class ticket. Don't you dare get self-righteous with me.

    • Nola: Yes! I'm sleeping with Jeremy Darling, the defendant's son. (To Nick) Happy?
      Nick: 'Happy' doesn't quite do it justice somehow but...

    • Nick: I guess putting my fist in your face didn't get my message across.
      Jeremy: It did! I swear! Wait... what was the message again?
      Nick: Just stay away from my wife.
      Jeremy: I am! I did! Get your hands off me. You don't have to go all Jet Li on me.

    • (Brian and his son are playing a boxing game on Nintendo Wii.)
      Brian Jr.: Eat it, Dad. Like the taste of leather?

    • Nola: Yes, I read about your shortlist for Chief of Staff. Geriatric, but meeting Daddy's approval I'm sure.
      Patrick: Miss Lyons, I'm not sure what brings you or your winning personality to the state office but I've already told you everything I know about my mother's case in my deposition.

    • Karen: Patrick, you of all people should know what it's like to be in love with someone that Daddy disapproves of.
      Brian: Well yes, Karen, but he also did not choose to fall in love with Daddy's mortal enemy.

    • Lisa: We are gonna talk about this?
      Nick: Talk about what?
      Lisa: The gallery.
      Nick: Well we did talk about it, Lisa. I said no, you did it anyway, so obviously talking about it doesn't help.

    • Brian: Boy, life with you just keeps getting better. First you move my son to South America, and now you got me pooping in a cup. (Andrea glares at him.)

    • Karen: Don't ask me to give up everything for nothing. Don't ask me to derail my life if you're not gonna derail yours. Because I can't leave Simon for an abstraction, Nick. I can only, I can only leave him for you. What's it gonna be?

    • Nola: Well, I hope you're happy Mr. Senator-elect. They forced me to resign.
      Patrick: I had nothing to do with that. That's between you and the judge and... my brother.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jeremy: Easy, Miss Cleo.

      Miss Cleo is a self-proclaimed psychic and shaman who achieved fame as a spokeswoman in television ads that aired during the late 1990s and early 2000s.