Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 9

The Watch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Nick and Brian make their way to the courtroom. Brian loses custody of his son Brian, Jr. as he is arrested for bribing the arbitrator. Meanwhile, Sofia and Jeremy discuss staying over at Jeremy's place. Jeremy continues with his lie of being a non-Darling. Patrick is in a hospital bed, pumped with morphine. Ellen talks to him as she changes her mind about their current setup between her, her husband, and Patrick's mistress Carmelita. Back at the house, Tripp, Letitia, and Nick discuss what they should do about Brian. Letitia insists on using their money and influence to get Brian off the hook. After a heated argument, Tripp decides they would let Brian stay a month or two in jail. (Flashback scene) Dutch arrives in a helicopter and is welcomed by Letitia. It is Dutch's birthday and Letitia is the only one who remembered. She gives Dutch a watch as her gift. Dutch refused to wear it as he was already wearing the watch his father gave him. He then confides with Letitia his standing rift with his son Nick. He tells her that Nick is firm on leaving the house and living apart from him. Nick escorts Brian out of jail even as Brian complains, shouts at him, and acts ungratefully. Jeremy arrives at Nick's place and asks Lisa if he could use their place as part of his lie to Sofia. Lisa instead proposes that Jeremy comes clean and tells Sofia who he really is. Karen pays a visit to Patrick in the hospital. As Karen is about to leave, Simon arrives to discuss business with Patrick. Simon invites Karen for dinner for a possible joint charity project. During the family dinner, Brian's fate is discussed. Brian still blames Nick for losing his son in the custody battle. He brings up Nick's incompetence. Tripp vehemently disagrees as Brian continues tirade and compares Nick and Dutch. (Flashback scene) Dutch leaves Letitia, angry about Letitia's deception. Dutch realizes that Nick was right about the Darlings, about the lies, and how they manipulate people. Jeremy shows Sofia "his place" and continues with pretending that he is poor. In another part of the city, Nick tries to convince Andrea not to leave for Brazil and still share custody with Brian over Brian Jr. Andrea's mind is set that she and her son have to get away from the Darlings, their money, and their penchant to control people. Sofia wants to break up with Jeremy after seeing his place and realizing he has no dreams apart from being a parking attendant. At the Darling home, Nick confronts Letitia on how Brian was let off. Letitia does not tell Nick what she did to have the charges dropped against Brian. She asks Nick not to tell Tripp about what Letitia did. Letitia finally reveals to Nick that Brian is his brother. Nick and Lisa talk about the recent revelation. Lisa is still wondering why Nick still wants to work for the Darlings even as he is disgusted with their ways. He explains that he needs the Darlings and their money to fulfill his dream of putting up a Pediatric Cancer Research Facility. Meanwhile, Carmelita brings a potted flower for Patrick in the hospital. Carmelita tells Patrick that if he needs to simplify his life and just stay with Ellen, he is willing to stay out of his life. Jeremy comes to Lisa again and asks her for another favor. He needs to show Sofia that he is a struggling artist, and he needs paintings from Lisa who happens to work in an art gallery. Simon and Karen dine out and speak about their past relationships. In the gallery, Lisa shows Jeremy the paintings and lets him choose what kind of artist he wants to pretend to be. Jeremy decides on "becoming a nude painter". Letitia comes clean with Brian and tells him about his true identity. Brian is furious and now understands why he always felt isolated and distant from the whole family. In the meantime, Nick confronts Tripp on why he never told him about Brian being his half-brother. Nick goes out for an early run to clear his head as Karen wakes up in Simon's bed. Simon asks her to go with him to Kenya. Karen, in turn, asks Simon to spare her father, knowing full well that he is capable of destroying Tripp just as he did with the Darling Plaza. They agree to keep their affair a secret from Tripp. Jeremy shows "his paintings" to Sofia, who having been impressed with his works, asks Jeremy to paint her in the nude. (Flashback scene) Nick arrives to find his father at his doorstep. Drunk and despondent, Dutch opens up his heart to Nick and tells him of his regrets and failings as a father. Dutch apologizes to Nick for dragging him into the world of the Darlings. He gave Nick the watch his father gave him. At home, Nick is distraught with the memory of his father and how their last meeting went. Jeremy storms into the George home to ask another favor from Lisa. This time, he needs an actual painter to draw Sofia in the nude. Nick does not understand what is going on. Lisa agrees to hook Jeremy up with a painter. In the church, Brian sits in prayer. Nick comes into church and gives Brian the watch Dutch gave him. They part after assuring each other that nothing will change. Brian says his final goodbyes to Brian Jr. who is about to leave for Brazil with Andrea. Brian gives his son the watch and watches him as their taxi drives away.
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