Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 9

The Watch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on ABC



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    • Jeremy: So can I use your place?
      Lisa: For what?
      Jeremy: Well, this girl I'm into doesn't know who I am. She thinks I'm poor.
      Lisa: What gave her that idea?
      Jeremy: I told her I was poor. So I need a place that looks like a poor guy would live there, you know?
      Lisa: Jeremy, we're not poor.
      Jeremy: Those ants look pretty low-budget.
      Lisa: Those ants cost 12,000 bucks.
      Jeremy: Proving my point.

    • Brian: So how long is it going to take you to wrap up this custody case?
      Nick: Brian, this is the fate of your child we're dealing with. Custody cases rarely turn out in favor of the father.
      Brian: Thanks. never knew that.
      Nick: Especially situations where the child is forced by the father to lie about being an orphan from Sweden.
      Brian: I did the best with what I was given situation-wise. Back off!

    • Patrick: So, you shot me in the leg.
      Ellen: I was aiming for higher.

    • Ellen: Patrick, I am not made to share you with another woman... or man.
      Patrick: But I thought we had like a... deal.
      Ellen: Well, I've had a change of heart. End things with Carmelita or I will end any shot you have at a seat in the Senate.
      Patrick: OK, I'll do it.

    • Letitia: What is the point of having power and money if we don't use them to help the children? What else are they for?
      Tripp: Oh good grief Letitia, the point... The money compels us to act impeccably. If we start to use our influence, our privilege to pervert justice, that conduct.. That is the beginning of the end of us as a family.
      Letitia: As a family?

    • Dutch: I know life is about the mistakes you make, but the mistakes you make with your kids, they never go away. They just grow. They keep growing and growing.

    • Dutch: What's the matter?
      Letitia: I made mistakes too.
      Dutch: What are you talking about?
      Letitia: Nick is not your only child.

    • Nick: (to reporters) A little privacy please. This is all a big misunderstanding.
      Brian: (to a reporter) Get a life, vulture! (to Nick) Please tell me you did something to get my son back. Something.
      Nick: Hey, I just got you out of jail, Brian. How about a thank you?
      Brian: Send yourself a gift basket. What are we gonna do?
      Nick: You got me, sunshine. We're screwed.

    • Simon: I wondered if you had any interest in merging some of our resources. For a good cause.
      Patrick: Hello, mama.
      Karen: I don't usually merge my resources with virtual strangers.
      Simon: Then maybe you'd be up for discussing charitable giving over dinner sometime.

    • Juliet: Well, I'm sure whatever happens, Nick will take care of it, won't he?
      Brian: No, actually it's all Nick's fault.
      Tripp: How can you blame Nick for your systemic maleficence?
      Brian: Not blaming him for my maleficence, but I lost my son because of his incompetence and his disregard.
      Tripp: I find your notion that Nick is incompetent absurd.
      Brian: Well, I know. But that's because he has you snowed just like Dutch did.

    • Dutch: It's fitting actually. All this time that I've been lying to Tripp and agonizing over it, you were lying to me. Which is exactly what I deserve. It makes perfect sense. Why should I expect to be treated any better than your husband?

    • Nick: Andrea, I don't think you wanna deprive your son of the father he's just getting to know.
      Andrea: He made him into a Swedish orphan. Look, I know this isn't going to be easy for Brian Jr. but it's also what's best.

    • Jeremy: I know it's not all Ritzy. But I'm just a valet, doll-face.
      Sofia: So you have no goals, no dreams, no hopes. Nothing.

    • Sofia: This is not going to work out.
      Jeremy: Hold on. Is it because I'm poor? Because you know what, that is like financial racism.
      Sofia: No, it's not because you're poor. It's because that you don't care you're poor. I need to be with someone who wants to go somewhere.

    • Nick George: What are you trying to hide, Letitia? What won't you tell me?
      Letitia Darling: It's uh, it's, it's difficult to explain.
      Nick George: Give it a shot.
      Letitia Darling: Uhm... information has recently come into light. Information that Tripp has had trouble coming to terms with. Not that I blame him at all.
      Nick George: You know, Letitia, the last time I saw my dad before he died. He said some things I didn't understand.
      Letitia Darling: And now you're starting to. Now, we all are. Everything is happening.

    • Carmelita: You're messed up. And I'm trying to be careful.
      Patrick: She's not going to shoot you too. The firearms chapter of my marriage is over. I hope.

    • Patrick Darling: (to Carmelita) Ellen can shoot me all she wants, but it's being away from you that's really killing me. Nothing is ever gonna change that.

    • Lisa: (talking about Sofia) You need to stop lying to this woman.
      Jeremy: No, I can't.
      Lisa: Why?
      Jeremy: Because I want her to love me for me.
      Lisa: Jeremy, you are not a struggling artist.
      Jeremy: Sure, I am! I am an artist of life. Can you just hook me up with like five paintings please?

    • Karen: So I thought we could start things off by talking about charitable giving.
      Simon: Really?
      Karen: Yeah, 'cause I just love giving.
      Simon: It's an art form.

    • Brian Darling: Is this why you always kept me at a distance? Is this why you always pushed me away?
      Letitia Darling: I've done no such thing.
      Brian Darling: Sure you have. Is this why? Because I could've blown your cover?
      Letitia Darling: I've never pushed you away.
      Brian Darling: You pushed me right out of this house and into the seminary. I never fit. I never belonged.
      Letitia Darling: Whatever I did, I did to protect you, not me.
      Brian Darling: You did it to save yourself! Just admit it. At least now I know why I feel such an alien.

    • Nick George: Yeah, you're right. No one says everything. You're right. But I lost my mother. I lost my father. I lost my whole childhood to your family. You owe me.
      Tripp Darling: I owe you?
      Nick George: Yes! You owe me the truth! That's all. You owe me the truth.

    • Dutch George: It's not been a very good birthday. God, I would do everything to go back to the beginning and start again. I would do everything differently. Only I'd, had fallen in love with your mom again. And I would be your father forever. Those things would not change.

    • Brian Darling: Nothing is changing, you know, between you and me.
      Nick George: I see.
      Brian Darling: Even if we're related, we're not family and we never will be. (as Nick stands up and starts to walk away) Wait!
      Nick George: What? What, Brian? How many more awful things do you want to say to me? I'm in the same boat you are. We both got a raw deal. We're brothers and our father's dead. So don't let that change anything. Just wrap yourself up in the comfort of your meanness and self-pity and just say it. Say you hate me. Get it over with.
      Brian Darling: Fine. I hate you. Sit down please. Come on. This is what church is for. Dragging the ruined past through the messy present into the perfect future and ruining it together. Come on, sit down please.

    • Brian Darling: I brought you something.
      Brian Darling Jr.: A watch.
      Brian Darling: It's from, from your grandfather who got it from his father who got it from his. It's been passed down for over a hundred years and now, it's yours. I want you to keep it on New York City time. That way, we're always in
      Andrea: (by the taxi) We have to go.
      Brian Darling Jr.: You don't have to say it, Daddy. I know.

    • Jeremy Darling: Let's nude it up!

    • Nick George: Go ahead.
      Letitia Darling: After I told him (Tripp) about my affair... Tripp blackmailed my ob-gyn. He was, he was sure that the twins weren't his.
      Nick George: But he was wrong.
      Letitia Darling: Yes.
      Nick George: And Brian is my brother?
      Letitia Darling: Brian is your brother.

    • Dutch George: I have to get away from you. From all of you. Before it's too late

    • Letitia Darling: You don't like it.
      Dutch George: No, it's beautiful. It's just... (showing his watch) You know, I've worn this watch for thirty years and it's a gift from my father. I just can't imagine replacing it. I'm really touched. I really am and you are the only one who remembered my birthday this year. It's lovely. Thank you.

    • Ellen Darling: Where are you on this pain chart?
      Patrick Darling: About a three. But that's the morphine talking.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 21, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: May 16, 2008 on Channel 4
      The Netherlands: May 20, 2008 on NET 5
      Sweden: November 19, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Slovakia: August 2, 2009 on JOJ

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      Nothing Left To Lose by Mat Kearney

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