Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 Episode 7

The Wedding

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on ABC
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Karen is getting married, but her strong desire for Nick might be more of a distraction than she could have ever thought. Brian Jr.'s mother comes back into town trying to get her son back, but the once arrogant Brian has another idea.

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  • good episode

    Karen is getting married in this episode. I thought it was sad that she was telling people that she didn't really want to marry him, but they pushed her into it anyways. In the end, her husband said that he actually loved her which made her get cold feet and divorce him. Wow, she really needs to get her act together. Honestly, I love the relationship between Karen and Nick. They're meant to be together, but they can't. Also, Brian Jr's mother comes back to claim him. That's so sad! I felt so bad for poor Brian! The poor guy... overall, solid episode with more interesting stories and great character developments.moreless
  • Another fabulous episode.

    This show just keeps getting better and better. I absolutely adore Brian (can't believe I just said that) so every second of screentime he gets makes me happy. Finally we get to see "the wedding" itself, though of course nothing goes as planned. I found the not-so-slow unraveling of the fresh marriage very satisfyingly written, and seeing Donald Sutherland playing a drunk old man never ceases to amuse me.

    Only downer in this one were the rather dull and obvious Nick-Lisa fights, but those were to be expected I guess. All in all a wonderful and entertaining episode with great acting.moreless
  • Some people are just never meant to be happy, no matter how wealthy...

    Another epsiosde replete with irony and inevitability and more engaging character development in the world of the Darlings!

    The main theme of this episode is Karen's wedding. It provides the background for more glimpses into the lives of the main characters on the show.

    No surprises that the wedding goes wrong, but its pulled off in such a cold hearted, unemotional way - which even shocked me... well mildly! Love the way that the writers show here overvaluing of her own celebrity status re: the picture deal! Its cute that she just doesnt in the "real world". I love the way Fr. Brian's problems just seem to revolve around sex and illegitimately father children... more extra-marital issues for him to deal with! Not only that, he seems to flip-flop more often than a woman in a designer shop who has to make a tough decision! And now hes sleeping with the enemy too! He definitely cant seem to learn from his mistakes! Wonder where this is leading? Divorce?! Being left alone, with all that influence but being unable to do anything?!

    I also love the way Tripp still looks at his children with a fathers heart, always hoping for the positives even if he knows that deep down they always do what they want without any thought for the consequences, which happens over and over!

    Im still not sure what the overall point of the show is... the main hook pre-start was for Nick to find his father's killer but there arent enough plots/scenes moving this along. The empahsis of the show seems to have changed to the relationship been Elder and Tripp, which is ok, while the main point of each episodes is to show more of the main characters makeup. Again, this is ok but I hope the writers settle down for the next season and focus on one main plot arc!moreless
  • Revealing

    It's Karen big day as she's about to marry for the forth time but she's having second thoughts, her mother tells Nick to her a word with her calm her nerves. Brian Jnr's Mother comes back from Brazil to take her son back, Brain Snr aint happy about this; soon the pair end up sleeping together.

    Karen evantually gets married but within 45 mins she wants a divorce in which Nick arranges, Freddie walks away with 3 Million Dollar settlement. She later tells him that Shes in Love with him.

    Elsewhere Patrick sees Simon Elder who tells him about his affair he tells him to be a man, he later his wife that his having an affair. Patrick later tells Tripp that hes moving into the buiding in which Simon Owns. There really is something creepy about himmoreless
  • Review

    I thought it was a solid episode of Dirty Sexy Money, with Karen doing what we thought she would do when she opted out of the marriage only 45 minutes after getting married in the first place. I really thought Nick was going to get past Karen and her trying to get with him, but with Latricia Darling now helping Karen - it seems that her experience into having a secret lover might be able to help Karen get Nick just as she wants. I am sensing things coming to a full destruction very soon. Tripp hates Simon Elder and wants him destroyed and I have a bad feeling about Nick being able to withstand the continuous pressures of Karen trying to be his wife. I did like the scenes with Brain Sr in them. I think his character really has come around full circle since how we first saw him in the pilot and I hope that he gets to see his son again in some future episodes all though with the way things are shaping up to be I dont even know if he will be able to get that luxery.moreless
Victoria Eugenia Acuna

Victoria Eugenia Acuna


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Rico E. Anderson

Rico E. Anderson

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Bruce Barton

Bruce Barton

Photographer #3

Guest Star

Daniel Cosgrove

Daniel Cosgrove

Freddy Mason

Recurring Role

Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman

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Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz

Kiki George

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    • Brian: Have you two given any thought to your vows at all?
      Freddy: Well, I'm thinking a golf theme would be nice. You know, something with hazards and fairways and holes-in-one?
      Karen: No, all we need have and hold, in sickness and in health and a little open bar.

    • Karen: Do what you want. Just keep it short.
      Brian: See you in seven hours.
      Freddy: Woo! Amen to that! Because we are in it to win it!

    • Karen: I'm kinda having second thoughts about the wedding.
      Letitia: Yeah, I assumed that was what you meant. Is this about Nick? Is it?
      Karen: Nick? No. No. No, Nick hasn't even entered my mind today. It's about Freddy. He's not exactly complicated.
      Letitia: You're just like your father. You want fairy tale love. You're a romantic but what's really romantic is to wake up every morning and say "I choose you, again. Today. No matter what."
      Karen: Like you chose Dad. Or Dutch.
      Letitia: I chose both. And that was my mistake.

    • Andrea: I didn't come here to fight.
      Brian: Well then why did you come? Because the last time I checked, you dumped our son on my lap like a half-eaten sandwich and disappeared.

    • Nick: I have to talk to the press. I have to pick which magazine gets the photos. I have to make sure that the bride actually gets married.
      Lisa: That's a joke. Right?
      Nick: No, Letitia asked me to make sure Karen goes down the aisle. Apparently, she's having doubts. Cold feet.

    • Tripp: Patty, my boy!
      Patrick: Patty, my boy?
      Tripp: I believe that is an appropriate greeting.
      Patrick: What the hell were you thinking?
      Tripp: Lower your voice. I'm not deaf.
      Patrick: You told Ellen about Carmelita?
      Tripp: I did nothing of the sort. And I am offended that you would even think that I would do such a thing.
      Patrick: Well, maybe that's because you hired a private investigator to follow me around and take photographs.
      Tripp: I was trying to save your marriage. I love you, son. Whatever nonsense that's come between doesn't change that.

    • Nick: Are the photographers here yet? I asked them to get here early.
      Tripp: The vultures of the tabloids are in my office even as we speak.

    • Karen: Here we are again.
      Tripp: Here we are. You know there's a word for how I feel right now. Aware.
      Karen: Aware.
      Tripp: It's a Japanese word which means reverence for the transient beauty and mortality of all things.

    • Brian: And so Karen, Freddy, I send you off into the mystery of marriage with three words that start with the letter C. First, confirmation. Married people provide confirmation for each other. When one person sees a shooting star or an aurora, then they have someone to turn to all the time, to whom to which to say "Did you see that? Did that really happen". And in a life that's full of amazing moments, it's important to have confirmation. The second is consolation. Married people provide consolation for each other. When bad luck, death, or even the simple sadness of the passing of beauty becomes hard to make it go on, then you have someone to turn to for a hand, for an embrace, for a kiss, for consolation. And last but not least, there's joy. (mumbling from the guests) It's not a C word but then life and love are surprising. You may kiss the bride.

    • Kiki: So how it is being a Darling?
      Brian Jr.: I'm pretty new with it. But I guess it's okay. Food's good.
      Kiki: When I grow up, I'm going to live like this. No matter what it takes. No matter what.

    • Karen: Freddy? I never meant...
      Freddy: Karen, please. Don't feel sorry for me, okay? I feel sorry for you because you are a screwed-up little girl who has a thing for her lawyer. And no matter how hard you try to fight it, you are gonna die alone and unhappy and that's exactly what you deserve.

    • Nick: So you wanna tell me what really happened?
      Karen: He told me he loved me right after the ceremony. He just spit it out.
      Nick: And that wasn't good?
      Karen: I don't know.

    • Clark: That was a beautiful wedding day.
      Tripp: Karen finally got it right. I'll sleep well tonight knowing she has found a man's heart in which to make her home.
      Karen: Daddy, can I talk to you?
      Tripp: Oh, I think we might have set a record here.

    • Lisa: (on Karen getting married) So she actually went through with it.
      Nick:And then 45 minutes later, she got through with it.

    • Ellen: Do you love her?
      Patrick: I love, uh, I love you both. I can't give her up. I've tried. I don't know how.
      Ellen: Well then, we don't have a choice, do we? The three of us are going to sit down together and set some ground rules.
      Patrick: The three of us? You and me and... you, me, and who?
      Ellen: Carmelita. She won't destroy this marriage. And she will not keep us out of Washington. Either one of us. I didn't marry a Darling for nothing.

    • Tripp: (speaking of Simon Elder) I'm not a vengeful person Nick. I have endured massive betrayal, and I have responded with patience, and with love. But I will not suffer this man.
      Nick: What do you wanna do?
      Tripp: I want to destroy him. I want that s.o.b. completely and utterly destroyed.

    • Tripp: (Drunk) Brian, what a wonderful wedding sermon, so much humanity, so much hope. There really is such a kind person buried deep down inside you. Deep, deep down! Inside you... somewhere!?!
      Brian: Thanks dad.

    • Brian: (Speaking to a judge at the wedding) Well your Honor, the seven deadly sins are not like the Constitution, they can't be amended. So if I were you yes, I'd be worried!

    • Freddy: I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. (joyfully laughs)
      Karen: (uncomfortably laughing) Oh, I ah, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you too baby. Forever!?!
      Master of Ceremony: (as the elevator doors open up) Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, Mr and Mrs Freddy Mason.
      Karen: (whispering to Nick) I want a divorce. Now!

    • Brian: Why'd you even come back here?
      Andrea: To see my son! And you... maybe... little...
      Brian: (As he goes in to kiss her) Oh crap.

    • Letitia: Karen Darling, you are not going out there and announcing your divorce during your wedding.
      Karen: Of course, not. I would never ruin a party.
      Nick: Karen, you've been married for less than an hour. Is it possible...?
      Karen: I can tell when these things won't work out, Nick. I'm a pro.

    • Karen: Can I ask you a question?
      Nick: Sure.
      Karen: I don't think I'm gonna do this.
      Nick: Well, that's technically not a question.
      Karen: I know. I answered it myself.

    • Karen Darling: Hey! Have you pre-sold my wedding photos yet?
      Nick: No, not yet.
      Karen Darling: Well, don't settle for any less then two million. That would suck.

    • Brian: You're an evil person. You abandoned your son.
      Andrea: I didn't abandon him. I left him with his father for two months.
      Brian: And because you did, my marriage is probably over. My wife and children have been in China for two weeks and I don't know when or if they are coming back. Just as a little added bonus to your little selfish walk-about.
      Andrea: Well, look who's talking. You've never had a selfless moment in your life.

    • Juliet Darling: Private number? That's so 2006!

    • Tripp Darling: You look like you could use a drink.
      Nick: It's... 9:30 in the morning.

    • Freddy: Now baby, are you sure it's not bad luck to see each other on the big day?
      Karen: Mm mm, who cares. That tradition has not exactly worked for me, in the past.

    • Patrick: I have this acquaintance for whom I care a great deal.
      Simon: A mistress?
      Patrick: She ah... use to be a Mr.
      Simon: It's none of my business how you like your eggs.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: April 7, 2008 on Network 7
      United Kingdom: May 2, 2008 on Channel 4
      The Netherlands: May 6, 2008 on NET 5
      Sweden: May 22, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Slovakia: July 26, 2009 on JOJ

    • Music From This Episode:
      You're So Plain by Ike Reilly Assassination

    • In this episode, Brian Jr.'s mother returns as played by Sheryl Lee, well-known for her days on Twin Peaks. In the pilot however, Brian Jr.'s mother was played by Brooke Smith. Smith joined another ABC show, Grey's Anatomy, as a regular cast member.