Discover: Engineering

The Science Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2002 Unknown


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Discover: Engineering

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Discover: Engineering is The Science Channel series that takes a look at engineering marvels around the world, from jets to bridges, underwater machines and giant structures. Each episode focuses on the men and women who work in the industries, as well as their machines they use and the products they engineer. We learn the science behind the designs, and the difficult and often dangerous construction of the finished projects. Learn about industries like construction, where men and women brave terrain, weather, and huge machines to build and destroy buildings, and work-related deaths are in the thousands. Climb aboard awesome vehicles like the Harrier, a plane that flies at high speeds and can take off and land vertically, without a runway. Check out extreme rides like race cars, powerboats, and rollercoasters, deep sea exploration machines and more, and learn about engineering feats like giant bridges, all on The Science Channel's Discover: Engineering.

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AIRED ON 5/7/2003

Season 1 : Episode 6

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