Discover: Prehistoric Planet

The Science Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Unknown


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Discover: Prehistoric Planet

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Discover: Prehistoric Planet is The Science Channel series that takes viewers back in time to examine prehistoric worlds and the history behind one of the coolest creatures ever; the dinosaur. Go back through history to examine what happened, and check out the present day advancements and discoveries that are demystifying the history of these amazing animals that once roamed our planet. Learn about Utah's Dino Graveyard, where scientists have discovered a new species of bizarre feathered dinosaurs. Learn about one of paleontology's biggest mysteries, a dinosaur scientists refer to as Jane. See how scientists are trying to learn from mother nature's lessons to try to outsmart her in the future. Take an exclusive look at the Dino Lab, where simulations of digital dinosaurs are put to the test. Learn about the new developments in the history of the king of the prehistoric world, the T-Rex, and take a look at the changes the discoveries have made to what it may have looked like. Join The Science Channel in a trip to the amazing time of dinosaurs on Discover: Prehistoric Planet.moreless

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AIRED ON 11/26/2006

Season 1 : Episode 5

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