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    • Sex Change: Him to Her
      Crossing gender is the most revealing journey of all. Annah used to be Adam. Now, she's flying to Montreal for sex reassignment surgery. Loren is a body builder and photographer. He appears to be a man's man. Except this man was once a woman.
    • Two Sisters, One Heart
      Meet Emma and Taylor - conjoined twins that share the same liver and one seven-chambered heart. Two years ago their parents were told they would not make it to birth. Eighteen months later the girls are alive and kicking.
    • Paralyzed & Pregnant
      When Michelle Carston was 23 years old, she dove into shallow water off the coast of Mexico and injured her spinal cord--an action that sent her to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. Michelle got pregnant and we follow her pregnancy.
    • Woman With Half a Body
      Born with a condition known as sacral agenesis, Rosemarie has only half a body. Rose is married to a regular guy and made medical history by having a baby.
    • 627 lb Woman: Jackie's Story
      A woman approaching 700-pounds undergoes gastric bypass surgery. The procedure requires a huge incision so surgeons can repair a massive hernia which is causing a large portion of her internal organs to be displaced.
    • Sex Change: Her to Him
      For twenty-four years Aidan has been living with the body of a female. But that's about to change when he has chest reconstruction surgery. Michael is married with four children. A year ago he decided to become Michelle and will have a gender make-over.
    • Anatomy of Sex
      Anatomy of Sex
      Episode 9
      The human body works in specific, yet subtle ways in order to ensure reproduction. Discover the biological responses to attraction and mating. Investigate the evolutionary story of natural selection and care giving as a couple tries to start a family.
    • Building Juilana's Face
      Toddler Juliana Wetmore was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. She has no upper jaw, no cheekbones, no eye sockets, and has the corner of her ear missing. Doctors say that it is the worst case ever recorded.
    • I Am My Own Twin
      I Am My Own Twin
      Episode 7
      Babies are being born split right down the middle, half black and half white, a testicle on one side and a vagina on the other. Explore the extraordinary medical phenomena that causes two different babies to fuse together in the womb.
    • Girl Who Never Grew
      The Girl Who Never Grew is the personal story of nine year old Nicolette, a girl with primordial dwarfism. For years, her family struggled to find diagnosis for her condition. Nicolette's case is the only known case in New Zealand.
    • Freebirthing
      Episode 5
      A growing movement of women in the US and in the UK are defying medical advice to give birth with no drugs, no midwife and no medical support. Supporters claim its how having a baby was always meant to be but doctors say 'freebirthing' has terrible risks.
    • Incredibly Small: Kenadie's Story
      A look inside the life of Kenadie Jourdin, a two-year-old girl who weighs 8lbs and is 24-inches long, due to the fact that she is a primordial dwarf - one of only 30 in the world.
    • Mermaid Girl
      Mermaid Girl
      Episode 3
      8 year old Shiloh Pepin has defied the odds and survived one of the rarest physical deformities known to man, Mermaid Syndrome. This documentary will also explore how her family has battled against all the odds to give their daughter a normal happy life.
    • 200 lb Tumor
      200 lb Tumor
      Episode 2
      Living with a 200-pound tumor that had wrapped itself around her 120-pound body, Lori Hoogewind couldn't find a surgeon to help her. Finally, Dr. McKay Kinnon gave her hope that she could survive the 18-hour operation to remove the tumor.
    • 160 lb Tumor
      160 lb Tumor
      Episode 1
      Immobilized by a 160-pound tumor and near death, Romanian Lucia Bunghez has given up hope until she sees a Discovery program documenting a similar case in America. Discovery Health Channel sends a team of specialists to Bucharest to perform a miracle.