Disgaea - Season 1



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  • Love... After the Fighting is Over
    Finally at their destination, the crew gets to the heart of the matter with the head angel. Seraph Lamington will have hell to pay, but it'll be Flonne and Laharl who make the ultimate sacrifices to make everything right in the Netherworld.
  • A Night Lit Up By The Red Moon
    Before warping to Celestia to sort out matters with Seraph Lamington, King Laharl gets a spiritual lesson on love during a Prinnie ritual. Everyone watches in awe, as redeemed souls shed their penguin bodies and escape enslavement.
  • The Defender Of Tomorrow Is You
    A war is waged on the Gargantuan and General Carter (supposedly defending mankind at the orders of Celestia). A team effort between the demons and the humans is necessary to bring the tyrant down in the name of all that is good, er... evil!
  • Space Battleship Gargantua
    Captain Gordon of the Earth Defense Force scoop up Laharl, Etna and Flonne and challenge the prince to a battle. Laharl recovers the Demon Tomb, and just as he harnesses its power, an airship materializes, threatening to destroy the Netherworld!
  • The Prinnies' Longest Day
    The Prinnies are nowhere to be found, because they're all on a floating island planning a revolution! They're tired of all the orders and abuse, and have built a secret weapon to defend their cause. Laharl, of course, won't stand such insolence.
  • Netherworld Siblings
    A bratty little girl shows up claiming to be Laharl's sister. Etna, convinced the spoiled girl is a fraud, is bewildered when Laharl starts humoring and protecting his newfound sibling. A little meddling from Mid-boss could shed light on the situation.
  • Etna's Embarrasing Secret
    Laharl, Flonne and Etna brave treacherous realms of the Netherworld to find the source of all the attacks on the prince's life. Betrayal stings when the truth is revealed, but at the end of the day, Laharl is actually rather impressed.
  • A Dungeon Of Tempation... Maybe
    Befuddled by attacks on his life from demons large and small, Laharl discovers a poster with a price on his head. Captain Gordon and Jennifer are after him too! When he gets stuck in a dungeon, a showdown with a demon slayer is his only escape.
  • A Solomon-style Judgement at The Dinero Castle?!
    Etna's Prinnies go on strike, but Laharl needs to eat somehow. To pay them better, the prince robs demons all over Netherworld. A run-in with his dad's old butler displaces the Demon Tomb, which Laharl needs to claim the throne as Overlord.
  • Welcome To The Netherworld Hall Of Treasures
    Wary from travels, Laharl and his two new vassals rest at a museum full of tricky Netherworld artifacts. One enchantment serves up a baffling personality switch-a-roo with a risky remedy.
  • Scratch 1 Mid-Boss, Add 1 Vassal
    Flonne becomes powerless without her pendant as Etna (the dead overlord's vassal) arrives. The prince and Etna leave her in the dust and head for the castle, but fail to evade annoying humans, Vyers the Mid-boss, and Flonne's relentless love speech.
  • The Sleeping Prince in the Garbage Dump
    Angel-trainee Flonne mistakenly awakens Laharl, the son of the late Lord Krichevskoy, from a two-year nap. Grumpy and hungry, Laharl tries to ignore the winged pest and sets out to claim his place as the new overlord of the Netherworld.