Disney Channel Games

Season 2 Episode 10

Closing Ceremonies

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • I loved the results of the Disney Channel Games. :D The team I'm cheering for has won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay for Red Team!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, what's odd? Green Team winning the Disney Channel Games in the US but in my area, the Red Team has won!!!!!!!!! Thanks to me submitting loads of points at the last minute by playing "Simon Says" lots of times on the website and playing "Super Soccer" a few times, people who were watching Disney Channel Games and perhaps submitting points to the Red Team and the Red Team's efforts, they were victorious!!!!!! Yay for the Red Team!!!!!! Even though Red wasn't my favourite colour, I'm cheering for the team anyway 'cause Brenda Song is in it, one of my online pals was cheering for the team and Jake Long was rooting for the team. I loved listening and rocking to the songs, as well as watching the Red Team winning. :D Once the winner was declared, I was jumping up on down in front of the television literally, happily and I was cheering and screaming loudly in extreme joy. ^_^ I was expecting for the Red Team to win anyway because they were still in the lead on the leaderboard and the points I submitted to them which were added to their previous point count. Anyhoo, I never cheered for the other teams because I hate the colours of the teams. The most funniest part of this was Brian Stepanek reading a letter from his mum instead of declaring the winner. XD It was pretty hilarious and got me into a fit of laughter! I just can't stop laughing at that time. I just gotta love staring deeply at the trophy, it's so shiny and beautiful in all its glory. Even though my country lost in both the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 and the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, I'm very happy that the Red Team won which made me got over crying about my country losing. :D This was one of the best moments of my life and it was very memorable and outstanding episode of Disney Channel Games 2007. What's disappointing is that Jake Long or the American Dragon and Fu Dog never appeared in this. :( But still I loved this episode and I'm glad that I taped this. When I have time, I'm gonna watch it on the tape and use my digital camera to record the part where the winner was gonna be declared. The winner is pretty obvious. I just hope the Red Team will win next year and I'm looking forward for next year's Disney Channel Games! :D
  • this is the end of the 2007 disney channel games.

    At the end of the disney channl games, miley cyrus/hannah montana sings her new song, Girls night out. the jonas brothers sing there song, kids of the future. the cheetah girls also sing there. during this episode, they are crowning the winner of the disney channel games and they also get the 25,000 dollar check to there charity they are playing for. in the end, the blue team get last place. the red team gets third place. the yellow team gets runner up. the winner of the disney channel is the green team.

    Overall, this is a good episode, but needs more fun.