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Disney Little Einsteins

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Little Einsteins takes us on an adventure with four children: Leo, June, Annie and Quincy. Each of these four children have their own specialization, Leo loves to conduct, Annie loves to sing, Quincy loves to play instruments while June loves to dance. The series uses various pieces of classical music as the basic fundamentals for the series, though the series also capitalizes on the premise and episodes typically have famous artwork within them. While Little Einsteins was designed to be an entertaining series, it was created by the creators of Baby Einstein, the pre-school learning program, so this series never leaves its primary focus of helping children learn to explore and introduce new concepts into their minds, though it certainly attempts to expand the viewer's curiosity.

Highlights of Season 3: Animal Alphabet Narrated By Tom M.

Numbers Adventure Narrated By Joseph S.

Quincy, & Annie's & Colors, & Shapes Trip Narrated By Mattie C. Wall-Tony! & Jeffrey M.

The Tooth Hurts!

The Team Goes 2 The Doctor!

Annie, & The Giant Wave Narrated By Tom M.

Leo's New Baby Narrated By Joseph S.

The Newly Replaced Construction Dated T. T. X. Flatcars at Circus World 2 Chicago From The Legend of Circus World Narrated By Jeff M.

The Thanksgiving Rush!


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AIRED ON 12/22/2009

Season 2 : Episode 66

  • An absolutely WONDERFUL and CLEAN cartoon show for children!

    The cancellation of Little Einsteins, is a real loss for the development of children's cultural interests. In general, these cartoons were created to develop in children an interest for classical music, arts, places of interest around the world and simply entertain small children with clean fun. No attitudes from the characters, no stupidity, no degeneration of cultural values, no stereotypes, in general ... zero negative influence.

    Parents... if you actually strive for the betterment of your children, be selective and pick a show like this for them. There's too much garbage out there.

    Disney should reinstate this show ASAP!!!moreless
  • What does this have to do with Albert Einstein, again?

    From the show's title, people may be confused with who Einstein is. "Is he a musician or a scientist?" The answer is obviously a scientist. This show doesn't even include Einstein in the plots, so no, it doesn't relate to him. It relates more to Mozart or Beethoven than Albert Einstein.
  • well worth a watch

    Me and my child love this show and were very disappointed when Disney dropped it from their schedule. the show itself is based for younger children and offers interactive learning,getting the audience involved to try and help solve the puzzles which was much loved along with the sequence and action parts. the educational value is brilliant touching upon music and instruments, history, animals and also other cultures, the animation isn't great but not bad enough to stop watching. reading some of the other reviews i found what some people had to say laughable. this show allowed my child to learn different topics that i for one didn't think that he would like in which i was pleasantly surprised . all i can say is if children had shows trying to teach them and entertain rather than just offering them flashy animation and tired story lines then the rate of children growing up better educated and having more interests could perhaps rise.moreless

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING, ANOTHER DISNEY JUNIOR DISASTER?! But one of the girls is hot though BUT STILL I DON'T FUCKING CARE THE HOT GIRL IS MEAN AND ONLY YOUNG MALES UNDER THE AGE OF 5 AND GIRLS UNDER THE AGE OF 13 WOULD LIKE THIS SHIT, TOO MUCH FOURTH WALL BREAKING!!!!! I can't fucking believe I liked this as a kid, now an adolescent, I hate this fucking shit and I learned from my mistakes so Disney Channel Jr. and Nick Jr. as such should stop throwing fourth wall breaking shit because it's not fucking funny and hurts the minds of little children for god's fucking sake to how fucking shitty it is, this show us terrible and yet another Disney Disgrace. Even PBS has some bad shit like Arthur, 64 Zoo Lane, Word Girl and Barney including Sesame Street this is from the fucking 2000's and the 2000's was when the earth was still a good place instead of it's current state. This show is a -infinity out of 10.moreless
  • Little Einsteins- Innovative Educational Programming- Finest Kind!

    LE is a wonderful show for children of all ages, although it might be best appreciated by those under 7 and over 47... from the reviews posted it appears that you either love this show or hate it. I suspect that haters are ignorant bigots living in caves wearing wife-beater tees and dragging their knuckles. Please don't post ugly and obscene comments in a children's forum! LE takes my kid all over the world to places like the Taj Majal, Hagia Sophia, Eiffel Tower, Easter Island, Japan, China, India, Africa, Europe, Polynesia, South America and Russia, just to name a few. They always go somewhere of interest and try to teach the kids something about foreign culture, history, art and music theory (I learned what Adagio and Presto means from this show- I never knew that Sforzando is 'faster than fast' until i watched this show!) Maybe if you haters would open your eyes, ears and minds you would actually learn something. This show teaches my child all about music appreciation and presents famous art works, like van Gogh, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Indian and Rotoruan native art forms, and American period painters like Winslow Homer. Sadly it was produced only for two seasons and the 67 episodes are re-runs. Apparently the ratings from the unwashed masses who didn't appreciate art and classical music were not favorable, sigh. As Vonnegut said; So it goes... The Rocket is a vehicle for learning, not just a silly cartoon medium for zapping virtual aliens and murdering video game mobs. If you want your kid to watch tedious, repetitive, moronic toilet comedy just to shut them up, then tune in to Spongebob. Maybe it's just easier to park your inconvenient, troublesome child in front of a video game where he or she can waste a childhood killing faceless electronic monsters in preparation for a rewarding and exciting career as an assembly line worker. Maybe if you spent some time with your kid and engaged them in a show with educational value you might both learn something new and interesting! Funny but I found that nearly every featured artwork and musical piece on LE has been a high-value or Daily Double Jeopardy! question in the past 3 seasons, so either Alex Trebek is watching this show, or intelligent people just track along the same channels. Watch this show with your kid and learn to appreciate music, art and world history! Stop with the bigoted, ignorant comments already! If you don't like LE then go play Warcraft in your dirty underwear, lol! Disney, please keep LE on the air for the rest of us!moreless

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