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Disney Little Einsteins

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Little Einsteins takes us on an adventure with four children: Leo, June, Annie and Quincy. Each of these four children have their own specialization, Leo loves to conduct, Annie loves to sing, Quincy loves to play instruments while June loves to dance. The series uses various pieces of classical music as the basic fundamentals for the series, though the series also capitalizes on the premise and episodes typically have famous artwork within them. While Little Einsteins was designed to be an entertaining series, it was created by the creators of Baby Einstein, the pre-school learning program, so this series never leaves its primary focus of helping children learn to explore and introduce new concepts into their minds, though it certainly attempts to expand the viewer's curiosity.

Highlights of Season 3: Animal Alphabet Narrated By Tom M.

Numbers Adventure Narrated By Joseph S.

Quincy, & Annie's & Colors, & Shapes Trip Narrated By Mattie C. Wall-Tony! & Jeffrey M.

The Tooth Hurts!

The Team Goes 2 The Doctor!

Annie, & The Giant Wave Narrated By Tom M.

Leo's New Baby Narrated By Joseph S.

The Newly Replaced Construction Dated T. T. X. Flatcars at Circus World 2 Chicago From The Legend of Circus World Narrated By Jeff M.

The Thanksgiving Rush!


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AIRED ON 12/22/2009

Season 2 : Episode 66

  • Best childhood show

    I ate noodles while watching this. Best musical memories. But I still dont understand why did it end. Can someone explain
  • We Love Little Einsteins

    My almost three year old can't get enough of Little Einsteins. She was heartbroken when I told her I couldn't find it on any regularly scheduled programs. :( Thank goodness we have TEVO, because there's no way she's staying up until 2 in the morning to watch it, but that's bad news because the time that it shows obviously means that one of the best, most educational programs Disney Junior airs is slowly going off the air. We can't believe it! I can't believe that mothers wouldn't want their children to watch this show! It must be a bunch of teenage babysitters taking over childcare, because any good mother would be tuned to Little Einsteins to make her kids smarter. We're distraught!!!

    :) Angela Brightwell

    Mother of Two

  • An absolutely WONDERFUL and CLEAN cartoon show for children!

    The cancellation of Little Einsteins, is a real loss for the development of children's cultural interests. In general, these cartoons were created to develop in children an interest for classical music, arts, places of interest around the world and simply entertain small children with clean fun. No attitudes from the characters, no stupidity, no degeneration of cultural values, no stereotypes, in general ... zero negative influence.

    Parents... if you actually strive for the betterment of your children, be selective and pick a show like this for them. There's too much garbage out there.

    Disney should reinstate this show ASAP!!!moreless
  • What does this have to do with Albert Einstein, again?

    From the show's title, people may be confused with who Einstein is. "Is he a musician or a scientist?" The answer is obviously a scientist. This show doesn't even include Einstein in the plots, so no, it doesn't relate to him. It relates more to Mozart or Beethoven than Albert Einstein.
  • well worth a watch

    Me and my child love this show and were very disappointed when Disney dropped it from their schedule. the show itself is based for younger children and offers interactive learning,getting the audience involved to try and help solve the puzzles which was much loved along with the sequence and action parts. the educational value is brilliant touching upon music and instruments, history, animals and also other cultures, the animation isn't great but not bad enough to stop watching. reading some of the other reviews i found what some people had to say laughable. this show allowed my child to learn different topics that i for one didn't think that he would like in which i was pleasantly surprised . all i can say is if children had shows trying to teach them and entertain rather than just offering them flashy animation and tired story lines then the rate of children growing up better educated and having more interests could perhaps rise.moreless

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