Disney Little Einsteins

Season 1 Episode 25

A Galactic Goodnight

Aired Unknown Aug 14, 2006 on Disney Channel
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A Galactic Goodnight
The gang has a sleepover in the Rocket Room until they discover that Rocket can't sleep, so Rocket and the gang decides to travel to outer space to count the planets. Will Rocket ever go to sleep?

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  • This is an episode to fall asleep to...

    As you can tell, each of the Einstein characters has a different sleeping method. Lio uses a baton nightlight. June does a sleepy spin. Quincy hugs his instruments blanket. Annie sings a lullaby. Rocket, however, doesn't have a sleeping method yet. That is until the team helps him out by going into outerspace and counting each of the 9 planets--actually, there are currently 8 planets now because Pluto was reclassified as a "dwarf planet" in August 2006.

    I recognized Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in the part were the team was on planet Jupiter. Once while singing the Planet Song, you could hear the team laugh when Quincy sings "Saturn is

    Could watching this episode of Little Einsteins help you fall asleep? Try it at bedtime and see.moreless
  • Outer space is fun.

    When watching it, it feels happy. It makes me sleepy. And the Little Einsteins are in outer space. Rocket can't sleep. Annie counted the 9 planets. If you are sleepy, watch it. I mean don't watch it. The Litle Einsteins goes back to earth. Did Rocket go to sleep?

  • Rocket can't sleep and the team is going to help him!

    This has to be my favorite episode to date! It was wonderful! The episode started with the them at a sleep over in the Rocket Room. The all talk about what they do to help them sleep, and then cast into slumber. But Rocket can't sleep! They hear him struggling to fall asleep. The team decides to help Rocket sleep by counting all of the planets! It is what will help Rocket fall asleep. They blast off into outer space to start their count. While they are counting they will encounted a few intergalactic troubles. They will avoid a dust storm on Mars, and even fly through Mercury's winds. With the help of the team, will Rocket fall asleep in the end?

    I loved this episode, it was great! It is easily my favorite one so far. The songs were very well writen out. With the standard Little Einsteins curriculum, this episode will create the perfect Galactic lullaby for Preschoolers. (and everybody else!)If you ever get a chance to see it, take that chance!moreless
  • Very good counting and repetition.

    Very Cute and Quincy is the cutest of all! My daughter will not stop saying, \"Saturn Is Six!!!\" The show introduced the concept \"planet\" to my two year old. And the counting repetition is great because they set it to music! I was even humming it in the car later. Girls who have not already flipped for Quincy, will surely fall for him in this episode. My two year old, will not go anywhere without her \"Quincy\" character. The kids are smart, benevolent, funny, and clean. Good educational and entertaining show. We will return for others and look forward to purchasing more DVD\'s as they come available.moreless
  • Rocket can't fall asleep!

    It's bedtime in the Rocket Room, and the Little Einsteins are having a slumber party. Each of the kids shows what they do to help them fall asleep every night, but before they can fully fall asleep, something wakes them up. Rocket can't fall asleep! They decide to go on a mission into outer space, counting planets to help Rocket fall asleep. They check on him several times in the solar system, to see if he's tired enough yet, but it is not enough until they reach Pluto.

    I guess they probably wrote this episode before the big change that made Pluto no longer a planet, and I have mixed feelings about it. I grew up knowing there are nine planets, and I know my kids may very well have to grow up knowing there are eight. This episode's counting Pluto as a planet isn't necessarily the worst thing, but it will be interesting to explain to my kids in a few years when they're in school, if they remember this episode.

    Regardless, great episode, very educational (like always), a subject I may not have necessarily thought of teaching my four and two year old kids, but a great idea nonetheless.moreless

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    • (The kids once again check to see if Rocket's asleep while Fur Elise plays)
      June: His eyes are closing.
      Annie: His antenna's sagging.
      Quincy: Do you think that helps Rocket falling asleep?
      (Rocket is now asleep)
      June: (Whispering) Yes.
      Annie: (whispering) Excellent.

    • (The kids check to see if Rocket's asleep while Fur Elise plays)
      June: His eyes are closing.
      Annie: His antenna's sagging.
      Quincy: Do you think that helps Rocket falling asleep?
      (Rocket wakes up)
      Kids: (Laughs) No.

    • Annie: (Singing in the tune of Für Elise) Quiet as a mouse, don't make a peep. Tip-toe creep, let Rocket sleep.

    • Leo: (Singing in the tune of Für Elise) Mercury is closest to the sun, Mercury is Planet 1, Then it's off to Venus it's Planet 2, Venus, 2, is where we flew, Our home planet, Earth is Planet 3, Sing with me the Earth is 3, After Earth is Mars is Planet 4, Right next door is planet 4, Big Jupiter is number 5, Just a short drive from Saturn 6.
      Quincy: (Singing) Saturn is 6.
      Leo: (Singing) Uranus is 7, it looks blue, Neptune, 8 looks that way ,too, Last not least, is Pluto, Number 9, Last in line is Pluto, 9.

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