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  • Season 2
    • The Music Melody
      The Music Melody
      Episode 41
    • 12/22/09
      The team travels to India to find magic peanuts that will help their tiny elephant friend grow big enough to participate in an elephant festival.
    • Rocket the Bug
      Episode 65
      Rocket helps three bugs get their house back after the Big Bad Wolf blows it away to New Zealand.
    • Fire Truck Rocket
      Episode 64
      The gang attempts to rescue a monkey trapped between two branches at the bottom of an active volcano on Java Island. Rocket transforms into a rocket to help.
    • Show and Tell
      Episode 63

      The Little Einsteins we're ready for a school show and tell until Big Jet steals their favorite items as the gang must search for Big Jet and get their things back. Will the gang manage to get their stolen items back?

    • The gang helps a music robot return to his home planet by searching for his lost batteries in order to fly back into space. Will the gang manage to find the robot's missing batteries?
    • Go Team!
      Episode 61
      The little einsteins travel to a castle in Barcelona, Spain to meet a Spanish King and his musical treasure until a sneaky dragon steals it. Will the einsteins retrieve the stolen treasure?
    • 1/17/09
      Leo's talented Silly Sock wants to join the Silly Clothes Circus in Paris, France, but also learns that the circus starts today. Will the gang reach the circus in time?
    • 12/13/08
      The gang goes on an Arctic adventure to help a little fairy rescue her other instrument fairy friends and restore the aurora borealis to the night sky. Will the gang save the fairies?
    • 11/1/08
      The kids visit a museum in France and hear a story about a musical unicorn and an evil queen until Leo must rescue the unicorn. Will Leo save the unicorn?
    • Music Monsters
      Episode 57
      While hanging in Annie's room, a little one-eyed monster arrives and asks the kids go to Scotland to rescue little monster's friends from the Loch Ness Monster. Will the gang rescue Little Monster's friends?
    • Melody and Me
      Episode 56
      Leo and the gang make a party for Melody, as Leo tries to rescue Melody after the hot-air balloon she is in blows away. Will Leo rescue Melody and be reunited?
    • Build it, Rocket!
      Episode 55
      While visiting the Three Little Pigs, after the Big Bad Wolf blows down the hay and stick houses down, the gang helps the pigs build a brick house. Will Rocket and the gang build the brick house in time?
    • The gang searches in a jungle for a lost baby dinosaur called a Piccolodactyl, until they are persue by a Bassosaurus rex who's hot on their trail. Will the gang find the lost Piccolodactyl?
    • Annie goes to a carnival and tries to win a stuffed horse by playing a guessing game. Will Annie win the stuffed horse?
    • Animal Snack Time
      Episode 52
      Rocket brings some snacks to baby animals in Africa, but Big Jet steals the goodies until Rocket transforms in different animal modes. Will Rocket and the gang retrieve the stolen snacks from Big Jet?
    • 4/18/08
      The Little Einsteins try to unlock a secret prize box they discover in Japan until Big Jet overhears them and plans to get it first. Will the gang get the box and what will the mystery prize be?
    • Rocket discovers a treasure map that leads to riches in Hawaii, but Big Jet steals the map before the treasure is found. Will Rocket get the treasure first before Big Jet?
    • 2/22/08
      Annie wants to compete in a song contest, but Big Jet steals her music and rips it apart. The Little Einsteins attempt to get all of her music back in time for her to perform. Will the others retrieve Annie's song in time for the contest?
    • 1/28/08
      Mr. Penguin needs Rocket's help to get his broken ice-cream train over the Andes mountains for a birthday party. Will Mr. Penguin be able to make it over the mountains?
    • 12/7/07
      June is in Iceland performing a ballet about a toy prince who makes all the toys in his kingdom happy. Will June manage to help the Prince?
    • 11/10/07
      The Little Einsteins embark on a quest to retrieve the Golden Goose from a giant. Will Annie and the others rescue the Golden goose?
    • 10/29/07
      A baby goose gets lost during its migration through the Russian Arctic. Will the gang find the lost baby goose in time for it's migration?
    • 10/8/07

      The Little Einsteins and Rocket fly through Egypt on a mission to help the Great Sphinx solve a magic puzzle. Will the gang figure out the answer to the riddle? Or Will The Little Einsteins's Good Friend: Big Al The 39 year old Pony-Tailed Toy Collector Invite His Pal Long-Haired Mike The Popsicle Factory Manager All Aged 47 Years old! Right Over 2 The Nile River Pool Party as Big Jet Turns The Stopped 2 Bouncing Puzzle Pieces into June's Purple Seahorse Rubber Float-y as Toy #2 in Big Al's Toy Collection Which is Now Being Made in The Constructed Popsicle Factory Allowing The Great Sphinx 2 Select Any Flavor HE Wants! As We'll Present The Little Einsteins Loving The circus! in The Legend of Circus World! A New Little Einsteins Season 3 Episode That Takes Place! Here in Bar-ah-Boo, Wisconsin! & There's A big Show, & Circus Parade by The Banks of The Bar-ah-Boo River in Everyday's Circus Performance, & Circus World Doesn't Just Perform 2 Events Like A Big Show, & circus Parade in Everyday's Circus Performance By The Banks of The Bar-ah-boo River. But The Banks of The Bar-ah-Boo River Also Has Circus World's Greatest Collection of Antique Circus Parade Wagons Found Right Here Because Circuses Like This one Here At Bar-ah-boo Mostly Travel By Train Just Like The Ringling Bros./Barnum/Bailey Circus Does Which You'll C Southern Pacific SD-45 #7457 Pulling it with Union Pacific SD-24 Low-Nose #401 On Its way 2 The Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio in the Next Segment A Little Later as It Makes its way out of Williams-burg, Kentucky The Next Morning That Because All of These colorful Wagons Were now Really Used 2 Take the Performers Like the Little Einsteins Were All Dressed up as, Equipment Like D-4 Doze-rs #'s 8, & 11, Calliope Truck #8, Circus World Museum Mack #32, & Ringling Bros. Mack #132, & Animals Like Emily, & George The 2 horses, Elephants, Circus Camels, & Other Animals 2 From The Train 2 The Place Where The Circus Will B All Set up. The Idea Was 2 Attract All Attention, & Make Everyone Want 2 go 2 the Circus: The Idea Worked:

    • 9/14/07

      The gang plans to take some Rocket Soup that they made for Rocket's grandma when she catches a cold when all the sudden Big Jet steals the soup until the gang and Rocket must retrieve the soup back from Big Jet. Will Rocket ever get his soup back from Big Jet and take it to his grandma?

    • 8/20/07

      June is teaching four blue-footed booby birds ballet on a beach near the dock. When the boat leaves for the Galapogos Islands for a ballet, the baby blue-footed booby bird falls off the boat. Will the Little Einsteins get the baby blue-footed booby bird to his show on time?

    • Rocket Soup
      Episode 41
      While playing with the Little Einsteins, Rocket suddenly runs low on energy and the gang decides to create Rocket Soup by gathering ingredients from their old friends, Little Mouse, The Good Knight and the Joey. Will Rocket get his soup and get his energy back?
    • Sleeping Bassoon
      Episode 40
      Quincy and the Little Einsteins read the story of the Sleeping Bassoon. During the story, the Princess Bassoon is put under a sleeping spell by a grumpy wizard. The only way to wake her up is that someone plays her happy song. Will Quincy be able to wake up the Sleeping Bassoon?moreless
    • 5/12/07
      Big Jet damages Rocket's flying button and plans his revenge on losing the last Great Sky Race and plans on winning this race by preventing Rocket from flying. Will Rocket beat Big Jet in the rematch of the century?
    • Carmine's Big Race
      Episode 38
      The gang hangs out in Monaco where a Grand Prix is where a friend of Quincy's, Carmine a musical car plans to win the race. Will Carmine win the Grand Prix?
    • 5/5/07

      While traveling through San Francisco, California, Annie and her newest toy, Purple Plane, notice a green helicopter stuck way up high in the highest redwood tree! Annie will have to guide Purple Plane over the highest landmarks in California to reach green helicopter. Will purple plane be able to fly quite high enough?

    • Hello, Cello
      Episode 36
      The Little Einsteins travel to Italy to see a mother cello have five new little baby cellos. But, the fifth baby cello is gone from his mother. The kids find him floating down a river. Now Quincy and his friends must help baby cello find his mother. Will the Little Einsteins find baby cello's mother?moreless
    • He Speaks Music
      Episode 35
      The gang explores baby animals in the Ivory Coast of Africa. Suddenly, they find a baby chimp who only speaks music. The baby chimp misses his parents. So, the Little Einsteins go on a mission to help find baby chimp's parents. Will they find Baby Chimp's parents?
    • Super Fast!
      Episode 34

      The gang talks about their super fast device on Rocket until three little piggies on airplanes go out of control in different speeds. Will the gang save the little piggies?

    • 3/12/07

      The gang arrives in Prague for a Puppet show until a cart taking the puppets hits a bump in the road and the puppets accidentally get left behind until June and the others decided to return the puppets back to the Puppet show. Will June and the others return the puppets in time for the show?

    • 2/26/07

      Leo and the gang find a little pet that makes music while at the pet train in France. They decide on the name "Melody". She was ready to go to the pet train until Melody discovers that her ticket is missing, the gang travels to find the lost ticket. Will Melody find her lost ticket?

    • Annie's Love Song
      Episode 31

      While at the beach, Annie and the Little Einsteins meet two best friend Hermit Crabs. They all have a good time until a powerful wave whisks away one of the hermit crabs! The little Einsteins make it their mission to save the Hermit Crab and reunite the best friends! Will the Hermit Crabs be united again?

    • 1/29/07

      While dancing in Leo's yard, June discovers that there's a glass slipper ball in Vienna but discovers that June must get to Vienna or she'll be late. Will the slipper fit on June or will she be late for the ball?

    • Annie and Leo enter the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel until a witch causes problems for them and the gang. Will Leo and Annie save Hansel and Gretel from the witch?

    • 1/13/07

      Quincy finds four magical instruments and the other Little Einsteins get marooned on the Arabian Sea. Quincy will have to use his instruments to find the other Little Einsteins before the waves get out of control in the Arabian Sea. Will Quincy be able to use his new instruments and save the team in time? Or will they be swallowed up by the violent sea waves?

    • Rocket's Firebird Rescue

      It's the biggest adventure of the Little Einsteins, The country of Russia misses theFirebird's music until an evil ogre name Katschai steals the music throughtout Russia as he captures the Firebird, itis up tothe Little Einsteins to save the Firebird from Katschai and rescue Russia from an unmusical fate.

  • Season 1