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Fierce Moons Little Sister My 4th Short Story

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    At David's Castle The Gang Red Storm and Roby Were Hanging When Fierce Moon Came In and Someone Was With Her and The Gang Red Storm and Roby Said Fierce Moon Who's That With You Then Fierce Moon Said Leo Annie Quincy June David Red Storm Roby Meet My Little Sister Rosy Then They All Said Aw Rosy is So Cute. Then Roby Blushed When He Saw Rosy and Walked Up To Rosy and Said Hi I'm Roby Then Rosy Said I'm Rosy Then Roby Said You Look Beautiful Then Rosy Said Thanks You Look Beautiful Too Then Roby Said Your Cute Then Rosy Said Thanks Your Cute Too Then The Gang Said Aw Roby Has A Girlfriend. Then Red Storm Said To Fierce Moon Look's Like Roby Loves Rosy Then Fierce Moon Said To Red Storm It Sure Look's Like That. Then Roby Said To Rosy You Have To See My Room It's Amazing Then Rosy Said Okay Let's Go See Your Room. Then Roby and Rosy Arrived At Roby's Room Then Rosy Said To Roby Wow Roby Your Room Looks Amazing Then Roby Blushed and Said Thanks Rosy. Then Rosy Said We Should be Getting Back To Your Big Brother and My Big Sister. Then They Returned To Red Storm and Fierce Moon Then Rosy Said To Fierce Moon Roby Just Took Me To See His Room and It Was Amazing. Then Roby Came up To Rosy and Gave Her a Big Hug Then The Gang Red Storm and Fierce Moon Said Aw That's Sweet Roby and Rosy Are Hugging The End.

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    cool, but too many capitol letters and not enough plot. not bad.

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