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Little Einsteins and The Never Land Pirates My Third Made Up Episode

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    My Third Homemade Episode

    {Chapter 1.} Vacation

    In David's Castle The Gang Was Relaxing When Red Storm Came In and Said To The Gang We Should Go On Vacation and They all Agreed. Then Red Storm Said Wait Let's Not Leave Jack Annie Cecil and Rebecca Out Of This. The Gang Said Yeah Let's Invite them. Then Red Storm Called The Rest Of Red Secrets Over The Video Screen and Called Red Secrets They Picked Up and They said Red Storm How Are You Doing They Said Said To Him. Then Red Storm Said To Them Hey Guy's You Want To Come On Vacation With Us and They Said Yes. Then They All Packed Their Stuff Then They Waited For Red Secrets So They Can Leave Then They Saw A Flying Bus Heading Right For The Castle and Red Storm Said To The Gang That Them That's Red Secrets There Here.

    {Chapter 2.} Getting Ready To Leave

    The Gang Was Relived when Red Secrets Showed Up and The The Buses Door's Opened and Jack Annie Cecil and Rebecca Said Hey Guy's Are We Ready To Go and They All Said We Are. Well Then Let's Load You Cargo On The Bus and We Can Get Going. They Loaded The Cargo On The Bus and They all Boarded and They Were Amazed When They Saw How Cool the Bus Looked. Then Jack Annie Cecil and Rebecca Said You Guy's Better Sit Down Were Getting Ready To Take Off The Leo Annie Quincy June David Jack Annie Cecil and Rebecca Sat Down. Then Red Storm Got Into The Drivers Seat and Closed The Bus Door's and Said To Everyone Are We Ready To Go They All Said Yeah. Then Red Storm Started The Bus And Pushed The Space Travel Conversion Button and It Made The Bus Able To Fly In Space and He Deployed The Wings and Activated The Flight Engines and He Put The Bus In Drive and Stepped on The Gas And The Bus Took Off From The Castle and They Were On Their Way.

    {Chapter 3.} Space and The Second Star To The Right

    Once They Were In The Air Red Storm Retracted The Landing Gears and The Bus's Wheels Came Up and They Headed Toward Space. Then Red Storm Said Everyone Hold On Were Leaving Earth's Atmosphere. Once They Left Earth's Atmosphere They Were In Space and Red Storm Activated The Bus's Gravity. Then Red Storm Steared The Bus Toward The Second Star To The Right. Then When Got Close To The Second Star To The Right Everyone Said Red Storm What is That The My Friends Is The Second Star To The Right Red Storm Said.

    {Chapter 4.} Landing and Exploring

    Red Storm Drove The Bus Into the Second Star To The Right And When They Entered They Were No Longer In Space They Were In A Strange Place They Never Been Before. Then David Got Up Told Red Storm To Land Over There Red Storm Turned The Bus Toward The Big Land. Red Storm Lowered The Landing Gears He Landed The Bus Put The Bus in Park Turned Off The Engines Opened The Doors and Got Down and Told Everyone Let's Go Explore. Everyone Got Off The Splited Up Into Groups and Explored Their Surroundings. They Explored Everywhere and then They All Met Up On The Beach and Red Storm Said Did You Guy's Find Anything Interesting They All Said Nope.

    {Final Chapter.} Jake and The Never Land Pirates,Unpacking and Curtain Call

    The Gang Was On The Beach Relaxing When They Herd A Bell In the Distance and Then Leo Took Out His Binoculars and Saw A Pirate Ship and Three Kid Pirates On It. The Gang Got Scared and Hid from the Kid Pirates. Then Bucky Pulled Ashore and Jake Izzy and Cubby Got Off and Headed Into The Forest. Then The Gang Said Huh Their Not Bad Pirates Their Kind Of Nice They All Said. Then While Walking Through the Forest Jake Izzy and Cubby Stumble Across the Red Secrets Tour Bus and Jake Said Whoa This A Cool Bus I Wonder Who It Belongs To Then Izzy Said I Think They Might Be Nearby Maybe They Are At The Beach Were We Landed They Headed Back To the Beach and The Gang Has Come Out Of Hiding and Were Relaxing On the Beach. Then Jake Izzy and Cubby Came To The Beach and Saw The Gang and They Said To Them Excuse Me But Is That Your Bus We Saw In The Forest and The Gang Said Yes That's Our Bus By The Way What Are You Names They Said. Then The Kid Pirates Told Them Their Names Their Names Were Jake Izzy and Cubby. Then The Gang Said Where Do You Live Then Then Jake Izzy and Cubby Said We Live On Pirate Island Then The Gang Asked If They Could Come To Pirate Island and The Pirates Said Sure Well Okay Then The Gang Said Hey You Guy's Wanna Ride With Us In Our Bus Then Jake Izzy Cubby Said Yeah Sure Okay Then They All Boarded The Bus and They Took Off For Pirate Island They Were In The Air and Jake Pointed To Pirate Island Over There Jake Said To Red Storm Land Over There Okay Jake Red Storm Said He Landed The Bus and They All Got Out and They Said Let's Unpack Our Things and Bring Them Inside Your Hideout Guy's Is It Is Okay With You. Then Jake Izzy Cubby Said Yeah Sure Alright. They Unpacked The Bus and Put Their Things Inside The Hideout and Then Once They Were Done Unpacking The Bus and Bringing Their Stuff Into the Hideout They All Headed Out Onto The Beach and Said Well That The Bus is Unpacked What Do you Wanna do Now They All Said and Then Jake Izzy and Cubby Suggested a Dance Party But Then Izzy Said But Jake We Don't Have Anyone Here To Play the Music For The Dance Party But Then Red Storm Interrupted and Said Me, Jack, Annie, Cecil and Rebecca Could Play Were A Music Group What's You Group Called Red Storm Jake Asked. Then Red Storm Said Red Secrets Then Jake Was All Like Whoa Red Secrets That's Amazing Yeah Alright Guy's Let's Unload Our Instrument and Set Up For The Party and They Unloaded Their Instruments From The Bus and Setted Them Up and They All Ready To Perform and Red Storm Asked Jake Do You Wanna Sing With Us Wow Red Storm That's Amazing Jake Said Then He Told Red Storm Wait One Second Just Let Me Go Grab My Guitar Jake Went and Grabbed His Guitar and Went Back to Red Storm and Said Okay Red Storm I'm All Ready To Play. Then Red Storm Said All Right Let's Get This Dance Party Started The Red Storm Said Were Going To Be Performing Our New Single Live to Party With Special Guest Jake and I hope You Like It Then Red Secrets and Jake Started To Play Live To Party and Everyone Was Dancing Crazy Then Leo Took Out His Baton and Said Mission Completed At The Final Curtain Call Jake Izzy and Cubby Came Out and Said Yo Ho Let's Go.

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    good job, on your story-making, but why is your last chapter have more words then the others?

    When making a story, you have to put a certain number of words like in each chapter like use 5 paragraphs in each chapter, just check how I made mines.

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