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My Annual Christmas Tale: Big Jet's Christmas Carol

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    Chapter 1: The Story Begins

    One day in a winter town of London, England, a miserable miser who works in a counting house named Bigenezer Scrooge-Jet (Big Jet) (Ebenezer Scrooge) who loved money more than anything or anyone in town with his assistant Leo Conduct-it (Leo) (Bob Cratchit) who worked non-stopped without any warmth in his office as he learns that Bigenezer wants to decrease the population of London in order to get more money from the people as Leo wanted more coal for his iron stove as Bigenezer denies him with a "Bah, Humjet!" as he sneered. As the day rolls by, Bigenezer remember his old partner Rocket Marley (Rocket) (Jacob Marley) who once helped Bigenezer fleeced the money out of the poor people of London until Rocket Marley died seven years ago as Bigenezer learn that he never paid of Rocket's funeral as Bigenezer thought that he was a bigger money-grubber than Rocket as it was time of Leo to leave as he gives him a "Merry Christmas" as Bigenezer "Bah, Humjet"'s him in the cold, snowy streets of London. Night falls in London as Bigenezer leaves and locks his counting house as he sees some homeless (The 3 Silly puppets) shivering as Bigenezer laughs at them as he thinks that his plan of reducing the population will be a success as he returns to his old house for a night sleep until Bigenezer gets a chill in his wings as his doorknob resemble his old partner Rocket Marley as the moment he opens his door, Bigenezer heard a voice in the house as the voice said "Scrooge-Jet!" as Bigenezer felt that he was hearing things. A ghostly spirit appears in front of Bigenezer's nose cone as it was the spirit of his old departed former partner Rocket Marley warning him that what he did with Bigenezer 7 years ago was wrong and hurtful, and as for punishment he must carry the chains of torture as Rocket tells Bigenezer that If he doesn't change his ways, he will suffer the same fate as his former departed partner Rocket Marley as he also warns him about 3 more spirits arriving at midnight unless Bigenezer changes his wicked ways.

    Chapter 2: The Past Returns

    As Bigenezer was ready for sleep, he ignores the warning about 3 spirits visiting him as Bigenezer blows his candle and starts sleeping when suddenly a clatter sound happen as Bigenezer thought it was the wind until he heard a voice as with it a ghostly spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Past (Quincy) as Bigenezer tries to grab him, but his claw-grabber went right through the spirit's body as Bigenezer starts shivering with fear as he knows that he cannot grab the spirit. The Ghost of Christmas past tells Bigenezer that he was never a greedy, heartless miser from the start as the ghost grabs Bigenzer's claw-grabber and takes him 40 years in the past where he found a happy club in his youth as it belonged to his old friend Hawkiwig (Red Hawk) as he had a party at Christmas Eve as Bigenezer sees his younger self sitting in a corner like a shy child till he meets his old girlfriend Sparrobelle (Pink Sparrow) as he loved her as Bigenezer felt happy about her. Bigenezer sees that he was once one of the happiest people in all of London as Hawkiwig once played a game with the young Bigenezer called darts like a pair of inseparable chains as the Ghost of Christmas explains to him that life sometimes takes a turn for the worst when days past as he started loving something more than a girl, money, coins, collecting and keeping for himself as Bigenezer feels that the money is what cost him his friendship with Hawkiwig. The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Bigenezer 2 years later as he sees his younger self counting coins in his newly built counting house as Sparrobelle sees that Bigenezer now only cares about money so much that he closed down an orphanage that Sparrobelle loved for years as she walked out on him forever as the Ghost of Christmas Past tells Bigenezer that he loved his money more than love for a girl as Bigenezer wakes up in his bed.

    Chapter 3: Present and Ready

    Bigenezer wakes up as he thought that he had a nightmare as he noticed that the clock is a few minutes past midnight as he worries that another spirit will arrive when suddenly a bright light from above Bigenezer's bedroom as he thought an angel appeared from the heavens as it was the Ghost of Christmas Present (June) as she appears with wings as she starts flying above Bigenezer as he tries to grab her but his claw-grabber when right through her body as he feels that a real angel had appeared. The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Bigenezer to a house that belongs to his current assistant Leo Conduct-it as the Ghost explains to Bigenezer that they cannot be seen, heard or touched in the real world as both of them see Leo Conduct-it living in a small house with his little sister, Lil' Annie (Tiny Tim) (Annie) who is very sick and with a broken leg as Leo hugs her knowing that he will provide her with the best health as Ghost of Christmas Present warns Bigenezer that If doesn't change his way, Lil' Annie won't survive. Bigenezer sees that Lil' Annie is very cold and sick as Leo tells her that thanks to Bigenezer's greed, he never paid Leo a Christmas bonus as Lil' Annie starts coughing badly as the Ghost of Christmas Present says "What's more important, Bigenezer? A child's life or your money?" as Bigenezer laughs knowing that his plan for decreasing the population is working faster than expecting as Ghost of Christmas Present hits him with an icy wind as she warns him that If Bigenezer rather see a child die, his fate shall be worsen than before. The Ghost of Christmas Present sends Bigenezer to the other townspeople to see what the future might be as the plan to celebrate a death of someone as Bigenezer sees that his possessions are all over the inside of his counting house as Bigenezer discovers that his stuff is being sold by the citizens who wanted money to help their love ones as when suddenly A flash of light sends Bigenezer to a snowy cemetery as Bigenezer remember that the last spirit might be the last one for Bigenezer himself.

    Chapter 4: The Future of Bigenezer

    Bigenezer looks around when suddenly a hooded, floated figure appeared in a shadowy snow-like fog as it was the Ghost of Christmas Future (David) as he had red eyes under his hood as Bigenezer tries to strike him down as his claw-grabber also passes right through him as the Ghost throws a fireball from his hand as he points the way to the cemetery as the fog cleared up and shows his assistant holding a crutch in his arms and putting it in front of a tombstone that said "Here Lies Lil' Annie". Bigenezer sees that Lil' Annie had died because Bigenezer didn't want to pay Leo any money for his sister's medicine as the Ghost of Christmas Future takes Bigenezer to the town square to heard that someone hated all over London had died as everyone celebrated by stealing everything inside a house as Bigenezer discovers that it's his house being robbed of his possessions as he sees that everyone is getting rich of all of Bigenezer's items. Later the Ghost takes Bigenezer back to the cemetery where he sees a tombstone covered in snow as the Ghost of Christmas Future reveals that the tombstone's writing says "Here Lies Bigenezer Scrooge-Jet" as Bigenezer sees that an open grave had open as the Ghost removes his face, revealing to be David, the hero as Bigenezer starts to attack him but forgets that he's a spirit as he laughs thinking that the whole thing is a hoax, so David gets mad as he turns into a Grim Reaper and sends Bigenezer to his grave. The Ghost realizes that he can change the past by traveling in the Present to leave money out of Leo and save his sister as he thinks that's it's a Christmas miracle as the real Bigenezer died of a stroke in his sleep as the town was freed from Bigenzer Scrooge-Jet's greed and hatred as all three spirits come together as for some reason Rocket Marley returned from the grave to make amends as the city of London celebrates a great and wonderful Christmas Day. THE END

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