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Red Storms Little Brother My 1st Short Story

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    My 1st Short Story

    At David's Castle The Gang Wonders Where Is Red Storm He Isn't Here Yet. Just Then Red Storm Came In and Someone Was With Him and The Gang Said Red Storm Who's That With You Then Red Storm Said Leo Annie Quincy June David Meet My Little Brother Roby. Then They All Said Aw Roby Is So Cute. Then Leo Said Can I Hold Roby. Then Red Storm Said Sure Then Leo Put Roby Down and Introduced Him to The Group Roby I'm Leo That David Quincy June and My Little Sister Annie. Then Red Storm Told Roby To Stay With The Others While He Unpacked His Things. While Red Storm Unpacked Roby's Things The Gang Gave Roby A Tour Of The Castle. Once Red Storm Finished Unpacking Red Storm Things The Gang Was Just Finishing Giving Roby A Tour Of The Castle. Then When Roby Saw His Big Brother He Ran Towards Him and Gave Him A Great Big Hug and Said The Gang Took Me On A Tour Of The Castle. Then Red Storm Said To Roby I Unpacked Your Things And Placed Them In Your Room Wanna See. Yes I Do Want To See My Room Well Then Roby Let's Go See Your Room. When They Got To Roby's Room Roby Was Shocked And Said Red Storm Is This My Room It's So Cool Yes Roby It's Your Room Do You Like It Like It Do I Like It I Love It Roby Ran Up and Hugged His Big Brother Red Storm I Have The Bestest Big Brother In The World Thank You Red Storm Your Welcome Roby. Then Red Storm Said Hey Roby You Wanna See The Voltron Lions. Yes I Do Want To See The Lions Red Storm Can You Take Me To See Them Now. Okay Roby I'll Take You To See The Lions Red Storm Kneaded Down and Said Hey Roby Wanna A Piggyback Ride Yes Red Storm I Do I'll Get On. Roby Climbed Onto His Big Brothers Shoulders and Red Storm Got Up Grabbed Roby's Legs and Took Roby To See The Lions. On The Way Roby Put His Hands In The Air and Said Wee This is Fun Red Storm It Sure Is Roby Red Storm Said. Then They Got To The Lions and Red Storm Took Roby Off His Shoulders and Placed Down Next To Him and Said To Roby Well Here We Are Roby Here Are the Voltron Lions Roby Gasped Whoa There So Cool Which One Is Yours. The Black One Is Mine The Red One Is Leo's, The Green One Is David's, The Blue One Is Annie's And The Yellow One Is Quincy's Wow That Cool Yeah Roby I Know. Then They Returned To The Gang Hey Guy's I Just Took Roby To See The Lions Leo David Annie and Quincy Said Did Roby Like The Lions Roby Loved The Lions Red Storm Said. The End

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    forgot toseparatethe story into chapters.

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