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Roby Goes Gold My 3rd Short Story

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    My 3rd Short Story

    The Castle's Alarm Was Going Off and the Gang Checked The Radar and Saw That There was Trouble In Springfield The Gang Got Into The Lions and Took off for Springfield Then Roby Came Out of His Room and Said Where is Everybody Then Roby Saw A Cell Phone He Picked It Up and Opened it Up Then The Gang Arrived When They Got To Springfield They Found Out It Was a Trap Set Up By Mr. Montgomery C Burns, Smithers ,Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk The Gang Formed Voltron and They Fought With All Their Might Then They Called For Backup Then Alex Deery Ethan and Lucy Arrived and Formed Awesometron They Both Fought as Hard as They Could Then Mr. Burns Said Smithers Shock Their Systems and Throw The Pilots in The Dungeon and The Robots in The Hidden Underground Garage Then Smithers Said Yes Sir Then He Shocked Voltron and Awesometrons Systems and Both Robot's Systems Went Down and When The Gang Woke Up They Found Themselves in The Dungeon Then Red Storm Sent out and Emergency Distress Beacon Back To The Castle At The Castle Roby Found Out That The Cell Phone He Found Was the Gold Samurai Ranger Morpher Then The Castle Alarm Went off and The Castle's Computer Had an Emergency Message From Red Storm Saying That They Were Trapped in The Dungeon in Mr. Burns House and Then Roby Said I'm The Only One Who Can Save Them Then Roby Said I Better Go Save Them Then He Opened The Samurai Morpher Said Samurai Morpher Gold Power Then Roby Turned Into The Gold Samurai Ranger ans Summoned The Claw Zord and Headed Off To Springfield To Save The Gang Once Roby Arrived At Mr. Burns House With The Claw Zord He Headed inside and toward The Dungeon Once He Arrived At The Dungeon He Released The Gang Then They Said Who Are You I'm The Gold Samurai Ranger He Said Then He Said Let's Get You Guy's To Your Robot's They Arrived At The Hidden Underground Garage and The Gang Got Into Voltron and Awesometron and They Got Out and They All Headed Back To The Castle When They Arrived At The Castle The Gang Said Thank You Gold Samurai Ranger For Saving Us Who Are You Any Way The Gang Said Then The Gold Samurai Ranger Said My Identity Is A Secret and Then The Gold Samurai Ranger Left.

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    not bad, but this is more of a script, not a story.

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