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Roby Plays Guitar My 2nd Short Story

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    My 2nd Short Story

    In Roby's Room Roby Was Sitting On His Bed When His Big Brother Red Storm Came in and Roby said Red Storm Your Here Then Red Storm Said Yes Roby I'm Here Then Roby Said Red Storm What's That Your Back. Then Red Storm Said That's My Guitar Then Roby Said Can I See it Then Red Storm Said Sure Roby You Can Then Red Storm Let Roby See His Guitar and Roby Said Wow Your Guitar is Cool Red Storm I Wish I Could Have a Guitar as Cool as Yours Then Red Storm Said Yes You Can Roby Because I Got You Your Very Own Guitar. Then Roby Said Really Red Storm You Got Me My Very Own Guitar Then Red Storm Stepped Out of Roby's Room To Get Roby's Guitar He Grabbed it and Brought It Back To Roby's Room and Said Here You Go Roby Then Roby Said Wow Red Storm Thanks I Love It I Knew You Would Red Storm Said Then Red Storm to Roby You Wanna Learn to Play Your Guitar. Then Roby Said Yes Red Storm I Do Wanna Learn to Play My Guitar. Then Red Storm Taught Roby How Play His Guitar Then Roby Said Wow I Learned to Play My Guitar Thank You Red Storm. Then Red Storm Said Your Welcome Roby Then Red Storm Said Let's Go Show The Gang That You Can Play Guitar Now Then Red Storm and Roby Went To See The Gang When They Arrived In Leo's Yard The Gang Saw Red Storm and Roby and Said Red Storm Roby Your Here Then Red Storm Said We Came To Show You Guy's That Roby Can Play Guitar Now Then Red Storm Said Show em Roby Then Roby Started To Play The Guitar Solo From The All American Reject's I'm Waiting Then The Gang Said Wow Roby You Really Can Play Guitar Then Roby Said To the Gang Yep My Big Brother Red Storm Taught Me Then The Gang Said to Red Storm You Taught Your Little Brother Roby To Play Guitar Then Red Storm Said Yep I Taught Roby Everything I Know Then The Gang Laughed and Said Roby Is Sure To Have a Big Brother Like You Red Storm Then Red Storm Said Yeah I Know The End.

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    try harder, this looks more like random words.

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