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The Little Einsteins Force Newest Members My 5th Made Up Episode

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    My Fifth Homemade Episode

    {Chapter 1.} The Legend of Awesometron

    At David's Castle Red Storm and the Gang Were Saying If They Had Another Mighty Robot Like Voltron But With a Motorcycle a Tank and a Walker then Red Storm Said Hang On a Second I Think I Know What You Are Talking About and then The Gang Said What Red Storm Then Red Storm Said Have You Guy's Ever Hear The Legend of Awesometron then The Gang Said No Red Storm We Haven't then Red Storm Said Well okay then I will tell you guy's the legend of Awesometron Then They All Oh Okay. Then Red Storm Started telling the tale of Awesometron and he said some time ago there was a mighty robot that fought alongside Voltron and it was called Awesometron they were unstoppable together they defeated all that came there way. But There was one thing that Voltron and Awesometron couldn't defeat and it damaged both Voltron and Awesometron Very Badly Beaten Voltron and Awesometron Went into Hiding. So Voltron Went back to Arus While Awesometron Was Separated into it's three components the motorcycle the tank and the walker and were hidden in three different places in the USA and no one knows where they are Then Red Storm Was Finished. Then The Castle's Computer had a video chat from Ethan and Lucy Red Storm Said Hey Ethan and Lucy How's It Going. Then They Both Said Good then Ethan and Lucy Said what are you guy's doing then Red Storm i just finished telling the others about the legend of Awesometron now were off to find the Three pieces to Awesometron. Then Ethan and Lucy Said Awesometron We Found a Map Telling Us Where The Tank and Walker Are Hidden Then Red Storm Said What Really You Gotta Come Over Here and Show It To the Other Okay Then they Okay See you Later then the video chat ended. Then Ethan and Lucy Arrived in Nemas Then Ethan Showed Red Storm The Map and Said well here it is what do you think then Red Storm took the map and looked at it and said Look's like the tank is hidden somewhere in Somerville Ma then Red Storm Said Well let's get going then The Gang and David Boarded Rocket Ethan and Lucy Boarded Nemas then Red Storm Hopped into his Naboo N1 Starfighter and They All Took off for Somerville Ma.

    {Chapter 2.} Finding The Tank

    The Gang and Red Storm Arrived in Somerville Ma and Red Storm Looked at the Map to see where the tank was and he was shocked when he knew where it was and He Told The Gang Follow Me I Know where the Tank is they followed him toward 81 Highland Ave. Then Red Storm said here we are over here the gang and Red Storm landed in the Parking Lot near 71 Highland Ave and they all Got Out and Then The Gang Said Red Storm This is Where The Tank Is Hidden no it is not hidden above ground it is hidden in my hidden garage that the entrances are the spots we parked in. Then They All Went back to where they parked and Red Storm Pushed a button in his Starfighter that lowered him and the gang to Red Storm's Hidden Garage and They Were All Like Whoa This Place Is Awesome Red Storm. Then He turned on the Lights and said come the Tank is this way then the gang and Red Storm Arrived at the Tank's Location Well Gang Here It Is and the Gang Was Shocked When They Saw it in the Flesh and Then Red Storm Said Well Now That We Found The Tank We Have To Get It Out of Here and Bring it to David's Castle Where it will Be Safe They All Got Into Their Vehicles and Took Off For David's Castle and When They Got There they Put The Tank in the hanger and got out and said okay now that we got the tank it's time we find the Walker.

    {Chapter 3.} Finding The Walker

    The Gang and Red Storm Looked at the map to find out that the Walker is Hidden In Jasper Nevada. They Got Back into there Vehicles and took off for Jasper Nevada The Gang and Red Storm Arrived in Jasper Nevada and Red Storm Looked at the map and it didn't show where in jasper the walker was then told the gang i think i know some friends that know Jasper better than us. then Headed Down and They Saw Their Friends Jack Miko and Rafael and then the Gang and Red Storm Landed and they got out and then Red Storm said Hey Guy's How's it Going Then Jack Miko and Rafael said Red Storm What Brings you and your Friends to Jasper Then Red Storm Showed Them The Map and Said The Map Say's The walker is Hidden Somewhere in Jasper Do you Guy's Know where it might be then They said Hang on a second I Think We Might Know where That is Follow Us Guy's Then The Gang Red Storm Got Back into There Vehicles and Followed Jack Miko and Rafael to The Walkers Hiding Spot when they got to the walkers hiding spot they all got out and Jack Miko and Rafael showed them the Entrance to The Walkers Hiding spot and they said we passed by here a lot but we never been able to open the door. Then Red Storm and The Gang Saw The Door and then Jack Miko and Rafael we don't have a key but there is a description on the door it say's only the wielders of the five Voltcoms may open the door they said then Red Storm Said Me Leo David Annie and Quincy can open the door right guy's they aimed there Voltcoms at the door and five beams of light came out of the Voltcoms and the door to the walker opened and they all entered and then the light's turned on and they all shocked when they saw the walker and then Red Storm said thank you guy's so much we would have never found the walker's hiding spot without your help thanks now let's get the walker back to the castle and they took off for the castle.

    {Chapter 4.} Ethan and Lucy Become Little Einsteins Force Members

    The Gang and Red Storm arrived at the castle and put the walker into the hanger. Then they all said okay now that we have the tank and the walker we need someone to pilot them. Then they all thought for a bit then Red Storm Said To Ethan and Lucy Do you Wanna Become Little Einsteins Force Members. Then They Said Yes We Do Red Storm Then Red Storm took Two Voltcoms out of his Bag and Handed Them to Ethan and Lucy they Put Them On. Then Red Storm Said to The Gang May introduce the Newest Little Einsteins Force Members Ethan and Lucy and the gang said to Ethan and Lucy now that your Little Einsteins Force Members You Can Fight Alongside With Us Then The Castles Alarm Went Off and the saw that Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk Were Attacking Boston Ma With Their New Giant Robot Suits The Gang Saw That Boston Ma was in Desperate Need Of Help So Red Storm Said Ethan, Lucy You Guy's Ready To Fight Alongside Voltron in the Tank and Walker Then They Said Yes.

    {Chapter 5.} Alex Deery and the Final Battle

    Then The Little Einsteins Force Went to the Lions and Ethan and Lucy Went To The Tank and Walker and June Got Into The Green Lion With David and The Little Einsteins Force Took Off For Boston Ma. When The Little Einsteins Force Arrived in Boston Ma They Saw That Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk Destroyed A Bunch of Buildings. So They Went off to find them and when they found them they attacked the lions and then Red Storm Said Ready To Form Voltron Activate Interlocks Dinerferms Connected Infer cells up Mega thrusters Are go Let's go Little Einsteins Force Form Feet and Legs Form Arms and Body and I'll Form The Head Then Voltron Tried to Attack The Robot Suits But They Do any Damage to Them Then They Tried Again From Behind But They Still Didn't Do Any Damage Then Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk Striked Voltron All at Once When Red Storm Checked The Computer to See How Much Damage They did to Them He Saw The Dame Was Pretty Bad then He Said We Need A Miracle To Happen. Then The Little Einsteins Force Herd A Motorcycle Engine With Iridescent By Red Secrets Playing on it's Radio and Then The Motorcycle Jumped and Then The Motorcycle's Rider Contacted Red Storm and Hey Red Storm Didn't Think I Let You Have All The Fun Did You Then Red Storm Recognized That Voice and Said Alex Deery Is That You Then Alex Said Yes Red Storm I'm Here to Help I Think My Motorcycle Could Combine With Ethan's Tank and Lucy's Walker Then Red Storm Said That's Impossible Unless Is Your Motorcycle The Final Piece of Awesometron. Then Alex Said Yes Red Storm It Is Then Red Storm Said With Awesometron On Our Side We May Stand a Fighting Chance Then Red Storm Said Ethan Lucy Combine your tank and walker with Alex's motorcycle and form Awesometron Then Alex Ethan and Lucy Combined To Form Awesometron and Then Voltron Got Up and Red Storm Said Were Back To Full Power Guy's Then Red Storm Said We a New Strategy Then Leo I Have an Idea Then Red Storm Said Okay Leo Then Red Storm Said From Red Center Then The Red Lion Became The Head and The Black Lion Became the Left Arm and Then Leo Said Draw Magma Pistols Then Red Storm said Awesometron Distract Them Okay Then Awesometron Was Distracting Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk Then Leo Said Awesometron Get Out Of The Way Then Awesometron Got Out of the Way Then Leo Fired The Magma Pistols and They Destroyed All The Robot Suits Then Big Jet Pink Sparrow Yellow Rat Purple Pest and Red Hawk Flew Away Then Red Storm Said Little Einsteins Force Well Done then Back At The Castle Red Storm Said Alex Thanks for Coming To Our Rescue Then Alex Said No Problem Then Red Storm Took The Last Voltcom Out of His Bag and Said To Alex Deery Here Alex Your Now a Little Einsteins Force Member Really Alex Said That's Awesome Then At the Final Curtain Call Alex Deery Came Out and Did a Wicked Guitar Solo.

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    nice job, try to work on your paragraphs and sentences

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