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(The Mouse-ka-rescuers) My 6th Made-up Movie Episode, The Whole Story

What do you think of this Made-up Movie episode?

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    My SIXTH Home-made -MOVIE- Episode

    {Chapter 1.} -The Message-

    One day while playing at a playground, David takes a nap on a bench while the others we're playing, Annie and June we're in the swings, Quincy was playing in the sandbox and Leo was playing in the slide until David's watch starts beeping until as David continues to sleep, Leo slides down the slide to answer David's watch alert until the gang receives a message as it was Mickey Mouse calling. The message was for David's late father Spyguy until Leo explains to him that he's dead and wants to pass it to David until they give them a message: "Pluto has been dog-napped by a Blue Jet with Pete the Cat and Mortimer Mouse." as Leo tells the gang that it's Big Jet who've captured Pluto and tries to wake David up until Annie tickles him as he falls off the bench, landing on his head below. The gang laughs at David falling down until he wakes up saying "What's the info, Leo?" as Leo tells David that Mickey Mouse called from his clubhouse about Big Jet capturing Pluto and teaming up with Pete the Cat and Mortimer Mouse until the gang decides to pay a visit to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the clubhouse gang themselves as everyone boards Rocket. First the gang inside Rocket flies to David's castle to gather some gadgets and supplies to help the clubhouse gang until David travels inside his lab and brings out 5 pairs of rocket shoes, 5 power bands, 5 radar/laser watches and his height enhancer in order to help the clubhouse gang rescue Pluto from Big Jet, Pete and Mortimer Mouse before they lose him. Will the gang help Mickey Mouse retrieve his dog, Pluto?

    {Chapter 2.} -Meet Mickey and the Gang-

    The gang flies inside Rocket after leaving David's castle island to fly to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but doesn't know where it is until Mickey releases Toodles (The thing with the mouse-ka-tools) to guide the gang, the gang lands near the clubhouse until Mickey and the gang think that Rocket was a U.F.O. flying saucer as the gang comes out and introduce themselves until David lands with his rocket shoes. Mickey and the gang we're amazed when David landed with his rocket shoes on as the clubhouse gang thought that David was a spaceman until Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy meet one of the kids at a time, Donald wished he can fly until he tells David on borrowing his shoes until he explains to him that Donald's flat feet are too big for them. Mickey takes the einsteins to the clubhouse for a tour as the handy helpers waved their hands to the gang as the kids we're amazed as David thinks that the clubhouse has similar parts from his island castle as Mickey had an idea: for one member of the clubhouse to team up with one little einstein, Mickey with David, Minnie with June, Donald with Quincy, Daisy with Annie and Goofy with Leo as a team. Rocket uses his look-and-listen scope to find five keys scattered all over the world, the gang discovers that Rocket can't carry everyone inside him until the playhouse gang brings out their flying vehicles, Mickey and Minnie fly in their airplane, Donald and Daisy fly in their hot-air balloon and Goofy flies in his bi-plane and toodles hangs inside Rocket to split up to save Pluto. Who will find the first key?

    {Chapter 3.} -Annie, Daisy and the First Key-

    As Rocket flies everywhere with Toodles, David gives one little einstein one pair of rocket shoes, power bands and a radar/laser watch to help them whenever they encounter trouble, communicate or any danger along the way as Annie worries that she might hurt someone by accident as she puts hers in her pocket and June worries that David is going to put Mickey in harm's way as the gang wish themselves good luck. The gangs splits up in order to search for the missing keys in order to free Pluto from his cage as Leo follows Goofy in his bi-plane, Donald and Daisy take Annie and Quincy to help them in their hot-air balloon and David and June fly around with Mickey and Minnie in their clubhouse airplane as everyone thinks that its going to be a tough mission. Donald drops off Annie and Daisy as they search in Rome, Italy for one of the missing keys with the help of Annie's radar watch in search for it until they find it inside the Roman Coliseum high atop the highest area in the Emperor's balcony as Daisy follows Annie up the stairs and into the corridor when suddenly Annie discovers that Daisy can't run very fast due to her high heel shoes. Annie had an idea, to use her rocket shoes and power bands to give her strength and carry Daisy to the area where the missing key is and they get it until they find a note was near the key saying "Good luck finding the others. (Pete)" Annie and Daisy fly together to meet up with the others until her watch says to meet up with the others while carrying the first key. Who will be next to find the next key?

    {Chapter 4.} -Quincy, Donald and the Second Key-

    Quincy and Donald fly on their hot-air balloon in the sky as Donald starts imagining on what would it be like to fly in the sky when he saw Quincy flying on his rocket shoes when all the sudden Big Jet arrives alone without Pete and Mortimer and decides to not only annoy Quincy and Donald but to pop Donald's hot-air balloon with his claw-grabbers in order to make them crash below as he pops it. Quincy quickly activates his power bands, grabs Donald as he covered his eyes before his hot-air balloon deflates and crashes in the coastal area of Fiji until Donald uncovers his eyes thinking that he can fly until he sees Quincy helping him as Donald spots something shiny in a dune of sand, it was one of the missing keys, Donald manages to dig in the sand not knowing that a Crab is behind him. As Donald finds the key in the sand, the crab from behind pinches Donald's tail feathers so hard, he quacks in pain as he puts his hands on his backside as Quincy laughs at him, knowing that Donald's tail is always in trouble as Donald thinks that his pain was funny until he notices a group of crabs where blocking the path to where his hot-air balloon is. Quincy had an idea: to walk like a crab in order to gain the respect from the crabs, like the saying "Walk, the walk" until Quincy and Donald started walking sideways like crabs in order for them to let them get to the balloon until Donald notices that his hot-air balloon is broken and cannot fix it until Quincy carries Donald with the help of the power bands and rocket shoes to take him to the others. What will happen next for our friends and the third key?

    {Chapter 5.} -June, Minnie, Mortimer and the Third Key-

    Mickey flies his airplane and manages to drop off Minnie and June in Paris, France while flying with David to find Big Jet until Minnie and June decided to take a tour of Paris as they search for clues to where the missing key is until June sees lots of women running away from the business district area in Paris until the citizens we're telling June of a giant mouse man picking on young girls in order for them to have them on a date. Minnie and June discover that it was Mortimer Mouse causing problems for all the girls in France, June's radar watch tells that Mortimer is near the Eiffel Tower with the Third Key around his neck, the girls traveled to the Eiffel Tower by elevator as Minnie asks June on why David doesn't show his love for her as she explains to Minnie that David isn't the love type as Mortimer Mouse surprises them. Mortimer says "Ha, cha-cha, Two girls for the price of one." as Minnie tells him "Leave me alone, you bully." as Mortimer sees June and says "Come on, cutie. Lose the James Bond wannabe." June uses her power bands to slap Mortimer in the face as he yells "You Ballerina Brat!" as he chases both Minnie and June. Mortimer makes a deal, either Minnie or June go on a date with him or he'll never give them the third key for Pluto's cage as Mortimer grabs both Minnie and June and tries to force them to date him until June says "David taught me this." as she bites one of Mortimer's arms, swipes the key, grabs Minnie and flies her to safety and away from Mortimer's clutches with her rocket shoes. Will Leo and Goofy find the fourth key?

    {Chapter 6.} -Leo, Goofy, Pete and the Fourth Key-

    While Goofy was flying his bi-plane with Leo as hispassenger, both fly they're way until they spotted Pete with the fourth key in his hand planning to sell it in Agra, India in a merchant bazaar, Goofy manages to land his bi-plane far from the bazaar to prevent being seen by Pete as Leo covers the bi-plane with a cover to hide it from others as Leo grabs Goofy as he tries to think of a plan to sneak inside the bazaar. Goofy finds some sheets and disguises him and Leo as the locals in Turban and white robes, Pete doesn't recognized them and thought they can be Goofy and Leo as Pete gets his key before he can sell it to a merchant as he approaches Goofy and hands him a small bag of marbles until he does his signature laugh as Pete recognizes him as Pete removes Goofy's and Leo's disguises as they run out of the bazaar. Pete sells the key to a Merchant and gets a lot of money for it until Leo and Goofy make a plan on how to get the key back anything for the key until both of them meet the Merchant who bought the missing key until he decides to trade the key for anything they have, Goofy hands out a bag of marbles, his hat and vest, Leo brings out his glasses and his baton. The Merchant wanted to buy Leo's baton but Leo starts feeling sad about it knowing that his baton is his favorite thing until Goofy sees Leo being sad about trading in his baton until Goofy offers his bi-plane to the Merchant as he agrees and gives them the key as Leo carries Goofy with his power bands and rocket shoes back to the others to meet up with David and Mickey. Will David and Mickey get the last key and saved Pluto?

    {Final Chapter} -David, Mickey, Big Jet and the Last Key-

    While everyone returns, Big Jet is located in Chicago, Illinois in the Sears Tower with Pete and Mortimer Mouse riding him when all the sudden Mickey and David we're heading their way, Big Jet kept Pluto in a cage with five locks on it as Mickey flies on his airplane until Big Jet uses his Claw-grabbers to rip the wings off Mickey's plane and sending it to crash until David grabs him and both fly where the plane crashes. Big Jet lands laughing with Pete and Mortimer laughing evilly for destroying Mickey's airplane until Rocket arrives with Annie, June and Quincy inside and Donald, Daisy and Minnie outside it, Leo and Goofy land near them to see what's happening until Mortimer sees David and says "Once I get rid of you, your girlfriend will be mine." until Rocket uses the height enhancer to turn David into a giant as Pete and Mortimer get scared knowing that David can crush them. Both Pete and Mortimer Mouse ran away as Big Jet tries to escape until Toodles blocks him and steals the key from him as David flicks Big Jet into the sky and carries the playhouse gang on his hands, grabs Pluto's cage and flies them back to the playhouse with the citizens of Chicago thinking that David was a Thanksgiving Day parade float. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy used their keys and freed Pluto from his cage until he gets spook on the giant David until Rocket shrinks him back to normal size until Pluto jumps on him and starts licking his face as everyone laughs at him as Pete appears and apologizes to Mickey for helping Big Jet as he explain to them that Big Jet forced him to dognap Pluto until Leo gives Mickey his baton and he says "Mission Completion" and waves Leo's baton. Toodles fly around in the final curtain spinning around. (Everyone laughs) THE END

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    Cute story.
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    I like this story!
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    (The Beginning Curtain)

    (Part 1.)
    (At the Playground near the Rocket room)
    David: (Yawns) Sorry.  Hi, I'm David.  The gang and I are hanging out in the playground.
    Annie: Me and June are in the swings.
    June: (Giggles) Aww.  David's napping.
    Quincy: I'm in the sandbox.
    Leo: I'm here on the slide.
    (David's watch beeps as he sleeps)
    Leo: Where's that coming from? -Do you know where that sound is?- (David's watch)
    (Leo slides down the slide and answers David's watch)
    Leo: Hello?
    Mickey Mouse: (In the Watch) Is this Spyguy?
    Leo: I'm a friend of his.
    Mickey Mouse: (In the Watch) Can I speak to Spyguy?
    Leo: Spyguy's dead.
    (Groaning sounds from David's watch)
    Leo: Don't worry.  His son is here.
    Mickey Mouse: (In the Watch) Give him this message: Pluto has been dognapped by a Blue Jet with Pete and Mortimer Mouse.
    Leo: That's Big Jet!  Our nemesis.  Will be there! (Turns off the watch)
    Quincy: You better tell David.
    Annie: I'll do it.
    (Annie tickles David and he falls off the bench with the gang laughing)
    David: I was napping, guys. 
    Leo: You had a message, David.
    David: What's the Info, Leo?
    Leo: It was...Mickey Mouse.
    All: Mickey Mouse?!
    Annie: I love that mouse.
    June: Me too.
    Leo: Big Jet dognapped Mickey's dog, Pluto.
    David: Capturing dogs?  That's just low.
    Annie: That's animal abuse.
    Leo: We've got a mission!  We must rescue Mickey's dog.  Come on!
    (Gang Singing) We've got a Mission.
    Leo: Come on. We're gonna need your help, Pat with us to the beat. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. June is Patting, Quincy's Patting, Annie's Patting.
    (Annie giggles)
    Leo: Faster. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. Now put your hands in the air and say "Blast off!"
    All: Blast off!
    (Rocket flies in the sky)
    Annie: Where are we headin', Leo?
    Leo: Mickey's clubhouse.
    June: Where is it?
    David: I'll find it with my Radar watch.  But first...I need some supplies.
    Quincy: At David's castle!
    Annie: I hope David has what he needs.
    (Rocket enters David's castle and David runs to his lab)
    David: I'll be right back.
    June: I'll help you, David.
    (David and June grab some gadgets from the lab)
    Annie: They got them!
    Leo: Next stop: The Clubhouse!
    (June enters Rocket and flies)
    June: I've also got the Height Enhancer.
    Quincy: Why do we need that?
    June: You'll never know.

    (Part 2.)
    (Rocket flies out of the Castle)
    Annie: How are we gonna find the Clubhouse?
    Leo: I'm not sure.  David, do you know where it is?
    David: My radar is jammed.
    (Toodles appears out of nowhere)
    June: What's that thing?
    Quincy: A frisbee?
    Annie: A U.F.O.?
    Leo: I know that thing...It's Toodles!
    All: Huh?  Toodles?
    David: Mickey must've summoned him to help us guide to the clubhouse.
    June: Good thing, too.  Rocket, follow that...thing!
    (Rocket follows Toodles and finds the Clubhouse)
    Annie: Look, look, look!  The Clubhouse.
    (Rocket lands and the gang exits along with David landing)
    Mickey Mouse: It's them!  Good job, Toodles.
    Donald Duck: Who, Mickey?
    Goofy: The Pizza Delivery van?
    Mickey Mouse: (Chuckles) No, Goofy.  Our help.
    Minnie Mouse: Who are they?
    David: Greetings!  I'm David...and we're the Little Einsteins.
    All: Hi!
    David: This is Leo.  His sister, Annie.  Her boyfriend, Quincy and my girlfriend, June.
    June: (Giggles and Blushes) David.
    Mickey Mouse: I'm Mickey.  This is Donald and Daisy Duck.
    Daisy Duck: Hiya! (Giggles)
    Minnie Mouse: I'm Minnie and this is Goofy.
    Goofy: Hyuch! I'm Goofy, not stupid.
    David: (Flies) You've guys never seen a flying boy before?
    Donald Duck: (Sighs) I wish I can fly.
    Annie: Aww.
    Donald Duck: David?
    David: Yes, my feathered friend?
    Donald Duck: Can I borrow your Rocket shoes?
    David: Sorry, Donald.  These are mine, besides your feet are too wide.
    Donald Duck: Ohh.
    Mickey Mouse: I've got an idea: We team up in groups.
    The gang: Cool.
    Mickey Mouse: I'll take David.
    Donald Duck: I want him.
    Minnnie Mouse: I'll take David's girlfriend.
    June: (Giggles) Your boyfriend and mine are a team.
    Donald Duck: Fine.  Quincy your with me.
    Quincy: OK.
    Daisy Duck: I'll have Quincy's girlfriend.
    Annie: Yippie!
    Leo: -Who is left for me?- (Goofy)
    (Rocket activates his Look-and-listen scope)
    Mickey Mouse: What's that thing?
    Annie: Our look-and-listen scope.
    Quincy: It can hear whatever where looking for.
    (A picture of 5 keys are showing from the Look-and-listen scope)
    Donald Duck: 5 keys.
    Daisy Duck: There we're 5 keys in Pluto's cage when he was captured.
    Leo: Than means that we must find the 5 keys.
    Goofy: Hyuck!  That's a lot to find.
    David: Uh-oh.  We all can't fit in Rocket.
    Mickey Mouse: That's OK.  We've got our flying vehicles.
    Minnie Mouse: Mickey and I will take our airplane.
    Donald Duck: Daisy and I will fly in my balloon.
    Goofy: Hyuck!  I'll take the Bi-plane.
    June: Toodles here will team-up with Rocket.
    David: It's agree!

    (Part 3.)
    Mickey Mouse: How will you guys fly?
    June: -Who do we know has lots of gadgets?- (David)
    David: You guys put these on. (Hands the gang a pair of Rocket Shoes, Power Bands and a watch)
    (The gang splits up with their partner)
    Leo: Wait for me, Goofy!
    Annie and Quincy: Wait for us!
    Donald Duck: Lucky, kids.
    Daisy Duck: What's wrong, Donald?
    Donald Duck: David's shoes.  He and his friends can fly.
    Daisy Duck: I wish we can move a little faster. -Who can help us?- (Annie and Quincy)
    (Annie and Quincy pull the balloon to make it go faster)
    Mickey Mouse: Those two are quite a couple.
    Minnie Mouse: Their kinda like us.
    (David and June flying behind them)
    Donald Duck: Daisy.  Annie.  One of the keys is in Rome, Italy.
    (Donald drops off Daisy in Rome and continues flying)
    Quincy: Good luck, Annie.
    Annie: Good luck, Quincy.
    (Quincy follows Donald's balloon)
    Daisy Duck: Uhh...Ann?
    Annie: I'm Annie, Daisy.
    Daisy: Sorry.  Where's the key?
    Annie: I'll check it on the watch.
    (Annie activates her watch and it finds the key in the Roman Coliseum)
    Annie: It's the Roman Coliseum. -Do you see it?-
    Daisy Duck: It's the Emperor's box.  Where we sits during the events.
    Annie: Let's go!  For Pluto!
    (Annie flies but Daisy can't run)
    Diasy Duck: I can't run in these.  Do you have a gadget that can make you strong?
    Annie: -Do you know a gadget that makes me strong?- (Power Bands)
    (Annie puts on the Power Bands and carries Daisy to the Emperor's box)
    Daisy Duck: Someone's had their vitamins.
    Annie: (Giggles) Daisy.
    (Annie and Daisy landed in the Emperor's box)
    Diasy Duck: Where is the key?
    Annie: It must be here. -Do you see it?-
    (Annie grabs the key but a note was on it)
    Annie: A note!
    Daisy Duck: What does it say?
    Annie: (Reads note) Good luck finding the others. (Pete)
    Daisy Duck: I hope the others find the rest.
    (Annie flies and carries Daisy to the others)

    (Part 4.)
    Donald Duck: Hey, Quincy?
    Quincy: Yes, Donald?
    Donald Duck: Do you get...jealous of...David?
    Quincy: No.  David's a good guy, he thought me to love Annie.
    Donald Duck: (Sighs) Why couldn't David help me?
    (Jet engine sounds)
    Donald Duck: Quincy!  Quincy!
    Quincy: What is it?
    Donald Duck: Behind you!
    Quincy: -Who is Donald warning me about?- (Big Jet)
    (Big Jet pops Donald's balloon with his claws)
    Donald Duck: Abandon balloon! (Covers his eyes)
    Quincy: Hold on, Donald! (Puts on his Power Bands)
    (Quincy grabs Donald and flies him to Fiji)
    Donald Duck: What the... (Uncovers his eyes) I'm flying!
    Quincy: It's just me, Donald.
    (Quincy lands Donald)
    Donald Duck: Thanks, Quincy.
    Quincy: David thought me to be a hero.
    Donald Duck: Where is that key? -Do you see it?-
    Quincy: Go get it!
    (A Crab pops up out of the sand)
    Quincy: Uh...Donald?
    Donald Duck:  Not now.  I'm getting the key.
    (The Crab sees Donald's tail feathers as he bends down and the Crab pinches them)
    Donald Duck: Oww! (Quacks in pain) My tail!
    (Donald pulls the Crab off his tail and tosses him)
    Donald Duck: Lousy Crab.
    Quincy: (Laughs) I love those moments.
    Donald Duck: That wasn't funny.
    Quincy: Sorry.
    (A group of Crabs block Quincy and Donald)
    Quincy: Uh-oh!  Crabblock.
    Donald Duck: How will we get past them?
    Quincy: I know!  If we walk like crabs, they'll let us get the key.
    Donald Duck: How will that work?
    Quincy: Like the saying: "Walk, the walk."
    Donald Duck: OK.  I'll give it a shot.
    Quincy: -Can you walk like a crab?-
    (Quincy and Donald walk like crabs and grab the key)
    Quincy: That was fun.
    Donald Duck: Uh-oh.  My balloon is broken.
    Quincy: I don't have anything to fix it.
    Donald Duck: I know.  Fly me to the others, Quincy.
    Quincy: OK.  Time for this duck to fly.
    (Quincy carries Donald and flies)
    Donald Duck: I can fly!

    (Part 5.)
    Mickey Mouse: Good luck, Minnie.
    Minnie Mouse: OK.
    David: You too, June.
    June: Bye. (Blows a kiss)
    (Mickey and David fly away)
    Minnie Mouse: You love, David?
    June: He's my prince.
    Minnie Mouse: Paris, France.  The city of Love.
    June: David brought me here for a beautiful dress.
    Girl: A giant mouse man grabbed me!
    June: We'll stop him.
    Girl: Thanks.
    Minnie Mouse: A giant mouse man? -Who do you think it is?- (Mortimer)
    June: (Uses her Radar watch) Mortimer's at the Eiffel Tower.
    Minnie Mouse: OK.
    June: With a key around his neck.
    Minnie Mouse: Not good.  Let's go!
    (The girls arrived at the Eiffel Tower until Mortimer surprises them)
    Mortimer Mouse: Ha, cha-cha, two girls for the price of one.
    Minnie Mouse: Leave me alone, you bully.
    Mortimer Mouse: (Sees June) Come on, cutie.  Lose the James Bond wannabe.
    (June uses her Power Bands to slap Mortimer in the face)
    June: That "wannabe" is my boyfriend.
    Mortimer Mouse: You Ballerina Brat!  What does your boyfriend have that I don't?
    June: A Castle, Respect and Love for me, like a hero.  Not like a bully.
    Minnie Mouse: Same for Mickey.
    Mortimer Mouse: Tell you what, Here's my deal: You two date me.  Or no Key.
    June: What If we refuse?
    (Mortimer grabs both June and Minnie)
    Mortimer Mouse: Or I'll FORCE you to date me.
    June: David taught me this.
    (June bites Mortimer's arm and swipes the key and flies off with Minnie)
    Mortimer Mouse: My arm!
    Minnie Mouse: That was brave of you.
    June: That's one guy wishing he wouldn't met me.
    Mortimer Mouse: I'll get you my pretties!  And your boyfriends too! (Laughs evilly)

    (Part 6.)
    Goofy: Hyuck!  Leo can fly.
    Leo: You'll OK, Goofy?
    Goofy: I'm OK.  Look!  It's Pete!
    Leo: Hey!  This is Agra, India.  Best place for Bazaars.
    Goofy: This place is bazarre.  Hyuck.
    Leo: -Do you see the key anywhere?-
    (Pete holds the Key in his hand)
    Pete: I'll sell this key and Mickey will never get his dog back.
    Leo: I'll stop him!
    Goofy: Wait, Kid!
    (Goofy parks his Bi-plane away from the Bazaar)
    Goofy: Pete will see us.
    Leo: How will get the key?
    (Goofy bumps into a bunch of sheets)
    Leo: Great idea, Goofy.  Good thinking.
    Goofy: Hyuck!  Must be dumb luck.
    (Leo and Goofy disguise themselves at people with Turbans and white robes)
    Leo: I feel like a ghost.
    Goofy: Hyuck!  I look like Aladdin.
    Pete: Excuse me, did you see a thin dog man and a little boy?
    Goofy: Uhh-
    Leo: (Indian Accent) Nope.  Didn't see a thing.
    Goofy: Uh. (Deep Voice) Not anyone else.
    Pete: Would you two like a shiny key?
    Goofy: Here's a bag of marbles. (Laughs)
    Pete: Hey! (Removes their disguises) you rats!  I ain't selling this to you two.  Get out!
    Leo: Let's go!
    Goofy: Fine!
    (Leo and Goofy ran out of the Bazaar)
    Pete: Here's a key, how much will I get?
    Merchant: 30 Rupees.
    Pete: Deal!
    (The Merchant gives Pete the Rupees)
    Pete: So long, suckers.
    Goofy: How are we gonna get that key?
    Leo:We have to make a trade.
    Goofy: What should we trade?
    Leo: Excuse me!
    Merchant: May I help you?
    Leo: We want a trade for that key.
    Merchant: What do you have to trade?
    Goofy: A bag of marbles?  My hat?  My Vest?
    Leo: My glasses?  My...baton?
    Merchant: Your magic stick.
    Leo: -What item did he said?- (Baton)
    Goofy: Go, Leo.
    Leo: (Sighs sadly) Can you hold on for a minute?
    Merchant: Sure.
    Goofy: Leo?
    (Leo starts crying about trading his baton)
    Goofy: What's wrong, Leo?
    Leo: I love this baton.  I've had this since I was a baby.
    Goofy: Geez, I never knew that.
    Leo: I can't lose my baton.
    Goofy: I know.
    Merchant: Have you decided?
    Leo: Um--
    Goofy: How about my Bi-plane?
    Merchant: Deal! (Gives Goofy the key)
    Leo: (Sniffs) You traded your bi-plane for the key?
    Goofy: Hyuck!  Don't worry, I've got others.
    Leo: Thank you, Goofy. (Hugs him)
    Goofy: But how will I get back?
    Leo: I'll fly you back.
    (Grabs Goofy and uses his Power Bands and Rocket Shoes)

    (Final Chapter)
    Goofy: Hyuck!  I'm flying without my plane.
    Leo: My watch is telling me that Big Jet is heading for Chicago.
    Goofy: Let's go.
    (Big Jet passes by with Pete and Mortimer on him)
    Leo: Uh-oh!
    Goofy: Follow that jet!
    (Leo flies quickly and carries Goofy to Chicago)
    Mickey Mouse: Hey, guys!
    David: Big Jet has Pluto at the Sears Tower in Chicago.
    Mickey Mouse: Will be there fast.
    Goofy and Leo: All right.
    (Mickey and David arrived at the Sears Tower)
    Mickey Mouse: Where's Pluto? -Do you see him?-
    (Big Jet pops up and rips the wings off of Mickey's plane)
    David: Mickey!
    Mickey Mouse: My plane!
    (David grabs Mickey before his plane crashes)
    David: (While flying his Rocket Shoes and holding Mickey) Let's land down there.
    Mickey Mouse: OK.
    (David and Mickey land where the Plane crashes)
    Pete: Looks like Mickey's plane bit the dust.
    Mortimer Mouse: Mickey's plane has gone kaput.
    (Big Jet, Pete and Mortimer laughs evilly)
    David: Oh yeah!
    (Rocket arrives with the gang and Mickey's friends)
    Pete: Uh-oh.  It's those brats!
    Mortimer Mouse: My girlfriends have returned.
    David: Not so fast, you giant rat!
    (David and Mickey landed)
    Mortimer Mouse: Once I get rid of you, your girlfriend will be mine.
    David: (Growls) Rocket!  Make me grow.
    (Rocket uses the Height Enhancer to turn David into a giant)
    Leo: David must be mad.
    Donald Duck: He's almost as big as the Giant in the beanstalk.
    Goofy: Bigger than Pete.
    (Pete and Mortimer get scared)
    David: (Booming Voice) Did you call us brats?!
    (Pete and Mortimer run away and Big Jet flies away)
    Mickey Mouse: I better call Toodles. -Can you help me call Toodles?-
    All: Oh, Toodles.
    (Toodles arrives blocking Big Jet and steals his key)
    Minnie Mouse: Good job, Toodles.
    David: Big Jet! (Flicks Big Jet)
    Donald Duck: He did it.
    Annie: David save the day!
    June: My hero.
    Leo: Grab Pluto, David.
    David: I'll cary you guys back to the clubhouse.
    (David grabs Pluto's cage carries the Clubhouse gang in his hands and flies)
    Mickey Mouse: (Chuckles) David's a human Rocket.
    June: That's my hero.
    (Citizens murmer about Giant David flying by)
    Goofy: David's a parade float.
    Quincy: David can always help when someone's in need.
    (Giant David lands at the Clubhouse)
    Mickey Mouse: We're home.
    Minnie Mouse: Let's freed Pluto.
    (The clubhouse gang opens Pluto's cage and frees him)
    Donald Duck: Pluto is free!
    (Pluto yelps as he sees the Giant David)
    Annie: (Giggles) I think David should shrink back.
    (Rocket shrinks David back to normal size)
    David: My big day is over.
    (Pluto jumps on David and licks his face)
    David: Get off me you silly dog.
    (Everyone Laughs)
    Leo: Here (Gives Mickey his Baton) Say "Mission Completion".
    Mickey Mouse: Mission Completion. (Waves the baton)
    (The Final Curtain)
    Leo: It's time for... The Curtain call
    (Applause from the Audience)
    Come on. Let's hear it for Annie, Quincy, June, David.
    Annie, Quincy, June and David: Leo.
    All: Rocket
    (Rocket Beeps)
    David: The Clubhouse gang!  Let's here it for them!
    (The gang takes a bow) 
    June: You've help a lot today.
    Quincy: Give yourself a hand.
    June: Bravo.
    Annie: Amazing.
    Leo: See you in our next Mission.
    (Curtain Closes) 
    (Toodles fly around)
    (Everyone laughs)
    -THE END-

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    Like the transcripts so far.
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    transcript finished

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    Cool transcripts.
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    Very neato
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    Very Very Very Funny

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    Nice little crossover.
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    ChipmunkRaccoon wrote:
    Nice little crossover.

    Thanks, I made it longer and more suspenseful.

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