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  • I heard that this show is coming back in 2018.

    This show is coming back. Oh, I can't wait to see that. A fun and spunky (but may be babyish at times) show which entertains many toddlers and preschoolers. If it weren't for this show, no one would be learning the culture and music we learn from this show. Get real, haters! I don't mind the show. And, to make a long story short, this show was created by Eric Weiner and Olexa Hewryk ( thank God we had these two). And hey, at school, one time someone sang the song. Look Little Einsteins theme song up now FANS!!!!!!!! Little Einsteins is what we need, not dumb stuff like Barney, Caillou, Teletubbies, and Dora the Explorer (RHETORIC show!). Find out it is coming back in 2018 at IMDb and search for Little Einsteins!
  • The best children show on Playhouse Disney and Disney Junior (So is MFT&P)

    Disneys Little Einsteins is not just for a 2 year old. I am a 12 year old and I enjoy this show TO PEICES. I have shown my niece and she enjoyed every bit of it, If Disney can see this Bring back Little Einsteins! It was a master piece to my eyes. The theme,plot,animation,characters and everything about it is amazing. I may get fun of bringing my Little Einstein fan art to school but this show is AMAZING SUPER CUTE LOVEABLE SO ENJOYABLE AND NEEDS TO BE BACK ON AIR IN 2016 OR 017!!!

    I also forgot to say that this show is nothing like DORA THE SUCKY EXPLORER! Many shows before that Show asked the viewers a question. Little Einsteins is one of a kind master peice of 2D, 3D and real life animation. Don't listen to what the haters have said. This show is Disney. If you don't like it oh well. Give it a try. It asks questions but its not like *cough* dora *cough*
  • So goddamn crappy!

    Why are they using RECYLED ANIMATIONS!?!?!??!

    I realized when I saw an episode of this goddamn forbidden show.

    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking dumb! So SCREW LE, SCREW SAO, SCREW PJ MASKS, POKEMON is so much better

    (FYI, I'm really excited for sun and moon!!!)
  • One of the highlights of Playhouse Disney

    Yes, I'm well aware this show isn't for adults; the plots are simple, the characters break the forth wall to the point where it doesn't exist by the end of the first episode and it can be repetitive at times. With that said, this show is perfect for kids; the characters aren't just likable and cute, but kids can interact with them as if they were real. Each episode teaches kids about classic music and fine art in way that's incredibly easy for them to understand; with singing, yes singing. Like I said before, it may be tedious for adults, but it's guaranteed to keep kids attention for the next 20 minutes. The best part of the show is that they give credit to the original composers and artists of the pieces they use for each episode; now that's respect to the source material! The Little Einsteins is not only a good educational show, but a good kids show in general; with a wonderful style of teaching classic music and art, adorable characters and colorful animation, this show is one of the best preschool shows I've ever seen. It's up there with Caillou, Blue's Clues, and Dora the Explorer. If you have a young kid (like 4 or 5 preferably) and would like to teach him about classic music and fine art, this is the show for your child as it was for me. Little Einsteins, YEAH!!!! ;D
  • Why they are called Einsteins....

    This is based on the DVD series of visuals set to classical music. The product was called Baby Einstein given the theory that having your kids listening to classical music will help rhyme grow into geniuses... like Einstein. The titles were based on different composers. Disney decided to base a kids program on this concept, here, Einsteins=Geniuses, but it's really more about music an nothing about science. They do things like play musical notes tot all the sun because it's upset and refuses to set. There's nothing Einstein about this show. It's more like Dora than anything else.
  • Best childhood show

    I ate noodles while watching this. Best musical memories. But I still dont understand why did it end. Can someone explain
  • We Love Little Einsteins

    My almost three year old can't get enough of Little Einsteins. She was heartbroken when I told her I couldn't find it on any regularly scheduled programs. :( Thank goodness we have TEVO, because there's no way she's staying up until 2 in the morning to watch it, but that's bad news because the time that it shows obviously means that one of the best, most educational programs Disney Junior airs is slowly going off the air. We can't believe it! I can't believe that mothers wouldn't want their children to watch this show! It must be a bunch of teenage babysitters taking over childcare, because any good mother would be tuned to Little Einsteins to make her kids smarter. We're distraught!!!

    :) Angela Brightwell

    Mother of Two

  • An absolutely WONDERFUL and CLEAN cartoon show for children!

    The cancellation of Little Einsteins, is a real loss for the development of children's cultural interests. In general, these cartoons were created to develop in children an interest for classical music, arts, places of interest around the world and simply entertain small children with clean fun. No attitudes from the characters, no stupidity, no degeneration of cultural values, no stereotypes, in general ... zero negative influence.

    Parents... if you actually strive for the betterment of your children, be selective and pick a show like this for them. There's too much garbage out there.

    Disney should reinstate this show ASAP!!!
  • What does this have to do with Albert Einstein, again?

    From the show's title, people may be confused with who Einstein is. "Is he a musician or a scientist?" The answer is obviously a scientist. This show doesn't even include Einstein in the plots, so no, it doesn't relate to him. It relates more to Mozart or Beethoven than Albert Einstein.
  • well worth a watch

    Me and my child love this show and were very disappointed when Disney dropped it from their schedule. the show itself is based for younger children and offers interactive learning,getting the audience involved to try and help solve the puzzles which was much loved along with the sequence and action parts. the educational value is brilliant touching upon music and instruments, history, animals and also other cultures, the animation isn't great but not bad enough to stop watching. reading some of the other reviews i found what some people had to say laughable. this show allowed my child to learn different topics that i for one didn't think that he would like in which i was pleasantly surprised . all i can say is if children had shows trying to teach them and entertain rather than just offering them flashy animation and tired story lines then the rate of children growing up better educated and having more interests could perhaps rise.

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING, ANOTHER DISNEY JUNIOR DISASTER?! But one of the girls is hot though BUT STILL I DON'T FUCKING CARE THE HOT GIRL IS MEAN AND ONLY YOUNG MALES UNDER THE AGE OF 5 AND GIRLS UNDER THE AGE OF 13 WOULD LIKE THIS SHIT, TOO MUCH FOURTH WALL BREAKING!!!!! I can't fucking believe I liked this as a kid, now an adolescent, I hate this fucking shit and I learned from my mistakes so Disney Channel Jr. and Nick Jr. as such should stop throwing fourth wall breaking shit because it's not fucking funny and hurts the minds of little children for god's fucking sake to how fucking shitty it is, this show us terrible and yet another Disney Disgrace. Even PBS has some bad shit like Arthur, 64 Zoo Lane, Word Girl and Barney including Sesame Street this is from the fucking 2000's and the 2000's was when the earth was still a good place instead of it's current state. This show is a -infinity out of 10.
  • Little Einsteins- Innovative Educational Programming- Finest Kind!

    LE is a wonderful show for children of all ages, although it might be best appreciated by those under 7 and over 47... from the reviews posted it appears that you either love this show or hate it. I suspect that haters are ignorant bigots living in caves wearing wife-beater tees and dragging their knuckles. Please don't post ugly and obscene comments in a children's forum! LE takes my kid all over the world to places like the Taj Majal, Hagia Sophia, Eiffel Tower, Easter Island, Japan, China, India, Africa, Europe, Polynesia, South America and Russia, just to name a few. They always go somewhere of interest and try to teach the kids something about foreign culture, history, art and music theory (I learned what Adagio and Presto means from this show- I never knew that Sforzando is 'faster than fast' until i watched this show!) Maybe if you haters would open your eyes, ears and minds you would actually learn something. This show teaches my child all about music appreciation and presents famous art works, like van Gogh, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Indian and Rotoruan native art forms, and American period painters like Winslow Homer. Sadly it was produced only for two seasons and the 67 episodes are re-runs. Apparently the ratings from the unwashed masses who didn't appreciate art and classical music were not favorable, sigh. As Vonnegut said; So it goes... The Rocket is a vehicle for learning, not just a silly cartoon medium for zapping virtual aliens and murdering video game mobs. If you want your kid to watch tedious, repetitive, moronic toilet comedy just to shut them up, then tune in to Spongebob. Maybe it's just easier to park your inconvenient, troublesome child in front of a video game where he or she can waste a childhood killing faceless electronic monsters in preparation for a rewarding and exciting career as an assembly line worker. Maybe if you spent some time with your kid and engaged them in a show with educational value you might both learn something new and interesting! Funny but I found that nearly every featured artwork and musical piece on LE has been a high-value or Daily Double Jeopardy! question in the past 3 seasons, so either Alex Trebek is watching this show, or intelligent people just track along the same channels. Watch this show with your kid and learn to appreciate music, art and world history! Stop with the bigoted, ignorant comments already! If you don't like LE then go play Warcraft in your dirty underwear, lol! Disney, please keep LE on the air for the rest of us!
  • Little Einsteins SUCKS!!!!!

    Why me lord?! you are kidding! This is the worst show on air!!! While Hannah watches little einstiens, i, for one play on my laptop on this website posting bad reviews of LE. I DON'T THINK I CAN STAND ANOTHER EPISODE OF LITTLE EINSTEINS!!!!!!!

    Please give Little Einstiens a bad review. I have a 9 year old who watches this show in which it makes it all the more annoying. I also have to say that the animatoin looks like crap. and then of course they ask at the bottom of this page if you want to watch an episode of LE. ?????

  • for boring!

    All I can say is yawn my 2 year old won't watch this I'm not even it makes me wanna take a nap!
  • Another show which breaks the 4th wall yet again!

    Well, well, well. It seems that Disney has created another Dora the Explorer knockoff and it's Little Einsteins this time. There are too much Dora knockoffs already in Disney Channel and Nickeolodeon, I mean, Go Diego Go is enough, we don't need more. Before I explain my review in detail, here's a list of Dora knockoffs that Disney and Nick combined have:

    - Little Einsteins (pointless)

    - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (pointless and ruins Mickey in general)

    - Special Agent Oso (***ed and pointless)

    - Go Diego Go! (pointless)

    - Blue's Clues (decent)

    Need I go on? No, let's get to the review. Basically, Little Einsteins is about four children, Leo, Annie, Quincy and June who have this rocket which they use to go on musical missions. At first the plot seems interesting, but it's really the same mission again and again which usually ends with a stupid musical number. Everything in the show is pretty horrible and let me explain in detail why:

    1) The characters: The characters are a bit stupid as per usual and the most annoying is Quincy because of his catchphrase: "I canNOTT believe it!" Disney could've come up with a better catchphrase than that.

    2) 4th wall breaking: Here we go again, this is another Dora knockoff which breaks the 4th wall one too many. Everytime, one of the characters asks the audience a question as if the audience is even bothered to answer and we get given these 'items'. How the hell do the items get to the audience? By mail, text, EBay?

    3) The plot: The plots as mentioned above is the same cliche thing with some changes. The instruments are 50% anthropormorphic which is stupid and the way that these children start the rocket is stupid aswell.

    4) Animation: The animation is really creepy in some cases and it hurts your eyes because of the brightness you get aswell. The CGI animation for 99.9% of Disney shows is really bad that it makes the Fanboy and Chum Chum animation look good!

    5) Educational value: There is no educational value whatsoever. The way these children end up starting their rocket is by patting their knees. All this will teach kids is that the same thing will work in reality too. Most of Disney's shows have no values and will teach non-realistic things that kids will think will work in reality. Not good.

    Summary and rating:

    Overall, I would'nt recommend this show for children because the values aren't helpful. I'm so glad the show ended.

    Characters - 0/10

    Plot - 0/10

    4th wall breaking - 0/10

    Animation - 0/10

    Educational value - 0/10

  • Why are they called Einsteins if they need help from the audience?

    Once again,Disney made another terrible educational show with musical numbers constantly playing,the stupid breaking the 4th wall thing and horrendous animation. It's called Little Einsteins and yes,it's cancelled. The show is about 4 kids named Leo,June,Quincy and Annie going around the world with their jet. It does sound great,but fails on many levels. These kids are supposed to be called Einsteins,but they fail because they need help from the audience half of the time. Why are they called smart kids when they do that? That would be like a young movie director being called Speilberg and all he does is pick his nose. Big Pete is the villain,and in my opinion,he's a great villain. He doesn't stop by being told to not steal anything or doesn't steal stupid things. However,we never see the pilot. The animation is just horrible. The kids are animated,but the rest looks like things cutted out of magazines. Once again,bad animation on a Disney educational show. Also,to start the rocket,you have to do the most supidest thing ever:pat your knees and clap your hands. Seriously,who built that rocket? Why couldn't there be a key to start it or anything like that? It also teaches kids that that's the way a rocket starts. Geez,I wonder if a kid will attempt that in real life. So in my opinion,this just fails at being educational.
  • The downfall of Playhouse Disney begins here

    Remember when we had such great shows such as Bear in the Big Blue House,Stanley,Rollie Pollie Ollie and PB&J Otter? Well now,kiss goodbye to those shows,and say hello to the end of Playhouse Disney. The show that's known as Little Einsteins. This show is about four kids named Leo,June,Annie and Quincy,who go around the world solving problems with their rocket.. Despite the fact they are called Einsteins,they are total idiots. They keep asking the audience for help with the most simplest things,which is just a mockery to naming them after the most brilliant scientist who ever lived. Also,I find it weird that they know a lot about music than education,which ruins even more on why they are called einsteins. Also,the animation looks like total crap. The characters look like poorly done chalkboard drawings,and move so slowly. The background designs look horrendous. Appearently,this is one of the shows where it looks real,but it's animated,but it looks like everything was cut out of a magazine,and is poorly done. And just Like Special Agent Oso,there is that annoying ear bleeding catchphrase,and that comes from Quincy,who keeps saying "I CANNOT Believe it!",and it gets annoying real fast that you want to punch Quincy everytime he says it. I've also noticed how this show forgets logic too. Appearently,the ship is powered by patting your knees. What,was Oso so stupid that he couldn't build a ship. Not only that,to dig,you have to knod your head,and to turbo boost you have to do a serious of steps with your hands. Seriously,this ship is the worst source of transportation since the singing powered bus from Spongebob. Imagine if these kids were going to stop a meteor by using a real rocket. We would be dead in a minute. Also,in one episode,they had to stop a shark from eating fish by (get this) singing a song,and yet he turned happy. Let's see a kid do that in real life. They would face to jaw of a shark and die. The only good thing about it was the antagonist,Big Pete. We don't know who he is,but at least he can't be stopped by saying not to steal anything 3 times. But this is still a horrible educational cartoon. It's no Special Agent Oso or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,but it really ended the goodness of Playhouse Disney,and has barely any education at all. If you want a real einstein,go watch Bill Nye:The Science Guy.
  • Misleading show and title.

    I will tell it's problems.

    Plot: Four kids, go to an adventure and solving things by music. That's how the episodes go along. Solving with music.

    Characters: They will be nice and well behave, if it wasn't for their dimwitted nature. Plus the pilot of the MIG jet fighter is not shown. Why? it's not a problem if they didn't focus on music. Voice acting is great.

    Value: Okay, why are they called Einsteins, while they focus on music and not science? And why act like Dora The Exploiter? This show tends to focus more on music, the title is misleading.

    Art: It's okay, no problems on this one.

    Overall: -1.5. I can improve this show if I could.
  • What is missing---for those want to nurture music appreciation

    This how is on the level of small children (pre-K) AND lets them hear music other than head banger, make-you-deaf by 40 music!!!

    BUT I'd like to be able to come here and print out the themes from each episode! One sheet of music just with the theme!

    I can't believe some ignorant person would offer an opinion while saying they didn't even watch the show---DUH--how can you know about it if you don't watch????
  • Why all of Disney Junior/Playhouse Disney sucks

    Because most of their shows are 4th wall breaking like the stupid Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, annoying Special Agent Oso and the others...
  • The downfall of Playhouse Disney starts right here


    Playhouse Disney was once a great educational block full of shows that actually had education in them. However,nowadays,we have shows that have the stupid "ask the audience" thing,constant musical numbers and other stuff. And I blame this show for ruining it. Little Einsteins is about 4 kids named Leo,June,Annie and Quincy,who go around the world traveling in their rocket. You think this would be a great educational show,right? Wrong,because this show is exactly like Dora the Explorer. Despite the fact the main characters are called Einsteins,meaning smart,they are just idiots. They keep asking the audience for help,don't know anything at all,and are just stupid especially Quincy,who constantly says "I cannot believe it!". Seriously,why do educational shows always have annoying phrases? These kids are called smart?! That would be like calling a kid a little Steven Speilberg,and all he does is pick his nose. Also,where are these kids' parents? They are never mentioned,or seen. Big Pete is the villain,and he is actually a great villain. Unlike Swiper the Fox,he actually takes the things from the kids,and actually runs off with them. But why can't we see his face? I mean,the least they could've done was have a silhouette of him. The animation is just horrible. The character's designs are just bad,but what's even worse is the background. It looks like everything was cut out of books and magazines and poorly done and the rocket's design looks horrible,and looks more like a toy. Speaking of the rocket,you have to do the most dumbest thing to stop it:Pat your legs back and fourth. To make it dig,wave your head and to put it on turbo,you have to pat yourself a lot of times. Are you kidding me? Who designed the ship? That would be like starting a car by clapping your hands. It also teaches kids that that's the way to start a rocket. Imagine if these kids were going to stop an asteroid from destroying Earth. We would be dead for all we know. Seriously,what idiot would make a show like this? Overall,this was just another lame excuse to make another education show. With bad animation,Bad characters and bad education,this was just the first nail in Playhouse Disney\Disney Junior's coffin. Thank god it's canceled,and it doesn't deserve another chance again.

  • Good for kids but a few problems...

    OK,i do think this show is very good for preschoolers(unlike shows like Robotboy) but there are a few problems like the name of the show is named Little Einsteins but there is'nt any science in it well at least i don't think it is because i don't watch it but i can say i don't like this show but in a way i do because it's good for toddlers it's nothing like Barney or Bob the Builder but i just don't watch preschooler shows i'm sorry people.
  • Exactly what the classification says.

    I watch many weird shows but this one is something I will never watch again. The show is based on kids flying around in a rocket or something like it learning stuff. It is supposed to expand the viewers curiosity. All I see is that it is very unrealistic and kids will want to do that because they do it on tv. I hate to say it but the creators of the show need to know that \" This show does not expand the veiwers curiosity, but will probably put them to sleep from all the boring information\". I hope this show ends soon.
  • Not worth watching.

    Little Ensteins fails to live up to its reputation as a kids show. The animation is terrible. It looks like the creator did not even try to create a good show. The singing is annoying. The songs are not entertaining at all. Poorly designed and bad songs make this show not a must see.
  • Annie got a new outfit.

    This show is AWSOME! Sarah likes it two. She will be 5. When watching it, she wants Annie's old outfit. She likes it alot. Me too. Of course because The Little Einsteins are on your way. Let the mission BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!! Who said BEGIN???????????????? Maybe it was Leo and his baton from Hello Cello.
  • Little Einstiens a show for younger kids.

    This show has lot's of fun interactive learning and missions to help Rocket and the little Einstiens complete a surprising fun mission. Me and my little sis loves the movie. The movie is a bit to scary for my little sis but she likes it. This kids show brings back learning fun from the pbs club. Hello! Long time no see! That's what me and my little sis said. I first saw that episode called Hiccup Rocket and it was very interesting learning and some of the Comedy in it. My little sis really laughs her head off from this show. so if your looking for a learning back series of the show, this is an show for you.
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

    My 4th Review after bad care bears Look out Little Einsteins fans but I hate this show so much is a rip off of Thomas the tank but thomas the tank is great! but Little Einsteins is worst show in 2005!!!! Dont watch that show ok here the chars.
    Leo: He sings a lot and being a jerk Einsteins cant fly.
    June: June is a month????? How come it a month?????
    Annie: The girl who loves Leo she hugs him a lot or kiss him but i dont know.
    Quincy: he likes singing or playing and this is a boring char of a year of a world of anything!!!!!!!!

    Go watch Thomas the tank is beter for you!
  • Get ready to blast off, Little Einsteins!

    This is one of those shows, which everyone should watch at least once. Not only is funny, but it is also educational. I started to watch this show, and as soon as I got my eyes on the action, I could not stop watch. The story is about a team of kids, Leo, his little sister Annie, and their best friends June and Quincy, who have a space ship known has Rocket, and they use them to go on missions throughout the world (not to mention Outer Space too), helping out those who need them, as well as meeting other characters. Sometimes, they cross paths with their evil nemesis, Big Jet and must find out what he is up against.

    Plus, the show teaches us about painting, classical music, sculpture, and other kinds of art, while the Little Einsteins are on a mission. Much better than Dora the Explorer, and funnier than most educational series. A definite must for all fans of Disney series. 10 out 10!
  • A classically classic children show!

    This has got to be my favorite Playhouse Disney series: The Little Einsteins! I've loved this show ever since I was a kid.

    This series follows the adventures of 4 children: Leo, June, Annie and Quincy, around the world on their Red Radical Rocket ship, Rocket! They go all over the world, solving missions and helping others. But the one thing that love about this show more than seeing and learning about the world is the way they mix classical music and famous art with the scenery! In every episode, there are featured artwork, mostly paintings, and featured music music for Annie to make a song out of. That's my favorite part of the show because it's great to see some of my favorite works of art brought to life. Little Einsteins is a great show for kids young and out. so, until next time: "Mission Completion!"
  • For the 2,618,765,789,023,657,437,656th time...

    This ain't a stupid show. I've seen a couple of episodes on the Saturday mornings, and yet I liked it. My sister even owns the movie, and we both liked it. Curious Pictures rules, and the next review better not say "Jonghyunchung sucks", "Janghongching is such a chink", or anything that's way too abusive.
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