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  • Why are they called Einsteins if they need help from the audience?

    Once again,Disney made another terrible educational show with musical numbers constantly playing,the stupid breaking the 4th wall thing and horrendous animation. It's called Little Einsteins and yes,it's cancelled. The show is about 4 kids named Leo,June,Quincy and Annie going around the world with their jet. It does sound great,but fails on many levels. These kids are supposed to be called Einsteins,but they fail because they need help from the audience half of the time. Why are they called smart kids when they do that? That would be like a young movie director being called Speilberg and all he does is pick his nose. Big Pete is the villain,and in my opinion,he's a great villain. He doesn't stop by being told to not steal anything or doesn't steal stupid things. However,we never see the pilot. The animation is just horrible. The kids are animated,but the rest looks like things cutted out of magazines. Once again,bad animation on a Disney educational show. Also,to start the rocket,you have to do the most supidest thing ever:pat your knees and clap your hands. Seriously,who built that rocket? Why couldn't there be a key to start it or anything like that? It also teaches kids that that's the way a rocket starts. Geez,I wonder if a kid will attempt that in real life. So in my opinion,this just fails at being educational.
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