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  • The downfall of Playhouse Disney begins here

    Remember when we had such great shows such as Bear in the Big Blue House,Stanley,Rollie Pollie Ollie and PB&J Otter? Well now,kiss goodbye to those shows,and say hello to the end of Playhouse Disney. The show that's known as Little Einsteins. This show is about four kids named Leo,June,Annie and Quincy,who go around the world solving problems with their rocket.. Despite the fact they are called Einsteins,they are total idiots. They keep asking the audience for help with the most simplest things,which is just a mockery to naming them after the most brilliant scientist who ever lived. Also,I find it weird that they know a lot about music than education,which ruins even more on why they are called einsteins. Also,the animation looks like total crap. The characters look like poorly done chalkboard drawings,and move so slowly. The background designs look horrendous. Appearently,this is one of the shows where it looks real,but it's animated,but it looks like everything was cut out of a magazine,and is poorly done. And just Like Special Agent Oso,there is that annoying ear bleeding catchphrase,and that comes from Quincy,who keeps saying "I CANNOT Believe it!",and it gets annoying real fast that you want to punch Quincy everytime he says it. I've also noticed how this show forgets logic too. Appearently,the ship is powered by patting your knees. What,was Oso so stupid that he couldn't build a ship. Not only that,to dig,you have to knod your head,and to turbo boost you have to do a serious of steps with your hands. Seriously,this ship is the worst source of transportation since the singing powered bus from Spongebob. Imagine if these kids were going to stop a meteor by using a real rocket. We would be dead in a minute. Also,in one episode,they had to stop a shark from eating fish by (get this) singing a song,and yet he turned happy. Let's see a kid do that in real life. They would face to jaw of a shark and die. The only good thing about it was the antagonist,Big Pete. We don't know who he is,but at least he can't be stopped by saying not to steal anything 3 times. But this is still a horrible educational cartoon. It's no Special Agent Oso or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,but it really ended the goodness of Playhouse Disney,and has barely any education at all. If you want a real einstein,go watch Bill Nye:The Science Guy.