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  • Another show which breaks the 4th wall yet again!

    Well, well, well. It seems that Disney has created another Dora the Explorer knockoff and it's Little Einsteins this time. There are too much Dora knockoffs already in Disney Channel and Nickeolodeon, I mean, Go Diego Go is enough, we don't need more. Before I explain my review in detail, here's a list of Dora knockoffs that Disney and Nick combined have:

    - Little Einsteins (pointless)

    - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (pointless and ruins Mickey in general)

    - Special Agent Oso (***ed and pointless)

    - Go Diego Go! (pointless)

    - Blue's Clues (decent)

    Need I go on? No, let's get to the review. Basically, Little Einsteins is about four children, Leo, Annie, Quincy and June who have this rocket which they use to go on musical missions. At first the plot seems interesting, but it's really the same mission again and again which usually ends with a stupid musical number. Everything in the show is pretty horrible and let me explain in detail why:

    1) The characters: The characters are a bit stupid as per usual and the most annoying is Quincy because of his catchphrase: "I canNOTT believe it!" Disney could've come up with a better catchphrase than that.

    2) 4th wall breaking: Here we go again, this is another Dora knockoff which breaks the 4th wall one too many. Everytime, one of the characters asks the audience a question as if the audience is even bothered to answer and we get given these 'items'. How the hell do the items get to the audience? By mail, text, EBay?

    3) The plot: The plots as mentioned above is the same cliche thing with some changes. The instruments are 50% anthropormorphic which is stupid and the way that these children start the rocket is stupid aswell.

    4) Animation: The animation is really creepy in some cases and it hurts your eyes because of the brightness you get aswell. The CGI animation for 99.9% of Disney shows is really bad that it makes the Fanboy and Chum Chum animation look good!

    5) Educational value: There is no educational value whatsoever. The way these children end up starting their rocket is by patting their knees. All this will teach kids is that the same thing will work in reality too. Most of Disney's shows have no values and will teach non-realistic things that kids will think will work in reality. Not good.

    Summary and rating:

    Overall, I would'nt recommend this show for children because the values aren't helpful. I'm so glad the show ended.

    Characters - 0/10

    Plot - 0/10

    4th wall breaking - 0/10

    Animation - 0/10

    Educational value - 0/10