Disney Little Einsteins

Season 2 Episode 42

The Blue Footed Booby Bird Ballet

Aired Unknown Aug 20, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • I believe the ballet moves show some useful ways to use them.

    June helps get Baby Booby Bird to the ballet. June is really graceful when she does her ballet steps.

    My favorite part is where June, the Einsteins, and Baby Booby Bird all do the Bourrée ballet dance across the burning sand on the beach. They run across the hot sand on there tiptoes. The music heard in that part is the "Spanish Dance" from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake suite, only the castanet sounds were not heard. The "Spanish Dance" happens to be my favorite piece from that composition.

    Next time your at the beach and you feel your feet are getting burned on hot sand, try June's Bourrée trick.
    Should there be another episode in the future where June shows the viewers ballet moves, they should do one where she describes and demonstrates the five foot positions in ballet.
    I would have given this episode a 10, but I deducted 0.3 points since I know ballet is hard work sometimes.

    The episode's title is real tounge-twister. But it is fun to say as it is to watch. Try saying it three times fast. LOL!