Disney Little Einsteins

Season 2 Episode 30

The Glass Slipper Ball

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

This episode starts out with the kids in Leo's yard. June introduces herself and says that she is practicing her dancing and everyone cheered for her and Rocket liked her dancing. But they heard music as they looked through her telescope and see that the music is coming from a palace called Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria.

They see a glass slipper on a pillow while the glass slipper is to fit on the foot of a great female dancer and the team thinks June could wear it.
But the clock stuck at 11:00 and the ball starts at 12:00 or June will be late! The team runs to Rocket as Leo pulls out his baton. They all run out to Rocket and�.BLAST OFF!!!

They head for the Austrian Alps as Rocket put on his skis as he slid down the mountain as they see a giant snowball and they got away quickly.
Then the clock is almost close to 12:00! So they made it to the Danube River and they see a fish, which will help them get to the ball in the water.

So Rocket changed into a submarine as they followed the fish through the river and they made it and they head the ball by going to fly super fast! They get Rocket flying adagio, and then get ready to go super fast! The team starts by patting their legs slowly. Then, once Rocket gets going faster they start going moderato! Now the team pats the beat on their tummies to go faster. Once Rocket starts going allegro, the team pats the beat on their shoulders until they are going presto! Super fast! They all reach for the sky and wiggle their entire bodies!

As they made it at the palace, the door slammed! By meaning that June can't go in unless she has a ball gown! She knew she doesn't have one, however Rocket sewed a ball gown for June as she magically spin and wearing the gown. Now they got in and June placed her foot in the slipper and it fits perfectly!

Then there's a large golden crown is to fit on the head of Rocket as he danced with June and made a big finish together. Then the team cheered for Rocket and June. June thanked Rocket for dancing with her and June gave him a small kiss. Leo pulls out his baton and... Mission Completion!