Disney Little Einsteins

Season 2 Episode 30

The Glass Slipper Ball

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2007 on Disney Channel



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    • Leo: Yeah, June. You're a great dancer.
      Annie: I'd just know it would fit on your foot.
      (June looks down and checks her right foot)
      June: (To the kids at home) Do you think the glass slipper will fit on my foot?

    • Annie:(Singing in the tune of The Blue Danube Waltz back and forth) Sway side to side.
      Leo & Quincy (Singing) Sway side to side.
      Annie: To help Rocket Glide.
      Leo & Quincy: Help Rocket glide
      Annie: Down, up, up you fly.
      Leo & Quincy: Down up, you fly
      Annie: So low and so high.
      Leo & Quincy: So low, so high
      Annie: We twist and we turn.
      Leo & Quincy: We twist, we turn.
      Annie: The dance we did learn.
      Leo & Quincy: The dance we learned.
      Annie: You're doing the dance.
      Leo & Quincy: Do the dance.
      Annie: Do the June and Rocket dance.
      Annie, Leo & Quincy: dum dum dum

    • Annie: (Singing in the tune of The Blue Danube Waltz) Get June to the dance, June to...the dance, She must get her chance, Must get...her chance, To try on at last, Try on...at last, The slipper of glass, The slipper...of glass.

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