Disney's Prep & Landing

ABC Family (Holiday Event 2009)


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  • Christmas Review #4

    This special is about a unit of elves that call themselves "Prep & Landing." Every year they must make sure that homes are prepared for when Santa arrives. I thought that this was a cute and classic Walt Disney Christmas special. It had some funny parts but it was just mainly cute to watch and it was heartwarming also. Dave Foley really makes the perfect voice as the elf named Wayne. I watched this special last year and I watched it again this year and it was still excellent to watch... this is one of the Christmas specials I've watch every year. Everyone should enjoy this special. The storyline was well though out. The animation is pretty decent but I've seen better animation in this one though but it's still good to look at. The voice cast is spendid though so bravo to them. Wayne realizing what being a Christmas elf is all about was nice and I loved how he didn't want to let that kid Timmy behind when Santa Claus had to pass his house because of the snowstorm. Overall, this is a must-see Christmas special... I love it. 10/10

    Prep and Landing 2: Naughty vs. Nice- here is a quick review for this sequel since TV.com doesn't have it and it would've been "Christmas Review #5" but they don't have it so I'll review the sequel very quick. This special is about when Wayne's brother (forgot his name) tags alone with Wayne and Linny on their mission but Wayne is not happy about it. Later on in the special, Wayne gets angry at his brother and tells him that he wishes that he never has a brother and all that. That's not really the whole plot but all I can say about this sequel is that it's cute and pretty funny but it's not as good as the original Prep and Landing special though. It was cute but it just could have been better and I didn't like how Wayne told his brother how he wished that he never had him as his brother. Overall, a cute and funny special but not as good as the original Prep and Landinjg special though. 9/10

  • Instant Classic

    Upon my first viewing of Prep and Landing, it became a favorite Christmas special that I now make a part of my Christmas Season every year. The humor, the message, the characters and the music are all excellent to me, and I wished it were longer.