Disneyland - Season 30

Daily 7:00 PM on ABC Premiered Oct 27, 1954 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Candleshoe
    Episode 18
    A little girl Casey Brown appears to have to very distinguishing scars -- enough for a sleezy hoodlum Harold W. Bundage to take notice. He hired a private detective to search out Casey, so that he can complete a scheme. His cousin Clara had been formely employed in an English manor house known as Candleshoe, there while polishing a bedpost Clara discovered a secret chamber -- inside was the last will and testamant of Joshua St Edmund (Former owner of Candleshoe) and a real life pirate. In it he leaves a single gold dubloon and the first clue to his own personal Treasure Hunt. In order to get someone into Candleshoe to search out the clues , Mr. Bundage needs to find a little girl who can fill the shoes of Lady St. Edmunds long lost grandaughter.Clara who was employed at Candleshoe can supply all the nessasary facts about the little girl - so the 2 pair up and train Casey to play part. Of course a share of the money is in it for her as well. But in the end will casey choose her own personal greed, or help the wonderful people at Candleshoe with her knowledge of the treasure. This is one of the best Disney films out there!moreless
  • My Town
    My Town
    Episode 17
    Wheelerville, Ohio, is a small town where people seeking to start new lives can get that chance. The idea came from Lucas Wheeler, the banker and descendant of the town's founder, and the unsold series was to relate incidents in the lives of the people who attempt to rebuild their lives as seen through the eyes of Amber Wheeler, Lucas's pretty granddaughter.moreless
  • Casebusters
    Episode 16
    A brother and sister (Noah Hatahway, Virginia Keehne) are amateur sleuths who help their grandfather (Pat Hingle) run a security business. While digging around on their own, they accidentally stumble onto a major case.
  • Fuzzbucket
    Episode 15
    In the vein of "Harvey", an invisble creature befriends a 12 year old boy. Of course, no one else can see him nor believes in him.
  • The Deacon Street Deer
    Neighborhood children protect a deer that has escaped from cruel carnival owners.
  • Young Again
    Young Again
    Episode 13
    Michael Riley whishes to be 17 again and which comes true. He goes back to the high school where he fell in love with Laura and still be in love with her. Mick is very happy and excited to be 17 again, he finds Laura who is a widow having 2 children and then realizes the reason why they broke up years ago. Laura makes Mick understand that there is no way to go back. Finally Mick is willing to face who he is and has a new start with Laura when he turns back to a middle age man.moreless
  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood
    Episode 12
    This is an airing of the 1973 animated feature, a retelling of the legend of Robin Hood as acted out by talking animals.
  • Mr. Boogedy
    Mr. Boogedy
    Episode 11
    Amusing tale of a 300 year-old phantom whose evil tricks are not confined to the Davis family's novelty gag business. As an uninvited guest at a local carnival he casts spells on the entire town of Lucifer Falls, with young Eloise Davis the target of his most evil and sinister designs.....moreless
  • A Fighting Chance
    A Fighting Chance
    Episode 10
    Bright teenager afflicted with epilepsy sues his parents for the right to have "split brain" surgery in order to cure his seizures.
  • I-Man
    Episode 9
    This was a sci-fi show about a guy and his son having super human healing powers. They got this power from being too close to a van that had some kind of chemical in it and it exploded, causing the guy to be badly burned and having to go to the hospital. The burns soon just healed magically..moreless
  • Disney Goes to the Oscars
    Clips from Disney films that won or were nominated for Academy Awards are the focus of this installment.
  • The Richest Cat in the World
    Leo Kohlmeyer is a talking cat who inherits $5 million from his late owner and is looked after by the owner's in-laws whose two children, Bart and Veronica, learn Leo's secret that he can talk, while a bumbling, but devious, couple called the Rigsbys plot to kidnap Leo in order for them to gain the inheritance money for themselves.moreless
  • The Undergrads
    The Undergrads
    Episode 6
    An elderly man discovers that his son wants to put him in an old-age home. However, the old man's grandson refuses to allow it, and the man and his grandson wind up becoming roommates at the boy's college dorm.
  • The Girl Who Spelled Freedom
    In the mid 1970's, a young girl's family must endure a nightmarish life in her native country of Cambodia under the domination of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. But things change for the better when an American family agrees to sponsor their immigration to the United States of America. They soon prove to have some difficulty adjusting to their new home as with language barriers and survival habits that are not necessary anymore, but are hard to break. While they are learning, one of the daughters struggles harder than the others and is personally driven to become a champion contender in spelling bees.moreless
  • 2 1/2 Dads
    2 1/2 Dads
    Episode 4
    men struggling financialy , agree to rent a house together, each one of them has children. The children have to cope with the new parent figures in their lives.
  • The Last Electric Knight
    Sgt Jake Rizzo (Gil Gerard) is chosen by Sabasan as tutor of his grandson Ernie Lee (Ernie Reyes Jr.) the last heir of an antique clan of special martial artists. Patricia Blake (Nancy Stafford) is an officer from the department for protection of minors who must verify Jake is a good tutor for Ernie.moreless
  • Time Flyer
    Time Flyer
    Episode 2
    11-year-old Jonathan Knicks, a little league baseball player and fan of airplanes and flying, travels back in time to 1927 using his elderly neighbor's time machine to try to stop his young-at-the-time grandfather, Max Knickerbocker, a pilot and craftsman who is planing to fly across the Atlantic which will cost him his life.moreless
  • Help Wanted: Kids
    Help Wanted: Kids
    Episode 1
    When the Burkes loose their jobs in New York, they have to move to Arizona, where Tom has an job-offer in the management of a small company for children's clothing. Unfortunately Tom's new boss Sirus Lovelin turns out to be extremely fond of the traditional American family and automatically assumes Amanda to be housewife and mother - but the Burkes don't even have children! To not offend him, they "hire" two kids they met prowling the streets. When they turn out witty, but nasty and impertinent, the Burkes want to rid themselves of them, but are entangled already too deeply in their lie...moreless