Season 32 Episode 4

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Nov 15, 1987 on ABC



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    • Tigger: (he sits in teh snow heartbroken as his lips warble realizing he can never bounce again) Not even...just one...tensy weensy bounce?
      Rabbit: (decision made) Not even a SMIDGEN of a bounce! (with that said and done, a heartbroken Tigger slumps away into the distance, leaving all his friends saddened)
      Kanga: Oh, the poor dear. Oh, that's too bad.
      Roo: Christopher Robin? I like the old bouncy Tigger best.
      Christopher Robin: So do I, Roo.
      Piglet: I do to.
      Roo: (near tears) Me too!
      Kanga: Of course! We all do. (pause) Don't you agree, Rabbit?
      Rabbit: (unwilling to let go of the promise, he stammers) I, uh....
      Christopher Robin: Well, Rabbit?
      Rabbit: Well, I-I-That is, uh-Uh, what I mean-

      Pooh: Well?
      Rabbit: Uh, I-I-(knowing that it could mean eternal sadness in everyone's hearts without Tigger's joy of bouncing, Rabbit gives in) Oh, all right. I guess I like the old Tigger better too.

  • Notes

    • As this short was only 25 minutes long, it is padded out by three theatrical cartoons: Bee on Guard (1951), Pluto and the Gopher (1950), and In the Bag (1956).

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