Disney's Hercules - Season 1

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus
    Zeus and Hera are having an argument that got started because Zeus forgot their anniversary. Hercules thinks thinks he is the reason they are fighting after Zeus is gruff with him so he begins putting himself into deadly situations to prove himself. Meanwhile Hades tricks both Zeus and Hera into leaving Mt. Olympusand he takes control of it.moreless
  • Hercules and the Big Show
    A cimpilation episode in which Hercules and the cast are the guests on the Merv Griffin Show -- hosted by, of course, a giant griffin (and voiced by Merv himself).
  • Hercules and the Spring of Canathus
    Pain and Panic plan to use water from the magical Spring of Cananthus in order to turn Hercules into a baby, and this time finish him off for good. Unfortunately, Pegasus, Icarus, and Adonis also get sprayed with the stuff, and it's up to Cassandra to play the role of mother and, along with Panic (and the newly infancized Pain), and return the boys to their rightful age.moreless
  • Hercules and the Grim Avenger
    Hercules teams up with a mysterious masked man -- The Grim Avenger, a super hero type who narrates his every move -- in order to defeat the Minotaur. In the meantime, a handsome new student has just happened to turn up at Pro Ac...
  • Hercules and the Odyssey Experience
    Upon visiting Odysseus's traveling museam, Hercules winds up out to sea with Odysseus's shy and awkward son Telemachus, and three spare ex-crew members of the Argo. The group encounter a number of threats, and Telemachus learns to be self confident in order to save his family.
  • Hercules and the Yearbook
    Taking place after the Hercules movie, Hercules is moving his stuff from Phil's old place to his new place. While looking through the old stuff, Meg finds Herc's old yearbook. Hercules, not wanting to be embarrassed, takes the yearbook, and hides it. Meg finds it, and we are shown a clipshow of past episodes, ending with a musical number.moreless
  • Hercules and the Romans
    Hercules and Icarus are in Rome. The Romans are in need of gods to worship and 3 of the Egyptian Gods try to take the spot while rampaging Rome so that they can make it like Egypt with all the pyramids. Hercules battles them and Nemesis to protect Rome. In the aftermath, Icarus gives The Greek Gods Roman names and in the underworld, Hades is angry for being named you guessed it, Pluto.moreless
  • Hercules and the Aetolian Amphora
    The teenage Meg comes on the scene and steals a jar of Lethe water from the Underworld's Pool of Forgetfulness, but it is stolen from her by Ares' sons, Fear and Terror, and so she plans to trick Hercules into retrieving it for her.
  • Hercules and the Arabian Night
    When Hades finds out that there is a problem with one of the dead souls, he suspects that Jafar is the source of the trouble. However, when Hades gives Jafar back his life to rid himself of Hercules, instead Jafar dares Hades to get rid of Aladdin as well.
  • Hercules and the Long Nightmare
    We see how the Greek Gods got their position when helping to build Greece. Morpheus' younger brother Phantasos makes a blanket of nightmares to drag through the night sky giving everyone nightmare because he should've been made The God of Sleep instead of Morpheus. The mortals' nightmares start to concern all the Greek Gods including Morpheus. It's up to Hercules and Phil to stop Phantasos' plot in their shared dreams.moreless
  • Hercules and the Complex Electra
    Hercules falls for the eccentric Electra, and takes on a counter-culture personality in order to get her to like him.
  • Hercules and the Spartan Experience
    When Adonis is drafted into the Spartan ROTC, he begs Hercules to save him; so they join him disguised as soldiers, and it's found that Icarus excels at army life.
  • Hercules and the Prom
    Hercules and Icarus get dates to the big prom by promising to get super-hot singer Orpheus to attend. But how do they do it? And what of Hades, who decides that he wants the young singer to perform in the Underworld that same night, and kidnaps him in order to get his way?moreless
  • Hercules and the Big Lie
    Ick is eager to take Herc to the Miklos Extravaganza, but Hercules winds up lying to save himself from embarrassment and impress a girl, telling Icarus that he is terminally ill. Very upset, Icarus goes to find the cure...in the backyard of the giant Briarius, who doesn't appreciate trespassers, and it is up to Hercules to come to the rescue.moreless
  • Hercules and the Big Sink
    The gang's in Atlantic City this summer, and everybody is having a great time except for Cassandra, with her dismal visions of the future. When a news reporter discovers her, and, no visions coming, she tells him (eg: lies) about the upcoming sinking of Atlantis.
  • Hercules and the Pegasus Incident
    When Pegasus flies off angrily and meets up with a new master, the two become a great monster-battling team, leaving Hercules heartbroken over the loss of his friend.
  • Hercules and King For A Day
    Hercules drags Phil to Satyrville to visit his old goat-mother, and Phil is given the opportunity to take over for the local King of the Satyrs, Pan. However this leaves Phil to contend with a very testy Nemesis, the demi-goddess of revenge sent to punish Pan for his lack of humility and tribute.moreless
  • Hercules and the Griffin
    The gang visits an old age home, where they're each assigned a senior citizen to befriend. In an effort to connect with his oldster, a malevolent old Griffin, Hercules accidentally reveals the treasured Diamond that the Griffin had been guarding for decades - and the King of the thieving mountain gnomes, steals it.moreless
  • Hercules and the Twilight of the Gods
    Loki, from Norse mythology, recruits Herc for the position of Thunder God, however what he does not explain is that Loki is plotting a cosmic takeover and exploits Herc's strength and incompetence in freeing the giant ice wolf Nimmelfir thus bringing on Ragnarock- the Twilight of the Gods.
  • Hercules and the Son of Poseidon
    When Triton, the son of Poseidon, arrives at Prometheus Academy, Hercules does his best to help him fit in. But when things don't go as planned Hercules abandons his young charge, who then steals his father's magic triton and wield a little power on campus.
  • Hercules and the Minotaur
    Daedalus, the famous inventor-architect and father of Icarus, is commissioned by the evil King Minos of Crete to build the Labyrinth. Father and son travel to Crete to complete the project, unaware that it will soon house a terrible monster - and his new Athenian victim for the twisted king's pleasure.moreless
  • Hercules and the Golden Touch
    Hercules turns into a secret agent when he journeys to the kingdom of Lycia to stop the madman King Midas from turning all he touches into gold.
  • Hercules and the Falling Stars
    When Hercules tears the stars from the heavens, he frees the constellation Orion, who comes down to earth in order to give the young hero archery lessons. However when the rest of the constellations pour down from the sky and start to attack the neighboring city-states, both Orion and Hercules have a lot of explaining to do.moreless
  • Hercules and the Jilt Trip
    Hercules' heart is broken when his girlfriend (of only three days) breaks up with him, so Phil takes the kid on a trip designed to take his mind off of things. But Herc meets Lavinia on this trip, who is eager to get married...to him...and not only is he faced with rejecting her, but her previous boyfriend just happens to be the same guy Herc conquered that very trip.moreless
  • Hercules and the Big Games
    When Ares and Athena get into yet another fight, Zeus decrees their feud take the form of a sports contest - the Olympic Games which should settle the fight between Athens and Sparta. Meanwhile, Hercules, has his hands full when Hades persuades Echidna, the Mother of all monsters, to bring her hungry brood to the stadium for a bite size feast.moreless
  • Hercules and the Dream Date
    When a dateless Hercules creates his perfect girl out of clay, he invokes Aphrodite's help in bringing her to life. But he soon realizes he forgot one minor detail - her personality - and the dream date becomes a clinging nightmare.
  • Hercules and the Trojan War
    The Trojan War occurs in the form of a high school rivalry between the Prometheus Academy and their Trojan rivals. When a mindless prank gets out of hand and Helen the Home Coming Queen is "kidnapped", the whole gang decides to rescue her by sneaking in to the Trojan school inside a giant wooden horse, courtesy of wacky inventor Icarus.moreless
  • Hercules and the Song of Circe
    While on spring break at the seaside, everyone is having fun in the sun except Cassandra, who is content to read despite Icarus' determined efforts to get her attention. When she finally blows her top, he winds up sobbing in Hercules' arms and is charmed by the mysterious Circe.
  • Hercules and the All Nighter
    In order to stay up all night studying for exams, the boys go to the cave of Morpheus and beseech the god of sleep to hold off for a few days. Morpheus resists the idea, but when Hercules accidently puts him to sleep, Icarus won't let him wake up, causing all of Greece (and parts of Persia) to stay awake for a week while chaos breaks loose and insomnia related disasters pile up.moreless
  • Hercules and the Phil Factor
    When Phil suffers through a mid-life crisis, he abandons the training program, quits his gig as Hercules' mentor and gets a job selling spears door-to-door. And it's up to Hercules to win him back!
  • Hercules and the Drama Festival
    When the Academy decides to put on a play for the gods, Hades hires Pain and Panic to carve a magical rock that will make all the gods go to sleep and uses Icarus as bait.
  • Hercules and the Argonauts
    Hercules is introduced to Jason, the Argonaut, a great seafaring hero and one of the most patient men of all time, having spent 30 years searching for the Golden Fleece - and not having found it yet. Jason invites Hercules on board for a journey, and gives him a chance to seek the Fleece with him.moreless
  • Hercules and the Disappearing Heroes
    Hecate is kidnapping all of the great heroes, planning to transfer their greatness into a newly created monster.
  • Hercules and the Hostage Crisis
    A terrorist group, representing the imprisoned Titans, takes the school hostage and demands Hercules as their prisoner.
  • Hercules and the Comedy of Arrows
    Icarus poses as a cupid so he can get a love arrow to make Cassandra love him, but the joke's on him when he accidently uses "loathe" arrows instead. Meanwhile, Pain and Panic get a hold of the loathe arrows and create havoc all over the country.
  • Hercules and the Underworld Takeover
    The Queen of the Night, Hecate, plots to overthrow Hades and take over the Underworld, ousting Pain and Panic in the process. The two minions turn to Hercules for help, and convince him to restore Hades back on his throne - Hades being, after all, the lesser of two evils.
  • Hercules and the Bacchanal
    Phil needs a housesitter, so that he can go to a convention and Hercules volunteers to watch his island for him, however things go from bad to worse, when Hercules throws a party and is busted by Poseidon.
  • Hercules and the Girdle of Hippolyte
    Queen Hippolyte kidnaps her daughter, Tempest, and makes her undergo a savage initiation ceremony to regain her status as a warrior and to earn the right to wear the Golden Girdle. Meanwhile, Hercules attempts to follow in a misunderstood rescue attempt.
  • Hercules and the Owl of Athens
    Ares sends his two sons, Fear and Terror, to kidnap Athena's precious Owl of Wisdom when she angers him. But the joke's on him when Athena entrusts the magical bird to Hercules for protection.
  • Hercules and the Return of Typhon
    A three day weekend festival that celebrates Zeus' victory over the evil Titans occurs but when Hercules accidentally frees the titan Typhon, he doesn't feel much like celebrating.
  • Hercules and the Living Legend
    The Lord of the Dead enlists the aid of former hero Achilles to help him distract Phil from training his would-be hero Hercules, by returning Achilles to his former glory.
  • Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate
    Icarus' bright idea once again backfires when he talks Hercules into visiting the Fates to convince them into reweaving their cosmic Tapestry so that the boys can score some hot concert tickets. However when they refuse, Icarus takes things into his own hands and messes with the Tapestry himself and trouble insues.moreless
  • Hercules and the Prince of Thrace
    When Adonis wants a swimming pool, his servants accidentally awaken Earth goddess Gaia, and she curses Adonia to die before nightfall. This in turn causes Adonis to swallow his pride and beg Hercules for help.
  • Hercules and the Pool Party
    Hades decides to throw a pool party, and invites all of Olympus to take a dip in the Lethe Waters of Forgetfulness, causing them all lose to their memories. Meanwhile, with the gods out of commission the whole world is in chaos.
  • Hercules and the World's First Doctor
    Hippocrates, the father of medicine, comes to Athens and takes Hercules and Icarus on as assistants during a school internship week. Meanwhile, Hades, fearing a successful doctor will cut down on the number of dead people tricks Hercules into spreading the plague throughout Athens.
  • Hercules and the Techno Greeks
    Hercules finds himself hired by a bunch of nerdy "abacus geeks" when they enlist him to protect them from rampaging centaurs that pillage the town weekly.
  • Hercules and the River Styx
    Hades makes a deal with Poseidon to hand over Athens, in order to rule the whole country, causing Athens to becomes a place of doom and Prometheus Academy to become the home base of torment for students.
  • Hercules and the Big Kiss
    Cassandra has a dreadful vision of kissing the school freak Icarus and makes a deal with Hades to prevent it, but when Hercules attempts to break the contract, with the aid of Aphrodite, he sets in motion a series of hilarious misunderstandings.
  • Hercules and the Assassin
    When an assassination attempt on the leader Pericles overlaps with Hercules' theft of a dangerous weapon from Phil's collection, Phil gets framed for the deed.
  • Hercules and the Secret Weapon
    Ares hatches a plan to overthrow sister Athena's city-state and demands an ultimate weapon of destruction from Hephestus, who creates the Armageddon Bow. The weapon is so deadly and accurate that Athena comes to Hercules to help her find and destroy it.
  • Hercules and the King of Thessaly
    When the evil king King Salmanaous impersonates Zeus, causing Zeus to smite the king for his gall, the good people of Thessaly turn to Hercules for leadership and crown him instead.
  • Hercules and the Apollo Mission
    It's Intern Week (which means a week off in the Real World), and everyone is happy with their jobs - everyone except Hercules, who's stuck in the fast food joint. When Hercules asks his dad for help in getting a better job, Zeus gives him a job guiding Apollo's chariot across the heavens.moreless