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Disney's House of Mouse

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House Of Mouse is the former but even better Mickey Mouse Works. "House of Mouse" is a nightclub-type theater, where Mickey himself emcees nightly. Stars of every Disney film ever made are seated in the audience, often becoming part of the show themselves, as Mickey and his friends entertain and premiere original cartoons. "The show must go on," as Mickey and gang must keep the club running, so Pete, the owner of the building, doesn't shut it down. A Christmas special entitled "Snowed in at the House of Mouse" is available on DVD and VHS. The DVD edition includes the first episode of the series, The Stolen Cartoons, in the "Special Features" section. Also available is soundtrack for this series, which features original songs as well as older Disney favorites. The album is available on Disney Records (the cover for the CD is the picture shown here). Now, Mickey's House Of Villains makes it's way on DVD and Video Sept. 3, 2003 for the villains musical number "It's Our House Now."

Mickey Mouse - Emcee Mickey Mouse hosts the nightclub, that's the hottest spot on Main Street, and the tooniest place on Earth, The House of Mouse. He is a kind-hearted and popular American icon that's been around since the '20s, and has been the Disney mascot since.
Minnie Mouse - When pandemonium breaks loose anywhere in the club, you can always count on Mickey's girlfriend, Minnie, to straiten things out from behind the scenes. When Mickey starts to panic from pressure, Minnie's there to calm him down.
Pluto - Mickey's faithful dog, Pluto, is also there, behind the scenes, keeping things in order.
Donald Duck - Donald Duck, owns The House of Mouse 50-50 with his best friend, Mickey. It's also his job to greet guests at the door. He can loose his temper very easily, but he can remain calm, if he tries... sometimes.
Daisy Duck - Donald's girlfriend, Daisy Duck, is responsible for having guests reserved and seated. She also does some pretty weird stuff every time Mickey gives her a chance on the stage.
Goofy Goof - Mickey and Donald's other friend, Goofy, is headwaiter of the club. With his clumsiness, we can be sure a lot of dishes are broken! Despite that, and that he shows little common sense, he's a loyal friend.
Maximilian "Max" Goof - Goofy's skateboard-cool, teenage son is valet of the club. Now, if only he could get his own car.
Gus Goose - Gus is the club cook. Just try to keep him from eating the food.
Clarabelle Cow - This cow is the queen of Main Street gossip. If she hears something juicy, she can't keep her mouth shut!
Horace Horsecollar - Horace is in charge of all multimedia works of the club. He runs cartoons, lights, sounds, you name it. The one line you're bound to hear directed to him is, "Hit it, Horace!"
Pete - Pete is the landlord of the building The House of Mouse takes place in... and he'll do anything to stop the show and shut down the club.

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

voice of Ludwig Von Drake, Captain Hook, Chief OHara, Mad Hatter, Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore, White Rabbit, Various Voices

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings

voice of Pete, Ed the Hyena, Big Bad Wolf, Humphrey the Bear, Various Voices

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

voice of Daisy Duck,Various Voices

Frank Welker

Frank Welker

voice of Gus Goose, Aracuan Bird, Figaro, Dodger, Various Voices

April Winchell

April Winchell

voice of Clarabelle Cow, Additional Voices

Russi Taylor

Russi Taylor

voice of Minnie Mouse, Clara Cluck, Additional Voices

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  • They should make a reboot

    I f**kin' love that show. It's one of the greatest shows that ever made my childhood.
  • Had a promising premise but is lacking in numerous ways

    It seemed to have no doubt that this was the best idea ever; all classic and popular animated Disney characters meeting at a nightclub staffed by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, and others and treated a variety of animated characters from the Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, to Snow White, and others. And that's what the show mainly about; a bunch of classic and popular characters watching a bunch of short Disney cartoons with little interaction between the audience and the pacing is awful, not to mention that the animation of the audience is often badly/cheaply done. It leaves you disappointed and expecting something better/more, but got left with a half baked idea and a hack job. I watched it for the other characters and acts not for the cartoon shorts.

    By all means this isn't a terrible show but if you're going to watch it for characters in the audience, you're going to be disappointed. I found myself fast forwarding through the shorts because I was getting impatient. You get a few minutes of an actual plot and mainly shorts. Unless you are a die hard Disney fan or only really wanted to watch this for the shorts, then I would recommend this. Otherwise nevermind it.

  • Great Potential, Lacking Delivery

    When I first heard of the House of Mouse, I was hyped. The premise of a club that Disney characters frequented every day was ingenious, and really excited me. Then I saw the show. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, but there are a few major flaws.

    I'm just going to skip right to the actual plot, as I don't think any of you here need to be filled in on the characters. At the beginning, it really seemed like the show was going to deliver what I came for. Then came the shorts. Don't get me wrong, they're frigging awesome, but here's the main problem for the show: the pacing is horrendous. If you're like me and would've loved to see more of the club and what happened in the club, you'll be more than disappointed by what you see. It's just maybe ten minutes of actual plot, and the rest is just Disney shorts. That's just underwhelming for a show with such an awesome premise. And for me, that's a major flaw. But what's good is pretty damn good. The characters, while a bit rushed, are still there, and I love looking into the audience and naming all of the characters I see. And a lot of obscure characters, like Ratigan and Pervical McLeach, do make cameo appearances once in a while, and that's awesome! The shorts, while they weren't what I particularly wanted to see, are still frigging awesome, with bonus points for showing us some of the older ones.

    So on the whole, House of Mouse is still a good show. It's just extremely, EXTREMELY underwhelming. I came here to see a club of Disney characters, but instead I got a bunch of shorts, with the Disney characters just barely squeezed in. And even if you liked the shorts more than the plot, there's no arguing that the show had some serious pacing issues, to the point where you might be really, really fascinated one minute, then rolling your eyes and slapping your forehead in the next. However, it's still enough to warrant at least one viewing, and personally I recommend that you watch the House of Crime episode first, as I think that's one of the best episodes. Just watch it and decide for yourself whether or not you like the show or not, but personally, it doesn't do too much for me.moreless
  • I miss this show so much!

    I remember watching this show all the time when this show was on, I really loved it. I was really sad this had to go in 2003. But Toon Disney showed reruns of it like all their other shows which cheered me up. Now that they've turned into Disney XD, this show isn't showing anymore reruns which makes me sadder! Dang you Disney XD! Dang you!

    Anyways let's get on to the show, this show centers around Mickey Mouse and his friends opening a night club called "House of Mouse" and all Classic Disney Characters such as Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, all those Classic Disney Films come and hang out every night. Pretty much like all the characters act like their old selves. There are a few flaws though, such as some of those repetitive scenes. They do kind of overdo the idea a little though. But I can let all that slide. I love most of the shorts, such as Mickey's April Fools or Minnie Visits Daisy. But like I said, sometimes they're on in more than 1 episode.

    About 97% of the characters act like their old selves, and aren't idiots like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, in this show Mickey is smart, funny, all words to describe the great mouse. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey reminds me of Dora The Explorer, an idiot who asks the easiest questions, and even worse, that "Ask the Audience" thing which is really annoying, Disney's House of Mouse isn't meant to be educational, but its meant to be funny, entertaining, a show anyone can enjoy. Just like other old shows on Disney like "Lilo and Stitch: The Series" or "The Emperor's New School". The animation is nice and neat, the lip syncs are perfectly on cue, and flows greatly. Though its repeated at times though, its like the 3rd time I said that I know.

    Overall, Disney's House of Mouse used to be (And still is) my favorite Disney show of all time. However, after years of its cancelation, they made that show that kills Mickey Mouse called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hey Disney, Please bring this show back and cancel Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh and also turn Disney XD back into Jetix and Toon Disney and mabye this show will return! I hope Disney someday chooses to do that. Overall Grade: (9.5/10) A+moreless
  • I don't have the feel for this show

    It's another show that's like shining time station. Your just watching cartoons and some restaurant clips here and there. But that's all you watch. What's the point of making a show if all you do is just watch cartoons for at least the half of each episode. The only fun part about this show is the Characters and the voice acting. Everything else is ok. 37/100 Bad

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