Disney's House of Mouse

Season 1 Episode 15

Goofy for a Day

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Sep 29, 2001 on ABC



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    • Mike the Microphone: Table waiting service provided by the Penguin Waiters. Yes, it's a jolly holiday when they take your order. You'll wanna be sure and stay awake for their spoonful of sugar service. In every job they've done, they find an element of fun and, best of all, they work for just tuppence a day. Good luck will rub off when they wait tables for you. The Penguin Waiters--they're chim-chimeney chim-chimeney chim-chim-cheree-riffic! Penguins may be off flying kites.

    • Max: "Genie's Franks and Beanies" go to Aladdin, uh, Mulan gets the "Great Wall of Chowder"...(gets zapped by Maleficent, who's offscreen) Maleficent, your "Bibiddi-Bobiddi-Stew" is comin' right up!

    • Mickey: Remind me to give those brooms the axe.
      Goofy (to Hercules): Here you go, Herc. One hero to hero. (An olive on top of Hercules' hero sandwich falls off.) Don't move a muscle. I'll get that olive.
      Max (to Hades): I'll be your waiter tonight, Mr. Zeus.
      Hades: Hades, lord of the dead. Hi, how 'ya doin'? These are my minions--Pain & Panic. (Pain & Panic appear.) They'll be abducting you to the Underworld tonight. (Pain & Panic pounce on Max, then Goofy rushes over and pulls them off of Max.)
      Goofy: Oh no you don't! He's a "good" boy!

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