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  • Disney's House of mouse was one of the greatest cartoon shows on Disney channel and toon disney

    I loved this show one of my personal favorite shows on disney channel and toon disney. it has great humor,animation style,a lot of disney characters,etc, i also loved the shorts as well they were so fun to watch. i wish this show would come back on both of those channels because i love this show!
  • They should make a reboot

    I f**kin' love that show. It's one of the greatest shows that ever made my childhood.
  • Had a promising premise but is lacking in numerous ways

    It seemed to have no doubt that this was the best idea ever; all classic and popular animated Disney characters meeting at a nightclub staffed by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, and others and treated a variety of animated characters from the Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, to Snow White, and others. And that's what the show mainly about; a bunch of classic and popular characters watching a bunch of short Disney cartoons with little interaction between the audience and the pacing is awful, not to mention that the animation of the audience is often badly/cheaply done. It leaves you disappointed and expecting something better/more, but got left with a half baked idea and a hack job. I watched it for the other characters and acts not for the cartoon shorts.

    By all means this isn't a terrible show but if you're going to watch it for characters in the audience, you're going to be disappointed. I found myself fast forwarding through the shorts because I was getting impatient. You get a few minutes of an actual plot and mainly shorts. Unless you are a die hard Disney fan or only really wanted to watch this for the shorts, then I would recommend this. Otherwise nevermind it.

  • Great Potential, Lacking Delivery

    When I first heard of the House of Mouse, I was hyped. The premise of a club that Disney characters frequented every day was ingenious, and really excited me. Then I saw the show. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, but there are a few major flaws.

    I'm just going to skip right to the actual plot, as I don't think any of you here need to be filled in on the characters. At the beginning, it really seemed like the show was going to deliver what I came for. Then came the shorts. Don't get me wrong, they're frigging awesome, but here's the main problem for the show: the pacing is horrendous. If you're like me and would've loved to see more of the club and what happened in the club, you'll be more than disappointed by what you see. It's just maybe ten minutes of actual plot, and the rest is just Disney shorts. That's just underwhelming for a show with such an awesome premise. And for me, that's a major flaw. But what's good is pretty damn good. The characters, while a bit rushed, are still there, and I love looking into the audience and naming all of the characters I see. And a lot of obscure characters, like Ratigan and Pervical McLeach, do make cameo appearances once in a while, and that's awesome! The shorts, while they weren't what I particularly wanted to see, are still frigging awesome, with bonus points for showing us some of the older ones.

    So on the whole, House of Mouse is still a good show. It's just extremely, EXTREMELY underwhelming. I came here to see a club of Disney characters, but instead I got a bunch of shorts, with the Disney characters just barely squeezed in. And even if you liked the shorts more than the plot, there's no arguing that the show had some serious pacing issues, to the point where you might be really, really fascinated one minute, then rolling your eyes and slapping your forehead in the next. However, it's still enough to warrant at least one viewing, and personally I recommend that you watch the House of Crime episode first, as I think that's one of the best episodes. Just watch it and decide for yourself whether or not you like the show or not, but personally, it doesn't do too much for me.
  • I miss this show so much!

    I remember watching this show all the time when this show was on, I really loved it. I was really sad this had to go in 2003. But Toon Disney showed reruns of it like all their other shows which cheered me up. Now that they've turned into Disney XD, this show isn't showing anymore reruns which makes me sadder! Dang you Disney XD! Dang you!

    Anyways let's get on to the show, this show centers around Mickey Mouse and his friends opening a night club called "House of Mouse" and all Classic Disney Characters such as Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, all those Classic Disney Films come and hang out every night. Pretty much like all the characters act like their old selves. There are a few flaws though, such as some of those repetitive scenes. They do kind of overdo the idea a little though. But I can let all that slide. I love most of the shorts, such as Mickey's April Fools or Minnie Visits Daisy. But like I said, sometimes they're on in more than 1 episode.

    About 97% of the characters act like their old selves, and aren't idiots like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, in this show Mickey is smart, funny, all words to describe the great mouse. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey reminds me of Dora The Explorer, an idiot who asks the easiest questions, and even worse, that "Ask the Audience" thing which is really annoying, Disney's House of Mouse isn't meant to be educational, but its meant to be funny, entertaining, a show anyone can enjoy. Just like other old shows on Disney like "Lilo and Stitch: The Series" or "The Emperor's New School". The animation is nice and neat, the lip syncs are perfectly on cue, and flows greatly. Though its repeated at times though, its like the 3rd time I said that I know.

    Overall, Disney's House of Mouse used to be (And still is) my favorite Disney show of all time. However, after years of its cancelation, they made that show that kills Mickey Mouse called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hey Disney, Please bring this show back and cancel Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh and also turn Disney XD back into Jetix and Toon Disney and mabye this show will return! I hope Disney someday chooses to do that. Overall Grade: (9.5/10) A+
  • I don't have the feel for this show

    It's another show that's like shining time station. Your just watching cartoons and some restaurant clips here and there. But that's all you watch. What's the point of making a show if all you do is just watch cartoons for at least the half of each episode. The only fun part about this show is the Characters and the voice acting. Everything else is ok. 37/100 Bad
  • I loved this show

    I miss this show so much, I like how they put all the classic Disney characters in it and I like how they had the little cartoons in the show aw man I loved this when I was little it was such a cool show, I'd say it was the best show out of all the Disney shows from old to new man I still wish this came on my early childhood memories were good with that show on kinda like when people say animaniacs and tiny toon adventures made their childhood good but anyways I love this show mostly because of all the characters and I also like it how it's a restaurant and Mickey,MInnie,Goofy,Clarabelle,Donald,Daisy, and Max are the waiters
  • A great show for any Disney fan, though I thought the shorts were better than the wraparounds.

    I remember watching this on One Saturday Morning and Disney Channel once OSM was removed. It was a pretty good show, and I loved seeing all the Disney characters (even Pepper Ann!) show up in the same place. Though I will admit, the wraparounds were a little too repetitive at times, and seemed to be a clone of the Nicktoon KaBlam!. As for the shorts, they were great. I've always loved the show Mickey Mouse Works, and I loved how they put those shorts into this show. They also played a few classic Disney shorts from time to time, which I loved. While the wraparounds may not be as memorable as the shorts, it's a very good show, and it will be missed. Please watch this instead of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
  • Disney's House of Mouse was a good reboot to old classic characters, but has a few flaws

    In the final years of Disney being a really good channel, out came Mickey Mouse's last good show, House of Mouse. The show was about Mickey running a night club with Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and many more. The show even has all the Disney characters from movies like Aladdin, The Mad Hatter, Hades, and so much more. In each episode the show has several shorts that have either Donald, Mickey. Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Pluto, or combination of three characters. The shorts are funny and are rather creative and are entertaining. The artwork is decent enough, characters look like who they are supposed to be, and there are a good amount of colors that make the show friendly. The Disney movie characters never failed to give me a laugh, especially Hades. The animation though is repetitive, and some scenes are used again and again throughout each episode. The show usually follows plots that are somewhat original but can also be plots I have seen before, but there are some that are creative. The only other issue I have is that I wish they showed more shorts of the characters, and while the plots are decent, there could have been more shorts. Overall, House of Mouse was a really good attempt to bring back classic characters and did a solid job doing that. It's got a few flaws like repetitive animation and not enough shorts, but House of Mouse is a definite must see and is very enjoyable.
  • A Nightclub Like None Other

    This is a series which is unique in its own. The way Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Clarabelle, Horace, Pluto and Max manage to accomodate both heroes and villains from most Disney movies and series is amazing. There's humour for all tastes and it's funny to see both heroes and villains talking with each others, without trying to killing themselves.

    Aside from that, we also have new cartoons with Mickey and his friends, which is awesome. The voice cast is amazing and I praise the way they handled so many characters, without breaking the character. It was also a good way for many people to get to know so many good Disney characters and see some of the old ones too. I give this one a 10
  • Great for Disney fans, young and old alike.

    My only complaint about this show is that it wasn't around when I was a kid. How many of you wished to see ALL of your favorite Disney characters together? What makes this show cool is that they don't just stop at the main characters, (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.) but they include the characters from the disney films, (Like Jaffar from Aladdin, Timon and Pumba, and Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, (although she seemed to be suffering from Narcolepsy, a side effect from the sleeping curse.)

    This is one Disney show I want on DVD.
  • Great reboot of classics, but should have been handled easier.

    Story: Mickey Mouse decides to bring Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and more all make a night club to show cartoons to all the Disney cartoons

    Characters and Traits: All the characters are the same as how they acted in thier cartoons, including the guests, which is a great thing

    Stuff I Like: Character Design look just like original characters, Goofy is just hilarious, other characters are funny, including audience of Cruella De Vil and Timon and Pumbaa, shorts themselves are clever, seeing Disney animate modern technology, such as computers, apartments, and cell phones

    Stuff I Don't Like: Character Animation rather basic, as crowd can be very repetitive with it's animation, and nothing very different with how it looks, Daisy and Minnie are very annoying and manipulative to their boyfriend, most notably Daisy, as Minnie is more understandable with her manipulation, character design for crowd very poor compared to movies, most notably Lion King characters, and Hunchback of Notre Dame characters, wish for more shorts to be shown

    Overall: With entertaining shorts, memorable characters, decent animation, and more the show is a lot of fun, and a good return to our favorite cartoon characters. Is it better than the originals? No. Is it an entertaining alternative? Oh yes. Give it a watch and see how you would feel about it.
  • Theres one last episode still on air.

    Guys, you do know that Mickey's House of Villans still airs on Disney, which is like a movie-version of this show?
  • Please, Disney, put this show back on the air!

    The classic Disney characters are superb in this very funny cartoon. Why, it's not bad for 2001! How could it have such a short airtime? The cartoons that Mickey presents crack me up, especially when Donald Duck was trying to photograph that rare bird. And I like how all the animated Disney characters are at the nightclub, like Dumbo or Hercules.When Toon Disney became that stupid, boring skateboard-themed channel(Disney XD) I was dissapointed.H of M was removed off of On Demand, which made me kinda mad. The theme is not bad either, but it's too "big band/swing" for me. Two words: IT ROCKS.
  • One of the last great Disney Channel cartoons before said channel's downfall, House Of Mouse is a great tribute to the Disney Animated Canon and a great way for introducing the classic Disney characters to a newer generation.


    During the Disney Channel's last years of being a quality station (and before all this Hannah Montanna nonsense), they started airing the last truly good show featuring Mickey Mouse; Disney's House Of Mouse. HoM was a mass crossover featuring nearly all of the characters from the Disney Animated Canon films (up to 2001's Atlantis). It also sometimes featured some characters from the Silly Symphonies shorts (The Three Little Pigs, mostly) and included cameo appearances from other Disney Channel cartoons characters (like Pepper Ann), the Disney comic books (Ie. Scrooge McDuck), and even some vehicles shown in live-action films (such as Herbie and the Light Cycles from TRON), but those cameos didn't actually happen very often during the show's run.

    The concept of the show was that Mickey and co. were now running a nightclub, with entertainment consisted of special guest acts and showing breif cartoon shorts. Meanwhile, Pete, (who is the evil landlord in this), regularly tries to get the club shut down. While the concept sounds odd at first, it's much better than it sounds.

    The characters stay true to their original personalities from their respective movies, and can deliever great one-liners (most notably, Hades). You'll also have fun recognising characters in the background and watching the backstage antics from Mickey and co.

    The plots for the main show can either be original, creative, or something that's already been done. Meanwhile, the shorts in between the show are amusing, and sometimes, instead of the Mickey MouseWorks shorts, there may also be cartoons from the Walt Disney era (the 30s, 40s, and 50s), instead. However, I have noticed that sometimes, the show tends to repeat certain shorts again in different episodes.

    The artwork is decent. The characters look like who they're supposed to be and the colours are good enough to make the show look friendly, but the animation is repetitive and sometimes, some scenes are repeated throughout an episode.

    The only minor criticisms I can think of is that it could have added a few more shorts, but I'd think that would overstretch its running time.

    Overall, House Of Mouse was a great attempt at bringing the classic Disney characters back, and it did a fine job. Aside from repetitive animation and not enough shorts, it should be a must-see for any Disney fanatics.

  • A Great Way To Commemorate The Late Walt Disney's Birth.

    I think this is among Walt Disney Television Animation's best shows and it's one of my favorites. I can't believe there's still no mention from anybody of this trivia, that this series was created to commemorate and coincide with the year that would've been Walt's 100th birthday apparently. Mickey Mouse Works, its predecessor, was/is also great, but that was just a warm-up for the big anniversary, and as much as I like the previous series I like this one even more for the evident reason: the main attraction which is getting to see one's various, favorite characters all convening in one place.

    Mickey and the crew are back once again here. In this next to latest outing by Mickey Mouse and the gang, Mickey co-owns a nightspot (hence the name) with Donald Duck on Main Street in Toon Town, where the former hosts and a majority of Disney characters (mostly from the featurettes and full-length feature films) visit nightly for entertainment by watching cartoon shorts starring Mickey, any of his fab 5 and a few others, and floor shows. Some certain, other guests were also invited to perform, not just any of the staff. It's similar to The Muppet Show. The principal plot of each episode would take place within the club, with the Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc., cartoons being shown in intervals, often having in common with the same episode's theme. The cartoons are mostly from Mickey Mouse Works (in addition to a few new ones that weren't already featured on it's precursor I think), but there were a few from the classic era of Walt's reign (the 1930s, '40s and '50s as well). One of the most typical routines at the House of Mouse is a member of the clientele making comments (sometimes as one-liners depending on whom and the situation), that are often punny references to titles of their movies, other characters and so on. Meanwhile, preparations for each show that takes place backstage are seen. In addition to Mickey being the emcee, his friends get in on the act of running the establishment and they play the parts of their positions too: Minnie Mouse as maitre d, Donald as doorman/greeter, Goofy Goof as headwaiter, Daisy Duck as receptionist, Pluto as gofer, Huey, Dewey & Louie as the house band (April, May & June in one episode), Horace Horsecollar as props-man, Clarabelle Cow as gossip columnist, Max Goof as valet, Gus Goose as chef and the penguins (from Mary Poppins) as the waiters (hopefully I didn't forget anybody). Pete is the landlord who almost constantly schemes to get the nightclub shut down for good, so the employees have to try to do anything they can to prevent that from happening. I was in my early teens when this series premiered, but I loved just about every episode of it (at least the ones I was able to see at the time anyway, which were from the first season, so I'd have to catch up on the others later on Youtube, since HOM was moved to the Disney channel for the remaining seasons/episodes). I love this and MMW because the more recent featurettes keep within the Disney spirit and tradition reminiscent of those from the pre- very late 20th century/early 21st century, originally, theatrically released ones. It's also a great way to introduce the established main characters to the newer generation, bringing these shorts to the straight-to-t.v. age. But this isn't the first time an assortment of personalities from the Disney universe and different short, and long movies were seen together. This goes as far back as Mickey's Polo Team. Therefore, there have almost always been crossovers with them. Even in the opening pages of the Walt Disney Classics series book adaptations of the movies by Mouse Works Books. Those who are against this concept, I wonder if they'd still be saying the same thing anyway, no matter how many times or ways it's been done. But this marks the first time that this many were seen.

    If there are any flaws within this show at all, then I'd consider them minor and I'm too busy focusing on the other stuff that goes on to really notice or even care that much. And although I consider its run at least fairly long, I still wish it lasted longer than it did anyway. I believe that so much more could've been done and had potential. And albeit including the MMW, and Walt era cartoons was a nice plus, I wish that either those were either dropped to make more room for the occurrences at the club or extend it to an hour just so more of the action could be seen there. But I know that the company/studio would never break that standard of producing approximately half-hour series only. My theory for why there were hardly any Disney characters that originated from t.v. (Pepper Ann and her mom, Lydia), I think it's because it would've been too complicated and confusing with some of those who previously made theatrical appearances and later appearing in t.v. series of their own mingling with other characters from the latter medium. Plus showing up one way that matches the same medium, then differing from the next, etc. There's little to nothing wrong with this Disney animated series at all and I concur that it's one of the better efforts from not only the last decade, but of all time (judging by and in comparison to the majority of reviews I read about some of the other shows by the same venture in over the past decade). Since now it's the tenth anniversary of the show's premiere, now would be a great time for a DVD release of the whole series. As the brainchild of Tony Craig and Robs Gannaway, they did a top-notch job well done of trying to keep the initial spirit of what Disney should really be about alive, brilliantly written as well as everything else concerning it. I just wish I could say the same thing for the straight-to-VHS/DVD releases of both of the holiday films/specials and that more effort were put into those, and that whoever had the idea of jacking up what could've been great/better things in the name of greed for money, as I find the series better. One more thing, to anyone who says that cartoons are just kid stuff, that's not true, so nuts to that and them (I don't mean solely the ones that were meant for mature audiences either). They're actually some that are more for (and should be rated as such) general audiences.

    I got to say that it's a very awesome show.All of the Disney movie characters are in here and it's very awesome that they did that.Everybody is there including all of the classic movie characters and the best one Mickey Mouse is hosting it.It's very cool of the plot of every episode that they are sitting on those tables in that club.This is now one of the grades that I grade this show and that is that it's a B because it was pretty cool of the idea of this show and every Disney character is in there too.A very good show.
  • Pre-Hannah Montana Disney had some pretty good shows: this one was one of the best.

    If there's anything I love it's good cross overs, estentially what every episode of House of Mouse was. Basically, Mickey Mouse and co run a night club that shows reruns of Mikey Mouse Cartoons (from as Mickey Mouse Works to orginals 40s)-these act as fillers between the main plot of the episode-and his customers are just about every animated Disney character ever created. Ever. The black culdron characters, that dragon, and all those other B listers who are really easy to get autographs from at Disney Parks? All there, as well as, of course, the main stays like the Cinderella and Snow White Cast. Throughout the show Pete tries to sceme his way into ownership of the club (which as Land Lord, he can accomplish if ever the show fails to go on) and classic cartoon refrences are frequently made. While you may stick up you nose I say "it's a kid show" or that it "messes with continuity" I changlle you to find a kid's show that doesn't suck now a days or to look at the Disney Parks. How's THAT for some continuity breaking character interaction. Post Hannah Montana Disney Channel is out right horrible and it's great to find a TV show that does classic Disney some justice.
  • Disney at its downfall.

    This is the reason why too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many Characters at once spoil the show. Mickey Mouse owning a nightclub? C'mon! Donald Duck not losing his temper and just being a duck who simmers in his anger? Give me back the Donald Duck who would lose his temper and throw things around and Donald losing his feathers isn't that funny as him losing his shirt. If I made a TV show and ABC bought the rights and I wanted to use Disney Characters, I would only use Donald Duck because Mickey Mouse is a...wuss. And on that show, the other movie characters would be only seen once or twice and not use one-liners.
  • Another show I loved when was a small kid

    Wonderful and amazing concept to make this show! I love this show even though I don't watch toondisney because i hate those silly and crazy eyes, but this show is awesome with comical-packed jokes and some laughable swiftness. I think toondisney still plays this show but not as much as back then when i was little (sniff) i kind of miss it. By the way, very entertaining too and as a matter of fact this show is filled with some comical jokes and has some old and new mickey mouse cartoons, kind of feels like you're watching the cartoons around with the audience, somewhat silly but very entertaining for little kids. Especially I liked house of villains too, the cartoons were neat and great and even the story too and that movie was a bit scary like when huey, duey and luey popped out of the graveyard walking spookily to donald "You scared ussssss to death!!" that was spooky so might give some little kids nightmares. But they were both kind of funny and engaging for everyone.
  • Holy marmalade, Batman!

    This show gets a perfect score, because they created the best notion ever! ...They have Hades be a big fan of old Micky Mouse cartoons. XD That idea still cracks me up. The cool god of the Underworld...spends his free time watching cartoons. Haha! I'm actually tearing up from the memory of the episode. It's that good.

    Besides that...It's just a generally awesome show. When else will I get a chance to see Rabbit and the March Hare in the same room as Timon and Pimbaa? How awesome is that?!

    The plots of the episodes are pretty good to. Over all, a very entertaining show.
  • Amazing Mickey

    THis show rocks. i watch it when ever it is on. the house of mouse is a great title an an ideal for children's programing / tv viewing habits . then they canceled new ones . then they Got Rid Of Toon Disney :( :( :( and toon disney on demand :( :( :( i was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sad! ! this show was awesome
  • This was a good idea that Disney came up with.

    I think it was a good idea to make a Disney series that brought many Disney charactors together. Each episode has something special happen where a charactor guest stars or one of the main charactors takes over the House of Mouse. Disney did a very wonderful job picking out the voices since they sound almost identical to their original voices. Disney has never failed to pick out any good voices yet. The only thing I found wrong was that they had most of each episode taken over by 3 'Mickey Mouse Works' cartoon shorts and/or classic cartoons of Mickey and co. I think it would have been a better idea to have one short for each episode so that we could see more of the cool crossover stuff. I think if this series continued, they could have had more cool stuff happen like a sequel to the Super Goof episode, charactors from retro Disney shows like 'Darkwing Duck', etc. and it would have been nice to see an episode that fetured 'Steamboat Willy' since that was the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made. I defenitly feel like this series lasted too short and it needs to have another season or more.
  • Love it.

    I love Mickey and his "pals", and the cartoons that they star in, so "House of Mouse" is great for me. The show, and the problems that Mickey & pals face make them seem even more real to me... who wouldn't love all the classic Disney characters from every film interacting with the newer ones? I wish this show was still making new episodes, it was good. I try to watch this whenever it comes on. I don't like that Pete always has to crash the show, but I guess that's part of what makes it Disney. Clean entertainment that works for the whole family. What's not to love?
  • There are some good & bad thing about this show

    House of Mouse is about this huge Disney Crossover about Mickey hosting a huge club for all classic things disney

    Good-The Movies, & all Mickey Mouse Works shorts are back in each episode, The mystery of how people from the past came

    Bad-Goofy get bullied by certain ones like Mushu, Voice-Actor Changes, Goofy making a big deal about his problums

    as much a I like Mickey Mouse & it pains me to say it (not realy), but I give it a 3.0 but there is some good in the series like what I menction earlier but with a little work it can get better but it's a failure.
  • Very Original

    I started watching this show a few years ago, and it was my daily morning fix. I really thought the idea of bringing a load of disney charcters, new and old together was an excellent idea. I also quite liked the shorts, as it brings back the olden days and introduces them to young children. I also thought that the charcters were quite good, and the creators of this show (whoever they are) added some really intresting traits to the classic characters eg. Goofy becoming a chef, and Donalds nephews, Hewey Dewey and Louie being in a band was really good. Another thing was that they added some new charaters, eg Moritimer Mouse who was an annoying version of mickey! The side stories were also rather well thought out. So, to conclude a very good and intresting series!
  • I used watch it, but not anymore.

    I used to watch Disney's House of Mouse, but not anymore. My dad says this show for little kids and I think that Disney characters are for grown people too. I decided that I wasn't going to watch it anymore because of what he said. My favorite is Minnie. I remember when she went to find Mickey his birthday present and the boys thought she was lost and they went to find her. That was so silly. Daisy would do silly things on the stage. That was funny. I don't have much to talk about, but I decided that I would watch something else than this show.
  • An attempt to bring back Mickey.

    To me, I think this was probably a suttle attempt to bring back Mickey and the gang by having introducing new short cartoons where that they're in and occasionally showing some of the classics as well. I don't think it worked as well as Disney and the show's creators had hoped. Mickey will always be a symbol of Disney: after all, "it all began with a mouse" but I don't think Mickey really fits in anywhere in this time other than as a symbol of great achievement.
  • My review for House of Mouse

    This and Mickey Mouse Works are a great way to revive the classics it sometimes also shows the good old Mickey Mouse cartoons as well and there was once an episode(Dennis the Duck) where they had a day dedicated to old black and white toons and they showed the Birthday Party(an actual old black and white shown in the cinemas back in the '30's) and another toon(which has just been made for House of Mouse) this show is a great way to celebrate the classics and such i'd like to thank the creator for making this show this show was great but then it got cancelled and after it was cancelled they made movies and such which were great until 2006 they made Mickey Mouse Clubhouse(the show which even teens and grown ups love) which ruined Mickey's reputation and made him an idiot this show is better all the time if they made new episodes of this show i'd watch it because all recent things being made which are Mickey related are for toddlers(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse of course) i still watch this show and brings back memories.
  • A bastardization of classic Walt Disney characters.

    If Walt Disney had ever known that things like this would happen to his characters, he would've kept them in the Disney vault or had them chriogenically frozen or something, anything to keep them out of the hands of the modern Disney corporation. This show may have a couple classic skits, but most of it is the same old boring formula with severely watered down and stupid characters. And I hate the side stories apart from the shorts, they are so lame. All in all, I hate this show and wish they would just leave Disney classic characters the same or just leave the poor things alone.
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