Disney's House of Mouse

ABC (ended 2003)


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  • I miss this show so much!

    I remember watching this show all the time when this show was on, I really loved it. I was really sad this had to go in 2003. But Toon Disney showed reruns of it like all their other shows which cheered me up. Now that they've turned into Disney XD, this show isn't showing anymore reruns which makes me sadder! Dang you Disney XD! Dang you!

    Anyways let's get on to the show, this show centers around Mickey Mouse and his friends opening a night club called "House of Mouse" and all Classic Disney Characters such as Winnie The Pooh, Peter Pan, all those Classic Disney Films come and hang out every night. Pretty much like all the characters act like their old selves. There are a few flaws though, such as some of those repetitive scenes. They do kind of overdo the idea a little though. But I can let all that slide. I love most of the shorts, such as Mickey's April Fools or Minnie Visits Daisy. But like I said, sometimes they're on in more than 1 episode.

    About 97% of the characters act like their old selves, and aren't idiots like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, in this show Mickey is smart, funny, all words to describe the great mouse. In Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey reminds me of Dora The Explorer, an idiot who asks the easiest questions, and even worse, that "Ask the Audience" thing which is really annoying, Disney's House of Mouse isn't meant to be educational, but its meant to be funny, entertaining, a show anyone can enjoy. Just like other old shows on Disney like "Lilo and Stitch: The Series" or "The Emperor's New School". The animation is nice and neat, the lip syncs are perfectly on cue, and flows greatly. Though its repeated at times though, its like the 3rd time I said that I know.

    Overall, Disney's House of Mouse used to be (And still is) my favorite Disney show of all time. However, after years of its cancelation, they made that show that kills Mickey Mouse called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hey Disney, Please bring this show back and cancel Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Oh and also turn Disney XD back into Jetix and Toon Disney and mabye this show will return! I hope Disney someday chooses to do that. Overall Grade: (9.5/10) A+
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