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ABC (ended 2003)


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  • Great Potential, Lacking Delivery

    When I first heard of the House of Mouse, I was hyped. The premise of a club that Disney characters frequented every day was ingenious, and really excited me. Then I saw the show. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, but there are a few major flaws.

    I'm just going to skip right to the actual plot, as I don't think any of you here need to be filled in on the characters. At the beginning, it really seemed like the show was going to deliver what I came for. Then came the shorts. Don't get me wrong, they're frigging awesome, but here's the main problem for the show: the pacing is horrendous. If you're like me and would've loved to see more of the club and what happened in the club, you'll be more than disappointed by what you see. It's just maybe ten minutes of actual plot, and the rest is just Disney shorts. That's just underwhelming for a show with such an awesome premise. And for me, that's a major flaw. But what's good is pretty damn good. The characters, while a bit rushed, are still there, and I love looking into the audience and naming all of the characters I see. And a lot of obscure characters, like Ratigan and Pervical McLeach, do make cameo appearances once in a while, and that's awesome! The shorts, while they weren't what I particularly wanted to see, are still frigging awesome, with bonus points for showing us some of the older ones.

    So on the whole, House of Mouse is still a good show. It's just extremely, EXTREMELY underwhelming. I came here to see a club of Disney characters, but instead I got a bunch of shorts, with the Disney characters just barely squeezed in. And even if you liked the shorts more than the plot, there's no arguing that the show had some serious pacing issues, to the point where you might be really, really fascinated one minute, then rolling your eyes and slapping your forehead in the next. However, it's still enough to warrant at least one viewing, and personally I recommend that you watch the House of Crime episode first, as I think that's one of the best episodes. Just watch it and decide for yourself whether or not you like the show or not, but personally, it doesn't do too much for me.
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