Disney's House of Mouse - Season 1

ABC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Max's New Car
    Max's New Car
    Episode 18
    Max wants a car, but his dad isn't sure that he's responsible enough. An old cartoon proves that Goofy was a really reckless driver when he was young. Mickey's New Car: Mickey trades in his old heap for a new car with automatic everything. In fact, it doesn't even need him, so it throws him out. Carwashers: Donald, Goofy, and Mickey are hired to wash Pete's car, not destroy it.moreless
  • The Mouse Who Came to Dinner
    Mortimer Mouse takes advantage of the situation when he's mistaken for the restaurant critic. The crew bends over backwards to cater to his every whim, and he has a lot of them. Mickey's Mix Up: Mickey gets mixed up and sends a "you stink" fax to Minnie and an "I Love You" fax to Mortimer. Maestro Minnie: Minnie conducts an orchestra while being bothered by a bee. Donald's Grizzley Guest: Donald's country cabin is invaded by a bear who kicks him out.moreless
  • Clarabelle's Big Secret
    Gossip queen Clarabelle Cow promises the audience she'll reveal a huge secret about someone at the end of the show. Everyone assumes the story is about them, so they each go to her to explain themselves. In the process, they reveal a real secret about themselves.
    How To Be a Spy: Goofy orders a spy kit which instructs him on all he needs to know.
    Double Date Don: Daisy has Donald to build a brick wall for her Valentine's Day gift.moreless
  • Goofy for a Day
    Goofy for a Day
    Episode 15
    Max says his father has such an easy job anyone can do it, so Goofy makes him head waiter for a day. In short order, she's begging Dad for help. How To Be a Waiter: Goofy the waiter demonstrates how to be a movie star in this instructional video. Maestro Minnie: A baby cello disrupts the orchestra. Donald's Dinner Date: Daisy threatens to dump Donald if he loses his temper again. Waiter Goofy really makes it hard for him to keep his cool.moreless
  • Daisy's Debut
    Daisy's Debut
    Episode 14
    Minnie feels left out when Mickey gives Daisy a chance to perform a duet with him at the club. Even though Daisy is excited about her big break, she dreams up a reason for Minnie to perform instead. Daisy's Big Sale: Daisy is selling hair bows and asks Minnie to help her host a sales party. Topsy Turvy Town: Mickey and Minnie go to an odd town were everything is done backwards from normal.moreless
  • Pluto Saves the Day
    Pluto Saves the Day
    Episode 13
    Pete uses the wicked queen's magic "sleeping apples" to try and shut down the House of Mouse. Pluto is the only one left awake so he takes over the show. Goofy's Big Kitty: Goofy brings home a new kitty at the same time that a mountain lion has escaped from the zoo. Naturally, he gets the two confused. Pluto's Kittens: Pluto overcomes his dislike for felines and rescues three stray kittens from a rainstorm.moreless
  • Thanks to Minnie
    Thanks to Minnie
    Episode 12
    By the time a bit of gossip from Clarabelle makes it to Minnie, she thinks Mickey is saying bad things about her work. Of course, he said the exact opposite, but Minnie has quit in a huff. Minnie Visits Daisy: Minnie tries to bring over a pie but Daisy doesn't hear her knocking. She ends up breaking in, and getting arrested. Mickey's Big Break: After destroying a picture of the girls, Mickey and Minnie dress in drag to retake the photo before they're caught.moreless
  • Donald's Pumbaa Prank
    Pete uses an escalating prank rivalry between Mickey and Donald to corrupt the duck into stinking up the House of Mouse with the unwilling aid of smelly warthog Pumbaa. Mickey's April Fools: Mickey's April Fools joke on Mortimer backfires when he inherits a million bucks and has to prove his identity. Whitewater Donald: Donald takes Daisy along fishing, but she's under the impression they're going on a romantic date.moreless
  • Donald's Lamp Trade
    Donald's Lamp Trade
    Episode 10
    Jafar convinces Donald that Mickey is NOT really his friend, so Donald agrees to get Jafar Aladdin's Lamp in order to get back at Mickey. Survival of the Woodchucks: In order to win Junior Woodchucks merit badges, Huey, Dewey and Louie have to negotiate a difficult survival course. But they learn that Donald, their leader, never finished the course himself. Goofy's Radio: Goofy decides to escape the pressures of big-city life and take a vacation at Brownstone Park. He takes his radio with him, which has a curious effect on Louie, the mountain lion.moreless
  • Rent Day
    Rent Day
    Episode 9
    Mickey unknowingly spends the House of Mouse's rent money on cheese. Now he must act quickly to raise enough money to pay landlord Pete before the end of the show. Mickey's Mountain: The first person to the top of "Unnamed Mountain" gets to name it. Mickey wants to claim it in the name of Minnie, but has to beat Pete to the top. Maestro Minnie - Circus Symphony: Minnie must round up her instruments who are performing like a group of circus animals. Big House Mickey: Mortimer frames Mickey and gets him sent to jail so he can get a date with Minnie.moreless
  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket
    Episode 8
    Jiminy Cricket leaves Pinocchio because he hangs out with Pain and Panic. After he becomes Mickey's conscience, Mickey must do what it takes to get them back together. Mickey's Mistake: Mickey finds a wad o' money and buys Minnie an expensive hair bow. When he finds out the money belonged to the orphans, he goes through many disguises to get the bow back from Minnie to get the money back to the orphans. Daisy's Road Trip: Mickey and Minnie want to take a quiet drive in the country to see the sunset, when Daisy happens by and invites herself along.moreless
  • Gone Goofy
    Gone Goofy
    Episode 7
    The budget at the House of Mouse shows that one person needs to be fired and Donald's going to make certain that person is Goofy--and not him. Pit Crew: Our three heroes are the pit crew for Pete's racing team. Their problem is trying to get to the racetrack on time. Goofy's Extreme Sports – Shark Feeding: Goofy dons scuba gear and an anti-shark cage to go underwater and feed the sharks. Donald's Goofy World: Donald gets tired of the way Goofy goofs up, but then falls into a dream world where everybody is Goofy.moreless
  • Timon and Pumbaa
    Timon and Pumbaa
    Episode 6
    Special guests Timon and Pumbaa argue and decide to split up with each going solo. Mickey tries to get them back together.
    Pluto's Magic Paws: Mickey mistakenly picks up a pair of magic gloves from the dry cleaners. When Pluto is left at home with them, disaster breaks out.
    Mickey To the Rescue – Cage and Cannons: Pete kidnaps Minnie and carries her to his funhouse-like hideout. Mickey must cross a crazy bridge and dodge Pete's boxing-glove cannons to rescue her from a suspended cage.
    Golf Nut Donald: Donald wants to win the golf trophy at his club. All he has to do is shoot a perfect 18 holes--and stay out of the way of two chipmunks.moreless
  • Unplugged Club
    Unplugged Club
    Episode 5
    Pete shuts off the power at the House of Mouse in an attempt to stop the show. Mickey and the gang hurry to get everything rolling again. Music Store Donald: Donald and Pete, working in a music store, are told that the next one to make a sale gets to keep their job. In walks Daisy. Mickey's Cabin: Mickey is snowbound with Pete and his cousin Zeke who have stolen an ATM machine.moreless
  • Goofy's Valentine Date
    Minnie and Daisy feel sorry for Goofy when he doesn't have a date for Valentine's date, so they plan a "blind date" for him that ends with unexpected results. Donald's Valentine Dollar: Donald has $1 to buy a box of candy for Daisy, but it blows away. He straps himself to a kite takes to the sky, battling other kites, to catch the dollar bill. Mickey to the Rescue – Staircase: Mickey battles a contraption-filled staircase to rescue Minnie from Pete's hideout. Pluto's Arrow Error: When Pluto is rejected by Dinah, he finds a quiver of magic cupid arrows he plans to use to obtain her love. His scheme backfires when the arrow accidentally hits Butch.moreless
  • The Three Caballeros
    No one remembers Donald is the third member of the Three Caballeros, so he sets out to redefine himself as the star of the group. He hires an agent (a weasel, naturally) and adopts the hip hop image of "The Duck. formerly known as Donald." Donald's Fish Fry: Humphrey the Bear is told to catch a big fish to get him through the coming winter, but mistakenly snags the one that Donald has on the end of his line. How to Be Smart: Goofy tries to up his intelligence quotient.moreless
  • Big Bad Wolf Daddy
    Big Bad Wolf Daddy
    Episode 2
    Mickey is dismayed to learn that Donald has invited the Big Bad Wolf, who has a tendency to blow the house down, to perform at the House of Mouse. Donald's Charmed Date: Donald's date with Daisy is jinxed by a broken mirror. Pluto Gets The Paper – Mortimer: Mortimer (Mickey's rival) shows up again to try to steal Mickey's paper when Pluto is sent out to retrieve it. How to Be Groovy, Cool, And Fly: Goofy tries to keep up with the times and the changing clothing styles.moreless
  • The Stolen Cartoons
    Building owner Pete wants to to shut down the House of Mouse so he steals that day's cartoons. Donald runs the show while Mickey, Goofy and Minnie race to shoot a new movie. Pluto Gets the Paper - Wet Cement: Pluto gets mired in wet cement while attempting to get the newspaper for Mickey. Donald's Dynamite - Magic Act: Donald tries to perform a magic act on stage but is continually interrupted by a reappearing bomb. Hickory Dickory Mickey: Mickey promises to repay Goofy for a favor by taking him to the airport in the morning. So he has to borrow Goofy's crazy alarm clock which keeps him awake all night.moreless