Disney's House of Mouse - Season 2

ABC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Dennis The Duck
    Dennis The Duck
    Episode 9
    It's Black-and-White Day and monochrome characters from the old days fill the club. Donald makes it clear to everyone he doesn't think the colorless cartoons were funny, hurting the feelings of old-timer Dennis the Duck. Donald doesn't realize he's the head of (and only member of) his fan club. The Whoopee Party: From 1932, Mickey throws a party where everyone and everything dances and plays music. Mickey and the Goat Man: Mickey is dumped by Mortimer as the stooge in his vaudeville show.moreless
  • Ladies' Night
    Ladies' Night
    Episode 8
    Minnie, Daisy, and Clarabelle run the show while the guys take the night off for bowling. Unable to resist a room full of women, Mortimer Mouse is determined to be a part of the show. Purple Pluto: While giving Pluto a bath, Minnie grabs the purple hair dye instead of the shampoo. Daisy Bothers Minnie: Daisy invites herself over to take a bubble bath and disrupts Minnie's quiet evening. Maestro Minnie: Minnie chases a headstrong trumpet to the "William Tell Overture."moreless
  • King Larry Swings In
    Ill-mannered King Larry, King Louie's twin brother, wreaks havoc at the House of Mouse while searching for Mickey. MM tries to teach him some manners, and the two perform a number.
    Mickey and the Seal: A baby seal slips out of its zoo cage and into Mickey's picnic basket.
    Goofy's Extreme Sports: Goofy tries para-cycling involving a mountain, a bicycle, and a parachute.
    How To Be a Gentleman: Goofy is the subject of a "how to" instructional video.moreless
  • Super Goof
    Super Goof
    Episode 6
    Goofy turns into superhero "Super Goof" with incredible powers when he eats peanuts contaminated by a weird meteor. He becomes upset when everyone likes the "Super" Goof more than the regular Goof. When a comet threats the House of Mouse, he must change back into "Super Goof" to save the club. How to Take Care of Your Yard: Goofy beautified his lawn with mixed results. Locksmiths: Mickey, Donald and Goofy get locked in their own office.moreless
  • Where's Minnie?
    Where's Minnie?
    Episode 5
    Minnie goes down into the club's creepy prop basement to find a birthday surprise for Mickey and doesn't return for a while. Mickey thinks she's lost and organizes a rescue party. Mickey and the Color Caper: Donald, Goofy, and Mickey look for color which has disappeared and turned everything black and white. Donald's Pool: Lifeguard Donald tries to protect Shelby at the pool.moreless
  • Max's Embarrassing Date
    Max has a date with Roxanne and fears his father will ruin the evening by doing something goofy. The crew works to keep Goofy preoccupied and tries to make the date perfect. Their help quickly becomes overkill. Pluto's Penthouse Sweet: Pluto tries to see the rich girl dog who lives in a skyscraper penthouse. How To Ride a Bike: Goofy learns how to do it in an instructional film.moreless
  • Everybody Loves Mickey
    Donald is fuming because Mickey gets so much attention. He's really mad after Mickey lets him host and he's roughed up during the Angry Villager People's number. Also, Mortimer's stand-up tanks on open mic night. Mickey's Rival Returns: At the beach, Mortimer and Mickey Mickey compete to take Minnie to a luau. Mickey to the Rescue: Mickey saves Minnie from Pete's train tracks. Donald's Failed Fourth: Donald's picnic blanket refuses to stay unfolded.moreless
  • Not So Goofy
    Not So Goofy
    Episode 2
    The crew has had enough if Goofy's destructive table-waiting, so Minnie has Jose Carioca teach him some "poise and grace." The results are amazing. Roller Coaster Painters: Whoever paints the biggest part of the roller coaster at Jollyland wins a lifetime pass. Donald, Mickey, and Goofy try to outdo each other. Goofy's Extreme Sports: Goofy goes wakeboarding. How To Wash Dishes: Dishwasher Goofy goes on a lavish vacation with his new credit card.moreless