Disney's House of Mouse - Season 3

ABC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Ask Von Drake
    Ask Von Drake
    Episode 12
    Mickey and the gang bet know-it-all Ludwig Von Drake that, despite his bragging, he does not know everything. They pelt him with questions throughout the show. Hydrosquirter: Ludwig's fixes his rickety bathroom shower, accidentally turning it into a teleporter. It takes him to unwanted places. Relaxing with Von Drake: Ludwig demonstrates his relaxation techniques on uptight subject Donald.moreless
  • Mickey Vs. Shelby
    Mickey Vs. Shelby
    Episode 6
    Mrs. Turtle brings her baby Shelby to the club and demands he perform. If only the child would stay put long enough for Mickey to catch him and put him onstage. Shell Shots: Photographer Donald tries to take a portrait of Shelby. Instead, the unruly kid leads him on a wild chase through the mall. Domesticated Donald: Donald babysits terror Shelby while Daisy and Mrs. Turtle go shopping.moreless
  • Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation
    Mickey and Minnie keep trying to leave on a much-needed vacation, but one catastrophe after another pops up. That's what happens when Donald and Daisy left in charge of the club. Around the World in 80 Days: To claim an inheritance, estate executor Scrooge McDuck makes Mickey pass a test; he must travel around the world in 80 days.moreless
  • Suddenly Hades
    Suddenly Hades
    Episode 1
    Pete breaks the air conditioning to drive away customers and shut down the House of Mouse. The audience members flee, except for Hades who loves the heat. With that plan a failure, Pete now tries flooding the building. Donald's Pool: Lifeguard Donald is supposed to keep Shelby in the wading pool. The unruly turtle has other ideas. Donald's Lighthouse: Donald fights with a pelican that refuses to leave his lighthouse.moreless
  • Dining Goofy
    Dining Goofy
    Episode 10
    After Goofy fouls up everyone's orders, Mickey installs touch-screen computers at the tables. With nothing to do, Goofy helps out the other staffers, resulting in headaches for all. Answering Service: Mickey, Donald and Goofy encounter an automated service at the phone company that runs them in circles. Von Drake's House of Genius: The professor's laser lawn mower goes berserk. Computer.don: Some assembly is required on the new computer Donald buys. In the process, it sucks him into the system and begins running him through its programs.moreless
  • House Ghosts
    House Ghosts
    Episode 9
    Pete's lame Halloween costumes meet with deserving ridicule. To exact his revenge on the gang, he unleashes the three Hitchhiking Ghosts who sing "Grim Grinning Ghosts." Pete is the only one frightened. Hansel & Gretel: Mickey and Minnie star as the sweets-loving duo. Pluto Gets the Paper: Pluto's sucked up into a UFO. How To Haunt a House: The late Goofy is instructed in the art of haunting Donald.moreless
  • Pluto vs. Figaro
    Pluto vs. Figaro
    Episode 16
    Pluto has way too much work around the club, so Mickey and Minnie make Figaro his assistant. The two disrupt the club by getting along like cats and dogs. Pluto Runs Away: Mickey takes away Pluto's bone bone for digging up the yard. Pluto runs away and has the misfortune of encountering Pete. Donald & the Big Nut: Chip and Dale put a cramp in Donald's attempts to keep the yard free of acorns.moreless
  • House of Scrooge
    House of Scrooge
    Episode 7
    Scrooge McDuck buys the House Of Mouse and immediately begins pinching pennies. He replaces the band with a boombox, makes the lights coin operated, and substitutes himself in place of the performers. The crowds go racing for the exits. Midsummer Night's Dream: A retelling of Shakespeare's classic tale starring Minnie, Mickey, and Donald. Von Drake's House of Genius: Ludwig's new machine multiplies money that's put into it. He learns that counterfeiting is illegal.moreless
  • Pete's One-Man Show
    Nobody wants to see Pete perform at the House of Mouse. Deciding its safer not to tell him there's no audience, the crew rigs up the theater with cardboard customers and an applause machine. It works and Pete thinks he's a hit! Pinball Mickey: Mickey plays a Pirate Pete pinball machine so long that he begins imagining he and Minnie are inside of the game. Von Drake's House of Genius: Von Drake new time reversing invention only succeeds in exploding. Housesitters: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy housesit for a family of hillbillies. A feud erupts with the housesitter next door: Pete.moreless
  • Chip and Dale
    Chip and Dale
    Episode 11
    On their day at the club, Chip and Dale try to make off with all the nuts in the House of Mouse. Donald tries to stop the duo from swiping the nuts from the other customers, but it ends up looking like he's the one doing the stealing. Up a Tree: Lumberjack Donald is no match for Chip and Dale when he tries to cut down their tree. Goofy's Extreme Spots: Goofy learns the skills of rock climbing. Two Chips and a Miss: Neither Chip nor Dale realize that the other also has a night on the town planned with Clarice.moreless
  • Humphrey in the House
    The Magic Brooms are on vacation, so Minnie hires Ranger Woodlore and his Brownstone Bears as the House of Mouse clean-up crew. Humphrey can't concentrate on work then they're all that yummy food to swipe. Hot Tub Humphrey: Humphrey doesn't want to bathe in the cold river. Ranger Woodlore's hot tub is much more appealing. Breezy Bear: Beekeeper Donald contends with Humphrey the Bear trying to swipe his honey.moreless
  • Donald and the Aracuan Bird
    Mickey invites the wacky Aracuan Bird to be the special guest at the House of Mouse. Donald is livid because the jokester is constant tormenting him, but everyone thinks Donald's just making things up. Pluto vs. the Watchdog: Since Pluto proves no threat to burglars, Mickey brings a trained watchdog into their home. He doesn't know that the dog is an accomplice of Pete. Bird Brained Donald: Donald tries to take a photo of the Aracuan Bird at the zoo.moreless
  • Salute To Sports
    Salute To Sports
    Episode 5
    Mickey promises Donald a spot in the show if he can control his temper and be a good sport. He's asked to be Zeus' assistant at the Gyro Games. Also, Goofy attempts to sing the National Anthem, but keeps choosing the song. How to Be a Baseball Fan: Goofy is instructed on behavior at the ball park. He proves to be more of a pest than a welcome fan. Goofy Gymnastics: Goofy orders a home gym.moreless