Disney's House of Mouse - Season 4

ABC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Halloween With Hades
    When Hades' amorous advances are rebuffed by Maleficent, Mickey offers advice. He convinces Hades to try being nice for a change and that will win her over. How to Camp: Goofy goes camping in Brownstone Park and is sucked up by an alien spaceship. Not being very bright, he doesn't notice he's not in the forest any more. Donald's Halloween Scare: Donald frightens the trick or treaters into dropping their candy and running away. Huey, Dewey, and Louie return the favor.moreless
  • House of Crime
    House of Crime
    Episode 12
    Someone is committing a series of thefts at the House of Mouse. Even the audience is swiped. Hopefully Professor Ludwig Von Drake's new invention, the "Crimeputer," can finger the mysterious thief. Mickey Foils the Phantom Blot: Von Drake arrives at Mickey, Donald and Goofy's delivery service with a mysterious package that he wants delivered to himself. The mystery deepens when the package is stolen by the Phantom Blot. Von Drake's House of Genius: The Professor's new invention has a familiar ring to it. He calls it the "Teledinger"; everyone else calls it the telephone.moreless
  • House Of Magic
    House Of Magic
    Episode 11
    In a pinch for an act, Mickey lets Daisy do her magic act. She unintentionally makes the audience disappear, and then the whole theater. Jafar and Iago arrive and bring everything back. Presto Pluto: Pluto swallows a magician's wand and performs a magic trick every time he hiccups. Donald's Dynamite: It's not a bowling ball stuck on Donald's fingers, it a bomb. Babysitters: On December 31st, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are called by "Mother Time" to take care of Baby New Year.moreless
  • House of Genius
    House of Genius
    Episode 10
    Professor Von Drake replaces the incompetent crew at the House of Mouse with robotic versions of themselves. The unhappy staff fights back and short-circuits their alter egos until they all overload and explode. Futurmania: Von drake shows Goofy, Mickey, and Donald how their everyday problems will be solved in the future. Mickey's Mechanical House: Mickey moves from his creaking old house into a modern new one full of electronic gadgets.moreless
  • Mickey and the Culture Clash
    Busybody gossip Clarabelle spreads the rumor that Mickey isn't sophisticated enough for Minnie. Mortimer takes on the job of turning Mickey into one class act. Mickey's Piano Lesson: Mickey finds a thousand excuses to keep from practicing for the big recital and soon regrets it. Dance of the Goofys: Glowing, winged Goofys fly around the forest to classical music. Maestro Minnie: Minnie attempts a soothing string number but is interrupted by drums and an electric guitar.moreless
  • Pete's Christmas Caper
    Pete volunteers to play Santa at the House of Mouse gift exchange so he can keep all the gifts for himself. His greed backfires on him when he learns the truth about the presents. The Nutcracker: Von Drake gives a wooden nutcracker to little Minnie. The toy, which looks like Mickey, comes to life. Donald's Dynamite: Donald's snowman blows up really good.moreless
  • House of Turkey
    House of Turkey
    Episode 7
    Mr. Turkey is a guest at the House of Mouse and is worried that some of the guest (including Gus Goose) are wanting to eat them.

    Turkey Catchers: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy must catch the turkey for Thanksgiving. In the aftermath, the people who wanted the turkey are having ham and the turkey is their guest.

    Mickey's Mixed Nuts: Mickey must race against Chip 'n' Dale for the last bag of nuts.moreless

  • Music Day
    Music Day
    Episode 6
    It's Music Day and the Quackstreet Boys have broken up. With the audience demanding to see them, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy try to pass themselves off as the group. The crowd can't believe how lousy they've suddenly become. How To Be a Rock Star: This instructional film unsuccessfully tries to turn Goofy into a rocker. Goofy's Extreme Sports: The dufus is a half-pipe skater. Donald's Rocket Ruckus: Huey, Dewey and Louie ignore Donald's orders to stay off the rocket ride at the fair. He teaches them a lesson by cranking it to full speed.moreless
  • Snow Day
    Snow Day
    Episode 5
    It's a snow day and Salty the Seal appears at the House of Mouse even though no guests showed and the weather is getting worse. Mike The Microphone gives Salty the Seal his "Seal of Approval." Pluto's Seal Deal: Pluto discovers that Salty has been mistekenly delivered to Mickey's house instead of Seal Park at the zoo. Mickey's Remedy: Mickey, babysitting Huey, Dewey, and Louie, learns they're faking being sick to make him wait on them. Mickey gets revenge by making them think they're really ill. Donald's Dynamite - Snowman: A bomb ruins Donald's snowman building.moreless
  • Pete's House of Villains
    Pete says everything at the club stinks, so the gang lets Pete and his villains run the show. One by one, Pet fires his evil staffers for doing bad things to the guests. In no time, Mickey takes back over.Lil' Bad: The Big Bad Wolf teaches his son how to catch the Three Little Pigs for dinner. Donald's Dynamite: A bomb might ruin Donald's night at the opera with Daisy. Organ Donors: Mickey, Donald, and Goofy deliver a musical organ to a toymaker, but he wants their internal organs instead.moreless
  • Donald Wants to Fly
    Donald desperately wants to fly like so many of the other cartoon characters. After many crashes, he finally gets some help from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Mickey's Airplane Kit: Minnie is in for a surprise when Mickey builds them an airplane, but doesn't bother to read the assembly instructions. Mickey and the Seagull: Mickey is saved by a seagull when his steamboat is caught in a scary storm.moreless
  • Clarabelle's Christmas List
    Clarabelle Cow has gotten her hooves on Santa's "Naughty or Nice" list and is going to read it onstage at the end of the show. Everybody's dying to know how they rated, so they all try to get a look at it beforehand. Donald On Ice: Donald's nephews sabotage his attempt to ice skate on a pond. Mickey's Christmas Crisis: Mickey and neighbor Mortimer try to outdo each other in a home decorating contest.moreless
  • Goofy's Menu Magic
    Goofy's Menu Magic
    Episode 1
    Goofy fills in for Gus after the chef eats all the food. Mickey can't understand how Goofy's making such good food so he sends Tinkerbell into the kitchen to snoop around. It turns out Goofy has been stirring with the Fairy Godmother's wand. Sandwich Makers: Goofy, Mickey, and Donald are hired to make sandwiches in a submarine restaurant.
    Mickey Tries to Cook: Mickey plans some fancy food for Minnie. The wind turns the recipe book pages, resulting in a concoction that explodes the house. Pluto Gets the Paper: Pluto goes to get the paper, but it's stuck in bubblegum.moreless