Disney's House of Mouse

Season 1 Episode 1

The Stolen Cartoons

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jan 13, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

The House of Mouse is a cartoon club where Disney Characters from nearly all eras of animation gather to mix and gossip and enjoy entertainment. As an added treat, the speaking role of a beloved (or vile) character is often spoken by the voice actor who made the character famous (Tony Jay's Jafar, Jerry Orbach's Lumiere, etc). The Club is co-Owned by Mickey and Donald, but Mickey is the "Headliner" so the club is called the House of "Mouse". Mike is a talking microphone and the House announcer. He introduces Mickey and dose the comic product plugs at the end like a game show announcer. Like the prop he is, he swings down from the rafters into frame. Next Mickey, the master of ceremonies, opens the show and does hosting chores. Minnie is apparently the maitre d' and responsible for making sure everything goes without a hitch. Donald is supposed to be "silent partner?" but never is. Horace works the booth and is responsible for lighting, sound and other mechanical/electronic devices used in the House. Goofy is the head waiter and klutz. Daisy works the front door. Max, Goofy's son, is the House doorman/valet. Huey, Dewey & Louie, Donald's nephews, are the House boy-band. They do the intermission entertainment. Others with more minor roles are Clarabelle Cow, gossip reporter, and Goofy, the gopher. Other waiters, always seen scampering about, are the penguins from Mary Poppins. Gus Goose, Donald's gluttonous cousin, is the chef in the kitchen. Evil Pete is the landlord and works constantly to sabotage the show so he can evict the crew. There is a clause in the building's contract that says that he cannot evict them as long as "the show goes on." The main plot during this episode was Pete's attempt to cause Mickey to fail in keeping the show going on. To this end Pete steals all of the cartoon reels. Without the reels the show would stop. Mickey, Goofy and Minnie decide to quickly make a new cartoon and leave Donald in charge. Donald lets it go to his head and takes every opportunity to become the show's headliner. Daisy is his cheerleader. Donald forgets how important it is to keep the show on, and resorts to changing the House' name to House of Duck, as well as replacing every trace of "ears" with sailor hats and duckbills. The club's guests find Donald's service wanting and begin shouting for Mickey. Donald tries to emulate him (even doing his own rendition of Steamboat Willie). In the end, Donald fails and everyone leaves. Just in time, Mickey returns with the final cartoon and the guests all return. The final cartoon is shown and the club is saved. After the cartoon there is a series of gags involving the guests all leaving (Goofy and Pluto deliver Cruella deVil a "doggie bag" to which Cruella says, "Forget the doggie bag, I'll take the DOGGIE!"