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Why Can't Disney Make A New Mickey Mouse TV Series?

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    [1]Nov 4, 2012
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    I just don't understand why can't Disney make a new Mickey Mouse TV series for kids of all ages and kid in our hearts? I think this unfair that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is more popular than Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse. I think Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse is more successful, but people are fucking stupid! I'm sick and tired of Disney aiming Mickey Mouse to preschoolers. I think that's wrong and it destroys the personality of Mickey Mouse. I think today kids watch Shake It Up instead of Mickey Mouse are a bunch of idiots. Hell, every Disney Fan hates Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You guys hate it and you guys know it. They should of make new tv series for Mickey Mouse and friends for kids of all ages and adults. They should of include Horace Horsecollar, Clarice Chipmunk, and if possible Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Also, the new Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy movie should of move forward but the Disney Executives are chickenshit I know Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two is coming and I'm very excited for it, but I still can't stand for this.

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    [2]Mar 14, 2013
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    This is Disney's worst mistake since Hannah Montana. Its a disgrace to Disney (Especially the great mouse known as Mickey Mouse), Walt Disney would use a rifle on whoever created this Mickey Mouse ruiner. I hope it gets canceled soon. I want Disney's House of Mouse back!!! Cry

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    [3]Mar 14, 2013
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    Disney has gone very much downhill since the 00s. I don't even think the people still working for Disney have any idea on what constitutes a good cartoon or TV show. This is probably why everything the fans want from Disney no longer exists.

    I am just glad that I grew up during a time when Disney really was still magic (the late 80s / 90s). Not only were the shows great, the movies were some of the best animated movies to ever be created.

    I have some young cousins and have purchased shows such as "Ducktales", "Talespin", "Darkwing Duck" and "Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers" on DVD so that they could also grow up having a decent childhood consisting of the classic Disney magic.

    Most people who say that the Disney shows made today are not bad may be too young to know what the real magic of Disney once was (or have not tried a comparison).

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    [4]Jul 18, 2013
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    If you want to know, Disney started making new Mickey cartoon shorts about a month ago and they're really good. A new one airs every Friday on the Disney Channel although I don't know what time the next one airs.
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