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  • This makes me want to write a hate letter to Disney!

    OOOOOOOH! This makes me want to write a hate letter to Disney! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been on air far enough. This is the most the stupidest show ever! Why can't Disney just make a new series for Mickey Mouse and friends? I tell you why, because Disney is CHICKENPOOP! I'll give Disney 3 or 4 years to end this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse madness or else!

    But, thankfully Mickey and friends are back with new shorts which is better than that God awful MMCH.

  • This show is a god-awful torture fest.

    This show is the sole reason my kids (when I have them) will never EVER be allowed to watch Disney Jr. It's sad, because Elena of Avalor and Sophia The First and Goldie and Bear are some genuinely good shows my kids will never get to experience.

    This show literally makes kids dumber. That is my firm belief. Any kids forced to endure this: you have my condolences. Parents, your kids deserve better than being plopped carelessly in front of a TV to watch this god-awful shitfest because you don't give a shit enough about them to put a show on thay won't destroy their minds with its utter terribleness.

    Five seconds into the one episode of this that I was forced to endure I contemplated gluing my ears and eyelids shut just so I wouldn't have to be subjected to the utter garbage that is this show.

    One things for sure: this site needs to add a rating of 0.0 just so it can be given to this shit show.
  • Mickey mouse club house? More like club house of toracher

    Needs to be shut down. I just want kids to know the good mickey like The House of Mouse. Mickey and friends. its to boring and dull and unlike Mickey so much.
  • Help! We need Walt Disney back and Quick!

    To be honest, this represents Mickey Mouse in a very poor way. And if Walt Disney were here he would beat the snot out of the production team that created this. In fact, They need to go back to something like the house of mouse, and quit trying to make cartoons become things they were never meant to be in the first place. And those of you think Mickey is only for kids then you're the dope because because Disney is meant for everyone in the family to enjoy no matter how old you are. If their intention was to make them appealing to this generation they should have let them stay themselves, start making some decent cartoons like Walt Disney did instead of a rip off of Dora the explorer. And Disney really doesn't have an excuse as to why they can't come up with anything good. If they can make an incredible movie like Brave, I really don't see why they can't make a decent Mickey Mouse Cartoon.
  • What the heck is this?!

    This is not what the real Micky is! Mickey is supposed to be smart, not some dumbass. I'm so pissed off what they have done to Mickey. Walt would be ashamed. HOW DARE DISNEY RUINED MICKEY FOR ME AND TURNS INTO A BABY SHOW CRAP. Mickey is for everybody, not just for little kids!

    I extremly hate this show.First of all I think nearly every character has an IQ of 0 or 1,Second of all Mickey always says to the viewers to help them with the easiest things like for example help with couting something like plates or cups so easy peasy,Do the same thing they do OMG LOL thats so babys stuff and to help them find something why do they have to ask the viewers everything ,Third of all the mouskatools or whatever their called WTF why do they need silly stuff they need to start using their brains and finally THE STUPID DANCE THEY DO IN THE END the moves look silly.Mickey looks like he is doing some sort of Jester dance,Pluto looks like he is doing pushups,Minnie looks like she got a new pair of shoes and is dancing with them,Goofy looks like he is doing squats and being a waiter at the same time and Donald looks like he needs to go to the toilet!The only move that is at least normal is Daisy's.The characters need to get a brain and stop getting the audience to do everything for them.
  • What have you done Disney?

    Mickey Mouse was one of my favorite characters of all time and you have to ruin it by making him an educational show!? That's munity! Okay, this show is about Mickey Mouse who has this Clubhouse in a colorful land that looks like Rollie Pollie Ollie (A Better Show), and he helps his friends random problems. You know what characters they ruined? Mickey. Mickey is a moron. He always turns to the audiance for either help or ask question. Example: "Do you wanna come into my clubhouse?" I say "No" and I'm sure alot of people do to, but he thinks we said "Yes" Wow what a moron. Minnie is no better. She talks to much and in my mind I'm like shut up! A running gag in this show is Toodles. Toodles helps Mickey and friends by bringing him random objects for thier journey. Now, it's a HUGE rip off of the backpack from Dora, another bad show. Overall, this show sucks. But guess what? Pete is in here too! So you think he'll be an awesome villian, right? NO! Hee's a nice guy in this show!

    Final Score: 1.0

    Grade: Big Eared Idiot's F
  • Guess what? We have another Dora the Explorer knockoff and this time, Mickey Mouse is ruined :(

    You guys all know Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney's creation which got people to recognise Disney more. Mickey Mouse was for all ages and his cartoons were funny and enjoyable aswell. But since 2005, the downfall of Disney started when Hannah Montana was introduced. In 2011 or so (I think) Disney then brought back Mickey and his pals but not the way true Disney fans expected. Now, Mickey Mouse isn't the same anymore. Since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was created, Mickey and his pals are now Dora knockoffs and their personalities had a massive change which really isn't good. There are no good things about this show with the exception of educational value perhaps but I'll explain in detail:

    1) The characters: The characters have had a massive change, especially Mickey, the main character of the show. Mickey is now a Dora clone because he pretty much copies everything Dora does. Minnie and Daisy are now annoying characters and Donald isn't the same jerk we used to know anymore. Clarabelle and Pete who used to be villains are now nice people and Goofy and Pluto are the only characters who are still themselves I guess.

    2) 4th wall breaking: This show like all Dora knockoffs break the 4th wall everytime since Mickey now asks pointless questions with obvious answers as if the audience is there when clearly, the audience is fed up with the show and sometimes, Mickey passes items to us as if the show's in 5D. Because we're in reality and Mickey's a cartoon, how the hell do the items get to us? By EBay? By mail? No, just no.

    3) The plot: The plots sometimes are the same thing with slight changes or they're things which make no sense whatsoever. The 'Mouskatools' are now introduced which is pointless and Toodles is a bit of a pointless side character aswell. The show usually ends with the 'Hot Dog' musical number with the characters dancing and it usually starts with the 'Mouskatool' musical number when Mickey's been called to help with something. The musical numbers are horrible and pointless but they're not as bad as the Special Agent Oso and Dora the Explorer musical numbers which are ten times worse.

    4) Animation: The animation is another major overhaul aswell as the characters. The animation is now CGI/3D style which really doesn't appeal to the viewers. Most viewers prefer the old animations, not the new ones. The characters look a little creepy in some cases and the settings are way too bright for my poor eyes.

    5) Educational value: Although the show is pretty bad in my opinion, I must admit that there is educational value present. The show teaches kids how to count, ABC's, shapes, colours, that sort of thing. But this show still needs to improve in certain areas.

    Summary and Rating:

    To conclude, this show is pretty bad since Mickey has been ruined and is now in a long list of Dora knockoffs. But there is educational value, which is pretty much the only good thing I can point out. As I've mentioned before in my Special Agent Oso review and a few others, Disney needs to bring back the old channels at some point before it's viewers tune out because all Disney seem to care about is making low-budget shows for a quick buck. Nickeolodeon and Cartoon Network are slowly following Disney's route too, but still I have to give them congrats for bringing back some of it's old shows, Disney Cinemagic too. But this show seriously needs to improve in almost all areas.

    Characters: 0/10

    Plots: 0/10

    4th wall breaking: 0/10

    Animation: 0/10

    Educational value: 1/10

  • no no no no not mickey mouse

    what are you even teaching kids,to act like ***s. Its not supposed to take 10 hours to count 2 pieces of wood. how could you ruin the best cartoon ever created? how how how how how how how how how and why? The only show we have left of mickey mouse and this is what we get,Disney has ruined everything just like cartoon network and nickolodion. thanx for that. >:(
  • WTF Did they do????

    REALLY???NO,NOT MICKEY MOUSE. HE IS THE MOST GREATEST CARTOON CHARACTER NEXT TO BUGS BUNNY. they turned him into a freakin dora the explora character.This is horrible,there arn't even any viliians. I mean, at least other baby shows have villians. I know what your thinking, "but isn't Pete part of the Mickey Mouse cast?" and I answer, yes, but he's not a villian here, he's a gay fatso who always says "Well,hey it's Mickey duh mouse" this show is an abomination to MM and i want to kill whoever made this..
  • Walt Disney is turning in his grave over the tragedy of what has happened to his beloved characters (updated)

    M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e, Mickey Mouse. That song alone describes the joy that Mickey Mouse brought to everyone. Everyone has seen him and is a classic cartoon character. I am sure though that Walt Disney is trying to get out of his grave though after he heard of what they have done to this classic mouse. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a show that follows the adventures of Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto. It's an educational cartoon for the kids that is supposed to help kids with problem solving. I seriously wonder why they had to make Mickey Mouse an educational model. The original Disney characters gave us wonderful slapstick humor and left everyone laughing until they couldn't breathe. So why the change from funny cartoon to a horrible educational model. I hate how this show also butchers the original theme of Mickey Mouse it sounds horrible and is a disgrace to a classic song. There are also songs in this show, and they are cheap and are so stupid. Also the gang does dances that are just horrific. Like the Hot Dog Dance. What in the world were they thinking making Mickey and his friends dance to such stupid things. The show is also done in CGI, and it looks awful. IT looks really outdated like it came from 1999, and the animation for it makes the characters look like they are walking like Frankenstein. They even have to put in a breaking the 4th wall and asking the audience who is not there a question. That there is just wrong on so many levels. Why do we need that in this show. This show is not educational in the least bit, and it ruins the classic characters of Disney. Parents, do your kids a favor and show them the REAL Mickey Mouse on shows like House of Mouse, and keep them away from this cheap clone of Mickey.
  • Man, did this replace HOM?

    If you guys heard "House of Mouse" i think this show sadly replaced it.
  • I wish Walt Disney was here so that he can fire whoever made this idea

    If there's one cartoon character I love,it's Mickey Mouse. He has got to be the greatest cartoon character of all time. And it's all thanks to Walt Disney. However,in 2006,when Hannah Montana was popular,they thought that kids will not be interested with Mickey anymore,so they changed him into a role model for 3 year olds,and the results for Mickey ends up being a complete disgrace to him called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. MMC is about Mickey,Minnie,Pluto,Goofy,Donald and Daisy who solve problems and go on adventures. Seriously,why does this have to be an educational show? Why couldn't this be an animated show like House of Mouse? As if it doesn't sound bad enough,the animation is now CGI,and dear god does it looks horrendous. Everything looks like a Rollie Pollie Ollie rip-off,and why is Mickey's town populated by a bunch of trees? As for the characters,they turned into (You guessed it) morons who don't even act like their selves anymore. Mickey is not even funny and is a complete idiot. He always asks the audience questions that are so easy to answer,and suffers from Doras disease. (Side effects are Blindness and deafness) He also says the most gayest catchphrases ever. "Hot diggity dog!" "Meeska Mooseka Mickey Mouse!". Someone give me a bat,I'm gonna kill whoever wrote the script. Minnie is no better at all,and Mickey doesn't try to get first move on her anymore. Donald is still a bit of a jerk,but is now nice to everybody. Goofy is well,goofy and idiotic. Daisy is just like Minnie. Pluto is well...wait,why am I talking about a dog? Pete was evil and mean,now he's nice to Mickey. Clarabelle looks horrendous when she's not in black and white,and the chipmunks don't like to tease Pluto anymore. At least,Oswald and Gus didn't make it. Also,this rips-off another terrible show,Dora the Explorer. Toodles is a rip-off of Backpack,and Mickey acts like Dora. Even the musical numbers rip-off Dora. Speaking of musical numbers,they are just as bad as Dora the Explorer's. We have to hear the same stupid song every episode. "Hot dog,hot diggity dog!" As for the education,it just fails. And this is another show that points a middle finger to logic. In one episode,Mickey and Pluto get stuck in a bubble,and they are about to get popped by pointing stars. What is that teaching kids? That stars are pointy and dangerous? And it also teaches kids to be idiots. Overall,This was a poor excuse to bring Mickey Mouse back. This ruins his names,this turned him into an idiot,and proves that Disney only cares for their stupid sitcoms than Mickey, I wish Walt Disney was still alive to see this.
  • Mickey,what did they do?!

    Oh my god,oh my god,they killed Mickey Mouse!And made him turn into this piece of junk.It's basically about Mickey Mouse and his friends do a bunch of stuff with some stupid floating thing named toodles.Okay,first off,this show is in CGI animation,not 2-D.Second,Mickey annoys me in this show a lot lately and third,They have some stupid dance named The Hot Dog.Goofy dances like a retard and says "Come on everybody!Do the Hot dog dance!".Hey,I got and idea.Why don't I invent a dance called "Shut the heck up".This gets an F.
    Animation:It's CGI,which is retarted because Mickey is a 2-D character.
    Humor:No educational show has humor at all.
    Theme:It's just kids spelling Mickey's name.
    Anyways,Disney is ruining our childhood and turning them into stupid educational shows like Winnie the Pooh and Captain Hook.
  • This destroys the History of Micky Mouse.

    This show is horrible. This show has completely killed Mikey Mouse. Originally Mickey Mousy was ment to be a funny charahter for all ages. But this one, This one is Sick. Before I Use to like the Classic Mickey Mouse Episodes, But when this came out it looked horrible from the Advert. I decided to watch a few episodes, and I Was sorry that I Wasted my Time watching them. BTW I first Watched this show in 2007 and I Was still 9 years old. Also, The animation is Horrible and the people who make this show continued torturing Mickey Mouse by making him sing childish irritating Songs and making him say gibberish garbage all the time. ekzample: ''Mieeyska Muuskaa Mickey Mouse!''. This also gives ABC/Disney a bad reputaition for killing probably the most important TV Cartoon of all Time. Now Mickey Mouse is equivelliant to Dora the Explora. BTW this is worser than Dora.
  • Mickey has been going on for TOO LONG!

    Why? Why Disney? Can't you let the mouse die? Is this the only show the Moral Guardians will let on TV nowadays? Nick, then Cartoon, now Disney hits the screwy mark. Mickey Mouse? Who's Mickey? Little kids will ask that if Mickey continues...because that's how long he reigned. Walt Disney must be twirling in his grave right now, what with this show, Hannah Montana, WOWP, and a ton of other cheesy shows. Bring Rolie Polie Olie back! Bring BITBBH back! Bring real children's shows back! Kill this cheap Mickey clone! It's just not Mickey anymore if he sounds like a Dora...
  • You steal it for Dora the explorer!

    I hate this show. This show is as childish as Dora the explorer! The worst part of all is they steal Dora the explorer! Example, Dora commands you to said "Said *" and mickey mouse also commands you to said :
    "Said super *"! This show also ruined Walt disney's mickey mouse! I can't stand it anymore! It's very cheesy and childish! I wish Walt disney soul with curse dinsey. I don't how to end,but watch those word.
    Disney must be closed down.
    Disney must be closed down.
    Disney must be closed down.
    Disney must be closed down.
    Disney must be closed down.
    Final score: F---
  • WHY!

    The New Disney is ruining all of the characters from old Disney characters like Goofy, Donald Duck, Minnie, Pooh, EVERYTHING!!, EVERYTHING!!.... This is also even worst than Dora the Explorer.

    Ok sorry about that, but seriously it ruined Mickey Mouse. Now Mickey became a teacher of toddlers and he teaches now dumb things, what the heck?

    This is an insult and an embarrassment for Walt Disney. Minnie, Pluto, Donald are also now teachers of toddlers what is this.

    Badly CGI animated.....

    Voice Acting:
    Ok, but it needs adjustments

    Childish and unsuitable for teenagers

    Educational Value:
    It's like Dora, but there's no learning about speaking Spanish.

    I like them but, not this.


    Overall: ABYSMAL!!!
    Ok voice acting, noneducational value, ok sound, bad developed changing characters, childish dialogues and badly animated CGI.

    Bring back the old Disney channel, it was the greatest. If Walt was arise from the dead, he'll cancel this disgrace show once and for all.
  • Who's got a second show with the Mickey Mouse Club? Disney! Who's the one that created the house? Disney! So why is this new attemption to bring a classic this bad?

    Mickey Mouse brings the people another show of his that's more into education then what comedy matters. Now let's just say that if you think the show was just like anyother you seen featruing him and his friends , you are wrong. This show is a disgrace to the whole Disney world of Mickey , and made it into a Dora rip-off. The show has the same formula as Dora the Explorer , and pretty much does it worse.

    If you want to know how this show is really a rip-off , then you can soon find out. First of all , there's the same silent sound as the one from Dora which actually needs somebody to say stuff like how Blue Clues was sucessful at that! There's also the strange and very wonky dance at the end like Dora , and pretty much uses the whole show as a money refrence for Diseny to buy. Very bad choice.

    Now these are the examples of how this show is bad and cleary makes Disney look like Nickelodeon of today. Get this cancelled and replace it with various Mickey shorts for at least 30 minutes so that I constantly don't need to hear the horror once again.

    An approved 1.0 out of 10.0
  • This show is a piece of garbage!

    This show is soo bad! it is not like classic disney cartoons. its soo bad it hurts. All the classic disney characters act like complete idiots. It has crappy computer animation and looks like a 2 year old made it. What ever happened to the cool Mickey Mouse cartoons?

    I have watched at least 5 episodes of this garbage and do not get it. Who ever made it was crazy.

    This show is insulting because

    The characters act like idiots

    Its computer animated

    It is not like classic Disney cartoons

    and a million more reasons.
    I wish this show would be banned
    get rid of this garbage!

    Well, I watched a quarter of an episode because it came after a better show or something. And I'm telling you, if my three year old cousin sat down in front of this show, he would ask you to change it to CNN or The Weather Channel, anything more exciting than this. They just ask random questions then stand still and quiet for a long time (moving their heads like they're listening to something...this can last anywhere from four seconds to three hours) then suddenly say, "me too!" Or something else like that. That's not interactive! How many kids will actually follow along? It's worse than Dora the Explorer, now that's boring. Parent's, tell your preschoolers to watch Sesame Street and nothing else. It isn't boring, it doesn't patronize children, and it will most definitely give them a lot of head knowledge before they start school. It worked for me.
  • You eediots!

    Disney once again you have ruined something else but not just something else but your own mascot Mickey Mouse by making this stupid show i mean it's just like Dora the Explorer which is to me very idiotic, Mickey asks you a question and then answers you as if no one's there just like Dora and i hate Dora the Explorer as it teaches kids how to be freaking idiots and Disney how could you do this? Mickey was not intended for just preschoolers he was intended for people for all ages no matter what you say and Disney only care about what the fangirls want like Hannah Montana and High School Musical so they move Mickey onto Playhouse Disney where only the preschoolers are watching and make this crap Disney oughtta get back to what they used to be and they have to end the High School Musical, cancel Hannah Montana and cancel this show too because Disney i think you're going downhill now, as Ren Hoek would say "You EEDIOTS!"
  • Disney's WORST mistake,since Hannah...I'm not going to speak that name.

    This age of Disney has sunken below so bad,that they have forgotten their classic movies,and their masterpiece,Mickey Mouse. But this is just the worst thing that has happened to Mickey,EVER. When I think of Mickey,I think of him doing slapstick,NOT educating kids. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is about Mickey,Goofy,Donald and others who solve adventures and mysteries by using tools. This would've been better,if it wasn't an educational show. I mean,Mickey Mouse is for everybody,not for babies. This is just like what happened to the Looney Tunes in Baby Looney Tunes. The animation is horrendous. I mean,the show is done CGI. Just why? Why not put him in 2D? And the show is a huge rip-off Dora The Explorer. I mean,Toodles is a huge rip off of Backpack,since they both have tools to help the idiot protagonists with. And Mickey is constantly asking for help from the audience,just like Dora. But even Mickey is an idiot in this show too. I swore,one time he asked where Pluto's tent was,and yet he stared at it before he even asked the question. And yet this the the Mouse who can drive a steamboat,and use magic to bring mops to life. And he says the most gayest catchphrases ever "Hot diggity dog!" "Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse!" Who am I listening to? Mickey Mouse or some braindead idiot? The only thing positive out of this is the voice acting,because at least the characters still sound the same as they were in the original. And plus,this is the other sign of repetition,because every episode is the same freakin thing over and over again. At the end of the episode,just like Dora the Explorer,they do some ***ed dance called the Hot dog dance,and their moves are just ridiculous. Now,believe me,it's better than Dora The Explorer,but it's nowhere near as bad as Special Agent Oso,but this is still a horrible show with no education at all,and ruins Mickey Mouse's career.
  • Juvenile!

    Right,Mickey Mouse has gone way downhill and he's teaching toddlers dumb things this is'nt just him before he was just wacky funny and entertaining now he's becoming a show that is just juvenile i don't know how they made him like this this is one of the worst shows ever made oh and Donald does'nt get bad tempered i miss the old Donald Duck and when everything's done they dance around like idiots do i especially hate the way Mickey dances man this is worse than Barney come on Disney bring the old Mickey back this just makes Mickey look like an idiot i know he is'nt and Sony931 is right it is ripping off Dora the Explorer what is the difference.To people who despise him cause they've just seen him in this show or people or people who like toddler shows cause they've never really seen him much and just watched this show then your'e wrong Mickey is known for making people laugh like mad this is not Mickey's personality really the way he acts in this show is just plain wrong it's not his fault it's the writers and the insane moron who has no soul who created this evil piece of rubbish they are'nt retards and there not happy little idiots who are just stupid no these people are serious they don't have to smile all the time just cause they smile on merchandise does'nt mean they do all the time just like SpongeBob he does'nt smile all the time though he does on his merchandise yet people think he and Mickey Mouse are for toddlers there just plain wrong Mickey is for everyone yes this show is exactly like Barney and anytime i am going to do a petition soon to cancel this heap of rubbish and bring back Mickey the way he is supposed to be not an happy little freak. And what the hell is up with the name ''The Sensational Six''? You don't hear that name in other toons just this juvenile show.
  • I have not much to say about this show nowdays...

    Unfortunately this CGI animated show is how I got into Disney and Mickey Mouse and I regret watching this. The animation sucks, the characters act nothing like how they do in most Mickey Mouse media and it's a ripoff of an already bad pre-school show: Dora the Explorer. The only shine of light is that the voice acting isn't too bad.

    Even then, watch Mickey and the Roadster Racers than this show.

    This show was really really really really really REALLY REEEEEEALLY STUPID!!!! When I first watched it, I liked it, but now that I'm older, I hate it. How could disney replace house of mouse with this pile of rotten tomatoes? The characters do not even act like their original selves. In fact, I think the mickey in this show is just dora the explorer in disguise. Also, the CGI animation is lame for the most part. It looks good sometimes, but most of the time it's just really lame. The humour is also really bland. It's just a couple of bad puns and that's it. But I'm giving this show a rating of 2 only because the animation can look good sometimes and it's also actually educational (unlike dora the exploder) . But other than that, this show SUCKS!!!!!! If you want an educational show that both kids and adults could enjoy, go watch my little pony: friendship is magic.
  • yawnnnn

    I tried turning this on for my two year old and she didn't even watch was not interested one bit, it is an annoying boring show that makes me wanna fall asleep, please don't torture your child with this garbage :)
  • If Walt.D is alive, this could have been a better educational show.

    Yeah. It's true.

    Plot: Just like Dora The Explorer, this time with no talking objects, which is nice. They have their own friends, they have their own backpack too, Mouseketool.

    Character: They turned Mickey into an annoying f*g, and Minnie! Their other friends are good, though. Mickey's voice is annoying too, Minnie needs to talk less! They need to balance the speech roles of the characters!

    Value: The talking objects are not present, but this ripped-off Dora. It's a bad thing to rip-off a terrible show unless for parody.

    Art: They look choppy, and so is the animation. It's rough.

    Overall: 2. I'm glad they didn't include the talking objects around in their rip-off modus-operandi. They should have made their own style of giving knowledge.
  • Disney's mascot character ruined.

    Mickey Mouse is one of the most well known cartoon characters of all time. He was Walt Disney's main creation and starred in many different cartoons from the 1920s up to the 1940s or 50s. He also appeared in TV shows such as Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse. Those are two shows that I really enjoy and have hilarious moments. After House of Mouse got cancelled, would there be another Mickey Mouse series. I hoped so and yet, there is, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When I first heard of it being on Playhouse Disney I thought, "Well hey, it's Mickey Mouse. How bad could it be." But it was so bad I just couldn't even believe it.

    For one thing this show doesn't have anything to do with the old Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1920s up to the newer cartoons that Mickey appeared in up until House of Mouse. They dumbed down Mickey Mouse so much that it's just a big disgrace. Now he's like some kind of Dora the Explorer type of character and he does stupid things with his other friends (Goofy, Donald, Chip N Dale) such as hide and seek and tag. This show was awful, it disgraced Mickey Mouse by a long shot (and Disney for that matter). I can't believe that they dumbed Mickey Mouse down by this much.

    Disney needs to get their facts straight. Would you seriously think that Walt Disney would make something like this? No he wouldn't. Mickey's my head and Donald's my butt. Screw this crud, now I'm gonna go watch Dora the Explorer to wash this crud off my head.
  • Better than House of Mouse.

    Okay Disney, you're just digging yourselves into a bigger hole. First it was Mickey Mouse Works, next it was House of Mouse, and now this? This is why the Disney Channel isn't the Disney Channel anymore. Can you at least make a station called Disney Playhouse Channel and put the Disney Channel back to its original format with the Classic Disney cartoons and movies? You have ABC Family that can play Sister Sister, Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, and all those other tween shows on the Disney Channel. Because all I want to see again is old Donald Duck cartoons on the Disney Channel.
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