Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Saturday 9:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered May 05, 2006 In Season





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  • Disney's WORST mistake,since Hannah...I'm not going to speak that name.

    This age of Disney has sunken below so bad,that they have forgotten their classic movies,and their masterpiece,Mickey Mouse. But this is just the worst thing that has happened to Mickey,EVER. When I think of Mickey,I think of him doing slapstick,NOT educating kids. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is about Mickey,Goofy,Donald and others who solve adventures and mysteries by using tools. This would've been better,if it wasn't an educational show. I mean,Mickey Mouse is for everybody,not for babies. This is just like what happened to the Looney Tunes in Baby Looney Tunes. The animation is horrendous. I mean,the show is done CGI. Just why? Why not put him in 2D? And the show is a huge rip-off Dora The Explorer. I mean,Toodles is a huge rip off of Backpack,since they both have tools to help the idiot protagonists with. And Mickey is constantly asking for help from the audience,just like Dora. But even Mickey is an idiot in this show too. I swore,one time he asked where Pluto's tent was,and yet he stared at it before he even asked the question. And yet this the the Mouse who can drive a steamboat,and use magic to bring mops to life. And he says the most gayest catchphrases ever "Hot diggity dog!" "Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse!" Who am I listening to? Mickey Mouse or some braindead idiot? The only thing positive out of this is the voice acting,because at least the characters still sound the same as they were in the original. And plus,this is the other sign of repetition,because every episode is the same freakin thing over and over again. At the end of the episode,just like Dora the Explorer,they do some ***ed dance called the Hot dog dance,and their moves are just ridiculous. Now,believe me,it's better than Dora The Explorer,but it's nowhere near as bad as Special Agent Oso,but this is still a horrible show with no education at all,and ruins Mickey Mouse's career.
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