Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Saturday 9:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered May 05, 2006 In Season





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  • Help! We need Walt Disney back and Quick!

    To be honest, this represents Mickey Mouse in a very poor way. And if Walt Disney were here he would beat the snot out of the production team that created this. In fact, They need to go back to something like the house of mouse, and quit trying to make cartoons become things they were never meant to be in the first place. And those of you think Mickey is only for kids then you're the dope because because Disney is meant for everyone in the family to enjoy no matter how old you are. If their intention was to make them appealing to this generation they should have let them stay themselves, start making some decent cartoons like Walt Disney did instead of a rip off of Dora the explorer. And Disney really doesn't have an excuse as to why they can't come up with anything good. If they can make an incredible movie like Brave, I really don't see why they can't make a decent Mickey Mouse Cartoon.