Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Saturday 9:00 AM on Disney Channel Premiered May 05, 2006 In Season





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  • Guess what? We have another Dora the Explorer knockoff and this time, Mickey Mouse is ruined :(

    You guys all know Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney's creation which got people to recognise Disney more. Mickey Mouse was for all ages and his cartoons were funny and enjoyable aswell. But since 2005, the downfall of Disney started when Hannah Montana was introduced. In 2011 or so (I think) Disney then brought back Mickey and his pals but not the way true Disney fans expected. Now, Mickey Mouse isn't the same anymore. Since Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was created, Mickey and his pals are now Dora knockoffs and their personalities had a massive change which really isn't good. There are no good things about this show with the exception of educational value perhaps but I'll explain in detail:

    1) The characters: The characters have had a massive change, especially Mickey, the main character of the show. Mickey is now a Dora clone because he pretty much copies everything Dora does. Minnie and Daisy are now annoying characters and Donald isn't the same jerk we used to know anymore. Clarabelle and Pete who used to be villains are now nice people and Goofy and Pluto are the only characters who are still themselves I guess.

    2) 4th wall breaking: This show like all Dora knockoffs break the 4th wall everytime since Mickey now asks pointless questions with obvious answers as if the audience is there when clearly, the audience is fed up with the show and sometimes, Mickey passes items to us as if the show's in 5D. Because we're in reality and Mickey's a cartoon, how the hell do the items get to us? By EBay? By mail? No, just no.

    3) The plot: The plots sometimes are the same thing with slight changes or they're things which make no sense whatsoever. The 'Mouskatools' are now introduced which is pointless and Toodles is a bit of a pointless side character aswell. The show usually ends with the 'Hot Dog' musical number with the characters dancing and it usually starts with the 'Mouskatool' musical number when Mickey's been called to help with something. The musical numbers are horrible and pointless but they're not as bad as the Special Agent Oso and Dora the Explorer musical numbers which are ten times worse.

    4) Animation: The animation is another major overhaul aswell as the characters. The animation is now CGI/3D style which really doesn't appeal to the viewers. Most viewers prefer the old animations, not the new ones. The characters look a little creepy in some cases and the settings are way too bright for my poor eyes.

    5) Educational value: Although the show is pretty bad in my opinion, I must admit that there is educational value present. The show teaches kids how to count, ABC's, shapes, colours, that sort of thing. But this show still needs to improve in certain areas.

    Summary and Rating:

    To conclude, this show is pretty bad since Mickey has been ruined and is now in a long list of Dora knockoffs. But there is educational value, which is pretty much the only good thing I can point out. As I've mentioned before in my Special Agent Oso review and a few others, Disney needs to bring back the old channels at some point before it's viewers tune out because all Disney seem to care about is making low-budget shows for a quick buck. Nickeolodeon and Cartoon Network are slowly following Disney's route too, but still I have to give them congrats for bringing back some of it's old shows, Disney Cinemagic too. But this show seriously needs to improve in almost all areas.

    Characters: 0/10

    Plots: 0/10

    4th wall breaking: 0/10

    Animation: 0/10

    Educational value: 1/10

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