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  • Distraction is a very mean show!

    I think Distraction is a very mean show. When you see people getting hurt by things like the tennis ball it makes you think that you would not like it if it was yourself. Ithink that host is not very nice. Also I think that sometimes they assult people in it. also the bit where they distroy the prizes is not good as they cost thousands of pounds and then they just smash them up. I don't think it would be good to bring it back. It's alright in films watching people assulting one another because they are just acting but on this game show it is real.
  • It's interesting to say the least.

    What could be better than getting humiliated and messy on national TV to win a prize...if it doesn't get destroyed first? I like to see how far people will go just to possibly win a prize. Sometimes they will get messy, and other times they will have to endure pain. Either way it goes, it's still fun to watch. What is disturbing, however, is when they bring in the nudists. They seem to pick the oldest and most out of shape people they can find. They're all weird looking. But this is a good show if you wanna see the prizes blowing up and the contestants doing all that mess to end up with nothing.
  • Jimmy Carr presents a new game show for channel 4. But if you were planning to sit back with the family to watch this comedy show you may want to reconsider. If you take pleasure in watching other peoples pain and embarrasment then this show is definatly

    Channel 4 were brave to unleash not just a new presenter on their screens, Jimmy Carr, but also a whole new different type of game show.
    If you enjoy watching people's pain...whether its secretly or openly, then forget the Xfactor or big brother. This game show will make you flinch with a smile as you watch contestants slam their hands down on a buzzer surrounded by cacti, play leapfrog with nudists and...if that wasn't enough, watch as they are forced to smash up their prize (usually a mini car) at the end of the show...not for the weak.
  • I enjoy watching Distraction when it comes on because I like all the different ways they make the buzzers and the different things they do with the prizes at the end.

    I think that Distraction is a decent show, it is certainly a good filler for Drawn Together which was on at 9:30 PM on the Comedy Network in Canada on Sundays now it has been taken off and Distraction has taken its place. I much rather watch Distraction than some crappy Big Brother type show with Cartoon characters (Drawn Together). I still rather watch Family Guy or The Simpsons, but Distraction is still a good show. I've only seen it on twice but when I saw it, it was good with pretty clean humour. For someone who likes wrestling, South Park and Jerry Springer, I'd say this is a good show.