Divergence Eve

A&E (ended 2003)



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Divergence Eve

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With the discovery of Inflation Holes (something like wormholes) in the 24th century, humans can now travel the galaxy. At the space station "Watcher's Nest" is a relay point for ships equipped with Inlfation Drives. It is here that Misaki, a special ops trainee, is sent to battle the Ghoul. The Ghoul are a giant, alien race who are invading our universe from a parallel universe and their point of entry is the Inflation Hole at "Watcher's Nest". What are these Ghouls and why are they invading? What happened to Misaki on her trip to the station when she was attacked by a Ghoul? Will she and the members of her team be able to protect the station and the humans living on it with their special mecha units?
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  • Surprisingly good, when you get used to it!

    I have never been a huge fan of Anime, I guess mostly because it takes some getting used to. The storytelling and the cultural aspects of Japan is different, and this is why a lot of people don't understand Anime or discard it as stupid. Watching the first episode, I found so many things to mock. I thought it was sexist. And the huge - HUGE - boobs were in the way. But, I wanted to give it another chance since it really is very well done, and also from previous experiences, as I said, I'm aware the genre takes some getting used to. Now, after having watched all 13 episodes of the first season, I'm hooked. I like Miyaki, and I want her to do well. I guess that's all we really need right, to find a character we care about enough to keep watching? Also, this story gets better and better. On the surface, at least to us living in the west, it looks like bubblegum - but I gotta tell ya, I'd put this series next to Star Wars in my DVD library! Watch it!moreless
  • this show is about a crew who is constantly on the defensive of a enemy only knwon as the ghoul and the higher ops hide alot of secrets that the main characters have to find out.moreless

    I thought this show had amazing graphics when in combat and it was always keeping me on edge when i wanted to know more about the protagonists history and why she turned into a type of monster. The animation quality is superb and bright and sometimes the plot can get, a little....boring. But i thought it was a great show overall

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Anime, Thrillers, Time Travel, Monsters & Mutants, Futuristic