Divine Design with Candice Olson

Thursday 9:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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  • A design show that I definitely do not like! It is tacky, terrible, and boring. They are also horrible at designing.

    Ok, I am a 14 year old guy who likes watching lots of different shows. This is one of the few design shows I hate.

    There are so many design shows out there and I hate this one. This is one of the few design shows I hate.

    I was sick one day in bed and was there was nothing on tv. So I turned this show on because I like design shows and there was nothing else on.

    I cannot stand how tacky this show is. Soo horrible and they are horrible designers. The way they act is annoying and hate how they design. They design sooo tacky and ugly.

    I recommend finding a better design show.
  • The only decorating show I really watch.

    Candice Olson has yet to design a room I didn't like. She HAS designed rooms I would not choose for my own home, but for the needs of her clients, she does fabulous work. I like that her client's needs come first.
    I got so tired of seeing designer ego create for themselves and not their clients, that I largely tuned decorating shows out. And while I'm certain her ego is quite healthy, as most successful types in any field are, this time it works in favour of, and WITH the client, for the re-design of a lifetime.
    Now Candice: I have this 16 year-old kitchen. In dog years, that's 112! Interested??....
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