Divine Design with Candice Olson - Season 1

Thursday 9:00 PM on HGTV Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Teenage Boy's Bedroom
    A single mom calls on Candice's help to surprise her son with a new room.
  • Bedroom Clutter Turns Calm
    A beautiful house is in need of an equally beautiful master bedroom.
  • Awkward Space Turns Art Studio
    Candice creates a calm and relaxing space for a mother turned artist who now has the house to herself.
  • Living/Dining Room Switch
    Usually the host of very large family gatherings, a couple need Candice's helping creating the most out of their space.
  • Basement Playroom
    Basement Playroom
    Episode 9
    Candice turns a basement into a work-friendly, play-friendly, and relax-friendly space.
  • Attic Hangout
    Attic Hangout
    Episode 8
    Newlyweds want a place for their two sons to call their own.
  • Renovated Pool House
    A pool house gets turned into a small guest home for a daughter who is returning home.
  • Silver Master Bedroom
    When the kids move out, Candice helps a new, romantic style move in to a couple's master bedroom.
  • Renovated Collegiate Kitchen
    Candice fixes up a kitchen in need of some tender-loving-care.
  • Eclectic Living/Dining Room
    When a couple is expecting their first child, Candice Olson comes to their aid by remodeling their living and dining room so that it is more baby-friendly.
  • Bohemian Living/Dining Room
    Candice restyles a living and dining room to make it the perfect space to host cocktail parties.
  • Little Girl's Bedroom Redo
    Candice Olson is given the delightful task of transforming a baby's room into a fabulous bedroom/play area for a two-year-old girl.
  • Pet-Friendly Family Room
    Candice Olson is faced with the challenge of transforming a menagerie-like room into a family-room retreat.